Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What fun this summer - I

Achu and Amma ...our first venture alone outside the state of tamilnadu :)

10.05.10 : Left in the evening to Trivandrum...Amma and Achu...while Acha is off on a work assignment to Jaipur...Achu was good all throughout the flight but did have a slight ear pain while landing....Aji mama, mahesh mama and sunil mama came to the airport in Aji mama's LANCER...(yipeeee!!!!....) and picked the 2 excited souls :)

11.05.10 : Woke up all excited ....Isha was there at Thambi appoopa's place so it was fun...The initial I-don't- know-who-u-r phase gave way to the what-shall-we-play-next phase fast...indira ammooma asked apppoopa to take us to the zoo...it was kinda cloudy so we were expecting rain......by afternoon aji mama, mahesh mama, reshma mami,meenakshi,sunil maman, renjini mami, pichi valliamma, chinnu chechi,sharu chechi, lavanya chechi and meenu came and all of us left to the Trivandrum zoo

It was one well maintained zoo and we feasted our eyes on all the wild beasts...the walk was tiring but since the weather was cool we had fun.....as we approached the exit the clouds gave way to thundering showers preceded by flashlights :)

We drove to Indian coffee house....for some hot coffee and bread omelet...while achu nibbled on some puri...and it poured outside.......

12.05.10 : The mornings was spent at Rajan appoopans place...Achu took over meenakshi kutty's Hummer and enjoyed himself thoroughly since there were so many toys over there..while isha and meenu were busy playing girlie stuff

We went for a Malayalam movie int he evening ..." Happy Husbands"...was a comedy ...Achu wasn't interested so he managed to sit in the seat by having 3 frooti's, one milk shake, one kitkat and some pop corn....yup all that liquid did get us visit the loo just after the intermission (during which I asked him a zillion times...boys!) ...achu did give out a giggle or two at Jayram's mimicry....but he slept through the second half.
Then we headed to Prabha appoopans place where sudha ammooma had prepared yummy dinner of fried rice and chicken curry which only amma whacked while achu slept through until parvathy's wake-up-achu technique succeeded. Binu maman and Deepa mami dropped us back home.

13.05.10 : We spent the whole day at Manu appoopa's house....Ambika Ammooma had prepared the most bestest yummiest super..prawn fry....and pichi valiamma prepared great chicken curry ( she'll kill me if i missed that one :D...)

After lunch we had a quick visit to Mukkola ( our ancestral house)...the pooja room...then to Leela ammooma's house, Thangamani ammoooma's house and then to vasantha ammooma's house...and back to 
Manu appoopa's house

achu and the kids gang had loads of fun....he was the only boy among 4 girls!!!!...the fourth being parvathy who joined the army late in the evening.....Then late in the night we were back home.

14.05.10: The whole day we were pretty lazy..though we planned to go to kovalam...nothing clicked....aji mama was busy at work...so we lazed around until the evening ...then suddenly at 6.00pm a plan was struck...mahesh maman picked up pichi valliamma and the kids and came and we all were on our way to shangumugham beach :):):):):).....chinnu chechi had this impromptu wacko idea while we were driving  to get into the AC bus...and Aji mama cornered a bus and all of us got into the bus :):):)...Achu and Amma loved the trip to the beach....then the next batch went with Aji mama back in the bus to where the car was parked drove back tot he beach since the last shuttle service was at 7.30pm.....Mahesh mama and achu mad a castle....while Lavanya and isha made another castle...Once the whole gang was together again  we had masala peanuts and ice cream....and the kids got a few of those lighted horns

On our way back we packed some great shaverma to have at home ...Dinner was at rajan kochachans place ....barotta and chicken curry....after the filling shaverma...:b

15.05.10: Flew back to chennai....Achu was excited to get back and bought a Amba ( ambassador) car at the airport....ate most of the stuff served but finally puked during landing :( ...this is the first time achu fell sick during the landing...

And so Amma and Achu had a wonderful time in Trivandrum...thanks to all Appoopas, ammoomas, mamas,mamis,valiamma,chehcis and kutties...

We love you all................ummmaaahhhh and hugs

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sprain,Sprain go away...

My lil achu boy had a freak fall and injured his elbow.We thought it wasn't serious but changed our mind when we found him in pain everytime he moved his hand. In an hour his hand looked swollen.( for once his hand looked plump and sturdy as I would have wanted his whole self to be ...sighhhh!).

We took him to a local doctor....and to our horror he was a terror...he told my son he would inject him if he cried...GRRRRRRRRR....Achu and I hate him....

M and I had the feeling it was just a sprain and would vanish the next day. But in the morning Achu was howling and I knew it wasn't the usual whine.....My boy was in terrible pain....So we checked if his pediac was available and as usual he was not so we got an appointment with the ortho.

With one bad experience Achu didn't want to go to another doc....i promised achu i would not let any doc harm him. This doc was a gem. He was so patient with Achu. Achu refused to let the doc examine him. The doc came upto achu and didn't even touch him. He asked achu to shake his good hand first and then try doing the same on the injured hand.

The doc asked to take an xray. Achu was terrified when he saw the room and the stuff.But thanks to the reruns of Mr.Bean and his xray attics achu was ok until this guy lifted him up. Achu cried his heart out .....my poor lil boy...in fear and pain...and I was helpless....he screamed he was angry ...with M, with the attendant  and  with the me..the person who promised there wouldn't be any more pain....I felt really bad...."Itchichi Amma" ..he shouted all through the procedure

The doc told us there wasn't a fracture....maybe its jus a sprain...and put him on a sling...gave us a painkiller and asked us to come back in 2 days if things got worse

This was 2 days ago....
Today morning my boy is fine:).it was a bad sprain afterall......and I am relieved

I find so many mommy blogs across the net ...and so many instances of sickness and recovery....Its so saddening to see a child in pain....The helplessness is so universal isn't it?...

I wish Pandora hadn't opened the box............