Monday, December 28, 2009

The Digestive Theory

One night during the routine 'su-su' session:

We have a mixie inside
When we eat the food goes into the mixie and goes round and round and then we have 'motion'
When we drink water there is a yellow mug inside that pours the water into the mixie and we have 'yellow su-su'
When we drink lotsa water there is another mug which pours water into the mixie and we have 'white su-su'

And a wee bitta maths in science to make things more interesting

Su-su is equal to one
Motion is equal to not the usual two

Hear all ye docs...this is Achu's Digestive Theory

Update : When Achu had a tummy ache

As we grow taller the mugs we have increase in number....So Amma has more mugs than Achu ...Each mug has one color.... Now all the colors are in the mixie that's why Achu's having a tummy ache

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Mummy Crime

My blogs on Achu missed a few weeks...but his antics never miss a moment to surface. Achu is enjoying his xmas vacation right now.

I pity the boy since he is pretty much bored up with his routine life . Want to bring in some difference in his life. Everyday. Must do something about it. He is having such a like-me childhood in a not so like-what-I-had environment. In my days there wasn't anything happening for kids all around us and so close so I at four had to be comfortable playing with my dolls ,chalk, cycle and Amma. But my little fella is doing just that when he has a dance class happening 2 streets to the right, a painting class happening 2 streets to the left , a circus in town, winter workshops N-S-E-W....Now isn't this a mummy crime???????:(

Itchichi Amma
Must do something.......

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Being Four and Achu

@ 4 Achu
  • plays with his 100+ collection of cars
  • is a teacher to his set of stuffed friends
  • makes tea and loves to cook
  • drives his car and obeys rules!!!
  • Loves a sumo/scorpio and hates the inova cause I like it cause he hates it ;b ..we have "spot and count the favorite car game" every time we travel
  • paints monsters, spider plus spiderweb, robotic butterflies,whales, sun and of course cars
  • loves to mush clay....I get him one color at a time or by the end of the game he makes  one big rainbow lump outta all the lovely colors
  • loves water games 
  • has bumps and bruises all over him
  • loves to travel 
  • enjoys eating cakes,nice & burbon biscuits,dates,noodles,fish and chicken ( the little he eats on his own)
  • is ok with egg,dosa,rice bread and veggies (I have to feed)
  • doesn't want to try any other Indian breakfast
  • has started experimenting food from/at hotels 
  • hates to get in to have a bath and hates to get out after a bath!!!!
  • is a professional bubble maker
  • watches Mr.Bean, Pink Panther, Baby Looney toons and the likes
  • Sings tamil film songs, bhajans and rhymes  with his own lyrics  
  • dances and has his own style
  • is handymanny in disguise
  • has a piggy bank 
  • Jumps on the bed
  • is a wonderful photographer
  • and an equally wonderful poser
  • has a love-hate relationship with school
  • hates to say he has friends ..especially shy about the girlfriends he has
  • is in awe of one of his cousin sisters who is much older than him
  • leaves his cup in the sink
  • is very understanding only if he is in a good mood ( he shouldn't be hungry or sleepy that is :b) 
  • says thank u ,welcome,sorry and please only to the very few elite ppl at home...outside he is still pretty much an introvert...he gets me to do all the talking
  • loves to play boy games with M and sometimes with poor me
  • answers the phone and sometimes asks me to call certain ppl he likes
  • helps out in cleaning up HIS mess ONLY if we help him at the job
  • Has a bad temper :( 
  • Still uses the word itchichi
  • loves to hug and kiss :):):)
  • is a good boy :D

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Innocently Wise

Achu was playing his rough boy games with me and I was losing the very little patience I have.....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Me: Achu Stop it now ( in a stern voice)
Achu was jumping all over me and my poor Acha and Amma were 'requesting' my son to let me go
Usually when am in one of those rare good moods I tickle out of the situation but this time I was dirty, tired...and most importantly HUNGRY

Me: Achuuuuuu....go njan ponnu e roomilirunu....( Am going outta this room)....and I slowly got up and went away to another room....

Amma: Achu amma deivam annu da...shouldn't stamp or hit God (Achu amma is God)
Achu: adhu yennganey! ( howzzat!)
Amma: haven't u heard Matha, Pitha, Guru  Deivam.....So Amma is God....even Your Girija Miss is God...She is your Guru...understand?
Achu thought for a while then he started climbing on Amma and Acha who was a silent spectatur to the whole show....
Amma: Ayyoooo idhu yedhoannu kutta ( What is this)
Achu : (Triumphantly) ...Adhilu ammumma yium appupanum illeloooooo ( the list doesn't include ammumma and appupa)
Amma : !!!!!!!!

Then I entered to save my parents and said
Me: Achu stop it da...dha nokku God Vannirikunnu ( see God has come )...and I struck a devi pose :):):)
Achu: Ohhh idhu Amma allleyyy ( Oh you are jus Amma)
Achu: I know God is inside ALL of us......
Now that's really deep
----end of story----