Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bits and Bites of all kinds

  • Achu had a drawing competition at school. He had to draw something relating to "Fun Fare". I guess it meant he had to draw something related to being fun!....I thought they made a spelling mistake and showed a couple of Fair pictures with giant wheel and all, drew a picture with his idea of  a boy standing and saying "Let's have fun" ( he is extra imaginative I tell'ya ). He told me he did well and a few teachers came and told him his drawing was good.
  • At first I didn't know whether to record this or not. But then I thought Achu has to know everything not only the good and bad moments in his life but the grey moments too....Achu was caught copying for his hindi test!!!!!! I have the habit of asking him to take a test and then after the test fill int he gaps he left out by looking into the book. So I thought That's what he did. But his teacher told me he knew he was doing something wrong. When I asked achu he told me he knew he was doing something wrong and he was sad the teacher caught him!!!!!! I was shocked .....I asked him why he copied and the reason he gave made me totally guilty and a better mother in the process...."Amma you told me you wanted me to get 10/10 .Then you added that only if I get 10/10 you will buy me Cars CD...That's why.."- Moral of the story: To begin with I knew I hadn't sat with the boy to teach him Hindi till it was too late and too much for the little mind to take in. On top of that I give him a warning just when he leaves to school about the marks he HAS to get and the consequences of not getting it. Bad Momma.:(..So Achu it is not your fault. It truly isn't. I take up 98% of the blame ( The 2% being M's...though he would adamantly deny his part by blaming the way I brought him up and that he will need tutions..baah!)...Achu promised me he would never ever do it again and I promise never ever to expect more than what efforts have been done and never to bribe him 
  • Amma, Achu and I had a quick bite at Mc Donalds one evening. While I dung through a spicy chicken burger( without mayo doesn't taste very good) with iced tea, Amma had a fish-o-fillet combo which had coke and Achu had chicken nuggets, a softie ( after a lot of prayers) ....some french fries for all! Parcled some potato wedges for Acha.Update: Actually in the car Achu made up a few captions for the joint..."Mc me a burger" ('make' innu vendi 'Mc' itta madhi he said ) is all I remember :(
  • Achu is all bones. He never puts on any weight. He is a stick.It's been a month since he started having his food on his own and the amount that goes into him has drastically come down. There are days he just skips dinner and days when he hates breakfast.His likes are limited. His lunch box comes back untouched or nibbled at. Achu you need food to live. Am not asking you to live to eat (like me) but to eat to live baby.   
  • Searched all around town for Cars DVD but landed up getting Rio..and then the DVD players refuses to work.
  • There's another tooth in the shaking....
  • On our to do sheet we've got heaps fella
  1. A Fancy dress competition
  2. An English recitation competition
  3. Computer Olyimpiad !!
  4. A Painting Competition 
  5. A few tests which includes the dreaded Hindi test
  6. A big break for Pooja vacations ( Yipeee!)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

To Market , to Market... buy a new car

One sunny Sunday M and Achu went window shopping at their favorite shop. Oh yeah! The new swift had come to town and they had to have a look at it, feel it and have a ride.

The two of them were rather impressed with the new arrival.

M drooling : It had new headlights
Achu crooning : It had bigggg tyres and had sesth drive written on it ( That's how he pronounces test drive)

Oh Well ok so I ain't a car person so I wasn't very keen anyways when the two of them got back and narrated the whole scene

Then M told me Achu was talking in UK English ( courtesy: Mr.Bean series). He was requesting M to BUY the car. You heard it right ...he actually wanted to buy the car.

Achu: Acha please let's buy it. It's Lovely
M: No not now we don't have the money ( Giving out sheepish grins to the people around)
Achu: Let's go home and get the money
M: We have to convince Amma also Achu
Achu: Got all silent for sometime......then came close to M and asked loudly  "Acha convince yenocha yendhonu?" (what does convince mean?)
M:........Let's go........