Thursday, March 25, 2010

And one year jus zoomed away

 It feels like just yesterday we were rushing in and out of schools , sticking photos of little achu, filling up forms, giving in applications, rehearsing interviews, celebrating admit cards, getting ready for life's first day at regular school uniform et al. Achu completes his first year of schooling. He is a big boy now isn't he. Wow!

The changes in Achu
- he loves to be talked to in an adult to adult tone.
- started eating out and does venture into eating on his own until he looses interest and is later fed
- he has got to the idea of going to school everyday...though every Monday we experience high decibel cries and pain in all most all the parts of the body
- he has friends he talks about and likes and dislikes every alternate day...Nithila Mani, Sanjay, Harish, Ashish Khanna, Jai choraria, Kia to name a few....
- Getting strong in phonetics....and trying to read ...but when i get excited and try to guide him he looses interest and I loose my temper
- Imaginary songs and chats increase in number and his inventions from the mosquito jammer to discovering what happens within his tiny tummy ...the list is never ending 
- he can touch his nose with his tongue !!!!

The things that remain
- his love for cars
- his tantrums
- his itchichi phase
- his refusal to use the loo until u have 1/1000 million secs to remove his complicated button and zipper
- his love for travel
- his huggy- buggy moments

What scares him: A new teacher...he still wants his G miss....
What scares me: They are gonna shuffle the achu took an age to get close to a handful of kids and now he has to do it all over again!!!!

The second year in school..hoping for more friends.. more knowledge... more fun...God Bless

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Woh! Achusuto

My lil one is Achusuto.

The brave Japanese martial expert. He can pound a dozen bricks with ease and lift the heaviest rock in a jiffy and still skillfully dance as light as a feather.

The Day : Annual Day @ Bhavan's

Behind the scenes : The hunt for the 'proper' Kimono ended when M (Achu's classmate N's mom) called me and let me know there was one shop jus a few blocks away from office which had 'the' Kimono. Thanks M. We went for a trial , gave in measurements for alteration and booked the suit. Actually M had booked for red and I thought I will book another color but then after a bit of confusion on my side and his the owner confirmed that I could only have a red Kimono. And I submissively agreed. Grrrrrr!

On D Day: Achu had to be dropped off at school at 4.15pm so he couldn't have his usual afternoon siesta. Initially he didn't show much interest in dressing up causing a slight level of panic ...who panics? of course :)......Then he finally agreed to be the good boy he normally is and got ready very fast. Clicked a few snaps in Ammamma's garden then left to school. I had to go drop Achu and catch a seat for M who was getting the camera ready for the event.

The dance: The theme of the day was 'Seasons'. We wondered how a Japanese dance would fit into any of the seasons we have. We waited.....enjoyed the colours of the seasons ...with kids dressed as daisies , butterflies, animals, santa claus, snow men. They danced into our hearts. But my mind spelt" When does my child perform?....Don't know what he is upto? he crying?...he missed his nap....he only had one lil glass of milk..he must be hungry...why do they have to have his dance at the end???

   And then he came ...Achusuto, in all his grandeur...he swiftly moved across and swished his fan with tremendous speed ...and ...and ..and it was over....that's it?....Was a short performance ...but a cute one :)..Did M get the whole video? ...yes he did but without the audio on :(..There were more performances....all of them so ethusiastic...The wait didn't cause any kind of discomfort!....It was a lovely show. Witnessed a lot of proud parents and grandparents kissing and blessing their lil ones for their outstanding performance...For us it was a huggy buggy moment :)