Thursday, November 26, 2009

Grey Matters

After lunch Achu darling was taking the role of spiderman cleaning the sofa ...we have celebrities doing it for us :)..jumping from one seat to another with no special effects mind u....except for the viewers missing a beat now and then...sigh!

And we begin...
Me: Achu what do we do with our brains?
Achu: almost instantly ...think think think....tiger parayuley(doesn't the tiger say that)
Me: :):):):):) (Pleased with the answer and the 'information' derived from the cartoon Winnie the pooh)

Science lesson for the day - Done:D

Friday, November 20, 2009

Ah! The Charmer

Amma wasn't in town for a couple of days so was handling ALOT of things (The worlds best Manager happens to be my mom)...Achu loves to have his fish and chicken....The first thing he scans for on his platter is for the high protien / omega-3 fatty acid food. So I have to pick up some NV when I go get him from school...go home and cook it for him for lunch....

Today I did just that...fried a piece of fish and placed it on his plate
when he came in for lunch...
Achu: sniff sniff...hmmmmmmmmmmm yummy
Me : endha da ( what da?)
Achu: Fichhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :):):):)
Me: yessssssssss :):):)
Achu : (started eating the fish and rice with so much ethusiasum)
Suddenly he stopped looked at me and
Achu: Thank you amma for the fich...(in a sing-a-song-way) sooooperarikunnu
Me: Awwwwww kutttaa ur welcome
And the rest if u have already guessed (((huggy-buggy))) :D

Friday, November 13, 2009

Yup! The bedroom my Playground

Achu loves his ammumma's and appupa's bedroom a lot...why?
  • There are zillions of lil tit bits he can get his hands on ...all he needs to do is make a :( face
  • The cordless phone...which visits the doc almost every week
  • The visiting card stack...very boring but doesn't fail to excite him every time
  • The side drawers filled a red and green bag pen's, pegs & pencils  ( in all levels of utility rated 0 to10...0 unusable 10 in the process of becoming unusable), punching machine ( I know he had a go at it if I find millions of multicolured dots all over the room when I get back ...and achu screams...amma dots kandhaaaa ...amma saw the dots...), stapler, gum ( most of the magazines in the room have all the pages randomly either stapled or stuck)
  • The cloth stand that functions as a tent or climbing bar and when he wants to irritate appupa...he pulls down all of appupa's clothes on it and runs for his life...yeah all he gets when he is caught is a huggy-buggy moment
  • The mirror - Achu loves to talk in front of the mirror...sometimes feel he will be a good actor...all the 10 - navarasas... yeah 10 there is this face that only achu can make...can't name the expression hehehehe
  • The powder cans - He loves to put the powder all around the place....on the mirror, dressing table, floor, in the piggy bank, on me grrrrrr
  • A mat - He loves to put the mat on the floor take his pillow and lie down ..that's pretty ok....then he asks me to roll him in it and then stands up....and falls...stands up...and falls...stands up and ...u know what
  • A cupboard full of  stuff ranging from unwanted gifts got to old photos
  • A fridge - he investigates the contents and fishes out a snack or jus opens it cause 'coolakinnu' (its cool)
  • The TV - He loves to watch his takeshi's , mr.bean, bheeeeem and the like and wonders why we don't have a TV in our bedroom
  • The bathroom - At intrevals I have to drag him to the bathroom and itchitchi amma moment that is. Ammamma gives him his bedtime bath which he loves and gets both of them totally wet
  • THE BED - Whew!....Wonder if all children crossing 4 jump on the bed....he LOVES to jump...and all the three of us ( appuppa, ammumma and me) shriek & scream and pray he lands safely on the bed....It doesn't take much time for a 15kg mass to flop on the floor...the saga continues....far from heroic I guess