Sunday, December 19, 2010

Watch your word

Me: What did you do in school today ?
Achu continues to do and say which doesn't have the slightest relevance to my question....
Achu: huh! what........
Me: ( let me give it a different approach) Achu what snack did they give you today?
Achu: hmmmmmmmmm! samosa and biscuit
Me: ( Ok we have a related goes) Ok good so what did the teacher write on the board?...First tell me about maths....
Achu: Come I'll show you on my board.....
Me: YES :):):):)
Achu picks up a chalk and says "Amma, Before and After"
I wonder if my son is reminding me about the weight loss regime I registered for months ago ...with a slim chance of me attending it ( the only thing that's slim in the deal )
Then I figure out that it is just the "What's missing in the sequence" question
We do a couple of rounds of it and then I ask " Achu what did you do in English baby?"
"go,so, to, no" he wrote on the board
 Sheri (ok).. let's make sentences
We took turns in writing them
And Achu boy was good at it :)
We finished all the four words... two each
Now Achu said he wanted to do the words he didn't get to do
And I gladly agreed
And then.....
" Achu now your turn ...'No' "
Achu wrote " No. Not go in"
"No, No, No Achu that is wrong... correct it or find another sentence"
Achu: Ok Amma I will....
He rushes to the board and writes "No.No.No."
Me: !!!!!!!
Achu: You just said that Amma (very pleased)
Me: Smarty pants ....Huggy-buggy :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Achu Da Chennai

Achu will be starting art classes this Thursday
2 times a week
for one hour

Wanted to blog only after Achu started drawing class but couldn't wait for 2 whole days.....

He is five and a half but still refuses to go for any workshop or class (except school) alone. With so many options available in the city I am so sad he doesn't want to make use of it.

In play school I had to stay in class for 1 month and then his nanny continued for another month until Achu got used to his teacher.

This is my first try. If this clicks I'll have my personal Lenardo da Vinci.


Just got a call from home. Achu boy is back after his class.
"Amma they drew the lines and we had to color the inside"
"I drew a Big Baloon"
His voice overflowed with joy and pride
and so did his amma's heart........

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jig-saw me

I did blog about the games we play but didn't mention jig saw puzzles because Achu and I don't have the patience to 'work' on jig-saw puzzles. The proportions differ. Achu is okay with jig-saw while I am not so close to being ok with it.

Achu does play with his jig-saw set. Sometimes its after dinner/lunch with Ammumma. And sometimes he sits with his nanny. Poor nanny would have to set the puzzle while our little fella behaves like a boss.

So today we were having a Nanny-and-I-are-jigsawing episode. They had set right 2 out of the four Noddy Puzzles. And were they glad. Achu glad 'he' did it and Nanny glad its half way done.

Achu runs out of his room and asks me to come and see the result. I praise the duo. Tell them to work on the other two and begin to leave the room.

Achu comes to me " Amma carry me will you?"
I readily do the needful :)
He hugs me tight and says " Amma I need a jig saw of this"
Me :"What?"  
Achu: "Amma take a snap of 
- you bending to lift me
- then carrying me
- then me hugging you
and make a jig-saw for me"
Me: What an idea!!!!

Reels in my head 
  • Must see if I can find somebody who can do that for me
  • Nice idea for a birthday gift
  • Is my son missing me ?
  • Have to spend more time with him.
Update: While I was browsing for a background I found out that it wasn't a very new idea afterall and there are lots of ppl who have made a business out of it ...but hey for the Achu Household its still a moment of pride just that the 'invention' becomes a 'discovery' :D

    Thursday, November 25, 2010

    Peachy Presence

    Eavesdropping one side of the conversation between Achu boy and his dad.....

    ( hyper excited ) Acha what are you going to get me from Jaipur?
    Get me that car with many wheels to change..
    The one you got me last time
    Oh that's from Delhi ..then go to Delhi...( with the you-should-know-what-to-do tone )
    Sheri Acha then get me those bags they give on the flight
    Adhu Madhi ( that's enough)...very generous and pleased
    They don't give it to big people?
    Fine then make a paper boy and place it on the seat next to you
    Yeah! Colour it Acha (For Godsake! Acha doesn't know anything does he!)
    Appo avaru nokambol parayum ( so when they look the will say) " Oh there's a baby let me give the bag"...grins at me
    Njan peach colour ayikam Acha ( I will send you the peach colour - to colour the face and body)
    Then you fix a speaker and let the doll call you "Acha"
    Then they will be sure there is a baby with you
    Ok Acha?

    Sunday, November 21, 2010

    Win - Win

    Itchy's post on the different boardgames she is getting her children to play made me realise that my boy isn't very different either....

    Any game - Achu has to win.

    Games played:

    Cards : Just to drive in 'the bigger' number concept we had a pack of cards and Achu was delighted with this new game. Until one fine day we wanted to drive the 'its ok to lose' concept......that marked the end of card games.

    Knots and Crosses : He picked knots then crosses...that's ok...but he picked winning always and never boring is that!

    Snakes and ladders: You guessed right....We get swallowed by snakes and he climbs every ladder.

    Joining the dots: Same story ...He does not flare up until the end when all the boxes are counted and we get more boxes than he marked.

    Scrabble: He will start where he wants to....he places single letter words!!...replaces letters when he does not 'like' them!!!!! and takes our letters when he needs them....oh please!

    Chess: Thought I will just let him know what chess is all about. Drew all the 'charecters' and named them. Achu was very very interested. Then I mentioned about how each one of them move across the board. He was totally into it...until....

    Me: This is the Queen. She can move in any direction and take any number of steps. and this is the King he can move only one step at a time in any direction.
    Achu : WHAT??????....This is not fair ....itchichi Amma ....yendho amma idhu? ( what is this?)
    Me: Huh! what happened?* highly confused*
    Achu : King is the most powerful and HE is the one who can move all over...NOT the queen
    Me: shock gives way to reasoning...No Achu All the others safe guard the King so that's why they all move around while the King remains safe
    Achu: Noway! am not going to agree..poooo ammaaaa
    Me: sighhhhhhh!

    Remind me to find out how Vishy picked up the game.........
    And help me find games that don't require one player to win and another to not win!

    Thursday, November 11, 2010

    Meet the Teacher - Part 2

    Achu and I walk into class...
    T: Ahaa! ( shakes her head the way I wouldn't want her to) Rohit isn't getting his alphabets right..
    Achu swirls, twirls and gives out a shy smile
    Me: Well I made him write the alphabets at home and he did well Ma'am
    T: That won't do....Amma just get his Assessment book ( she asks the attendant akka)
    Me: I had a look at the book Ma'am and made him repeat it and he was ok
    ( T shakes her head again...and flips through the book  until she gets to the page that caused the whole show)
    T: Look more than half wrong...he is not getting it right....please GET a FOUR line book and GET him to SIT EVERYDAY and write all the alphabets from A-Z once...then give him a dictation ...jumble them up ok?

    ( A slight level of giddiness had set into my brain as the whole episode was reaching THAT stage of getting my poor teeny weeny boy to SIT for a stretch of  'impossible' time (which can range from 1 minute to nearly 3 hrs) EVERYDAY...this I didn't want to happen but might have to happen...I'll tell you )

    Me: Ma'am could it be because he lacks concentration or couldn't hear the teacher when the dictation was on? ( Aha! That should get her thinking...hmmm)

    A feeble voice from behind rudely interrupted my interpretation...It was T2...The teacher who conducted the dictation. She was the substitute (parent) who was managing Achu's class for the past 2 weeks while his teacher was on vacation

    T2: No...Actually Rohit got all the alphabets wrong and I made him sit next to me and write ..I didn't want to help him since I thought it wasn't fair ...being an assessment test....( there goes my case and so Achu AN dI might have to work a bit )
    T: See...he HAS to get it right
    T2: In class ...when its from the board he is doing good...( hip hip hooray hollered my heart ..that's something positive :)...)
    Me:(The weather was cool but sweat pearls settled on my forehead and upper lip for reasons evident) Ok I will do that...Can you do a re-assessment ?
    T: ( Sensing my disappointment) Oh That's ok. We can't do another assessment but we don't give marks do we...So it should be fine if he knows how to write that's all.
    Me: Can you please test him some time in the coming weeks so we know where he stands?
    T: We'll do that. Will do it in December ok?
    Me:( Glad,settled with a restrained smile ) Thank You

    I nod at T2 and T and leave with a not so comfortable feeling.

    Me: Achu miss paranja keta ...let's practise everyday and We'll get Sudha Miss to give you 2 stars instead of 1 what do u say???????
    Achu: (Ignoring)
    Me: WHAT DO U SAY?OK??????
    Achu: hmmmm ok

    For the next few weeks
    Achu = Achusuto (of the Jackie Chan clan ) , the hopefully obedient disciple
    Me = The Tai-chi Master of the lost UKG Nation
    To reclaim the title = The master of  Alphabetric Transcription

    Wish us luck and a lot more......:D

    Wednesday, November 10, 2010

    Double U

    Yesterday Achu had dictation at school and he didn't do very well. His teacher sent word that Achu boy needs to get his alphabets right.

    Oh don't worry am not worried at all. The boy is five...give him some time. But I just wanted to check if its concentration he lacked or he really didn't know the alphabets. So Achu had night school yesterday with Me as his Teacher.

    Me: Ok Children take out your book and pencil and write the letter W
    Achu: Amma...oops Miss look I wrote W
    Me: Good Boy ...sanjay stop talking and write like Rohit ..Achu too :)

    Achu: Now tell me Miss why do we call W... Double U when we write Double V
    Me: Hmmmmm Actually W is Double U but we write Double V...we can also write Double U..but in school your taught to write Double V ok...Phew!
    Achu: Ok .....( thoughtfully)
    Me: (Happy achu is happy with the explanation)....Ok next letter P
    Achu: So At home we will call W Double V and in school we will call W Double U OK
    Me: ( I knew something was coming)....Fine write the next letter P

    We will have a detailed talk on the Double UV some sunny sunday baby !

    BTW Achu got all the alphabets right. Concentration in class is what my boy needs to work on.

    I have been asked to meet the teacher tomorrow....Am quite experienced at it now...let's see how it goes :)

    Monday, November 8, 2010

    Invincibly Invisible

    Two of my blog world friends Niv and Mamma of twins happened to touch on this subject and I thought I should do my bit…..

    Achu is known for his acting skills and sometimes....he takes it too far …..

    Backdrop 1: Acha is back from office and he spots Achu in the drawing room happily playing.

    Suddenly Achu runs behind Acha and screams “Appupa njan evidey illa” (Grandpa I am not here!!). Signals me to remain quiet on his whereabouts and walks behind him shrieking away to glory.

    Backdrop 2: We are about to leave for a family function and Achu is asked to get dressed. I leave a kurta and pants on his bed and leave him in his room for his nanny to dress him up.

    Achu screams “Amma yenika kurta vendaaaaaaa…idhulaaaaaa” (I don’t want this kurta….I won’t wear it). Silently has a wash, wears the outfit and then keeps shouting “Idhula” ( won’t wear ) with interim giggles while am getting dressed in the other room and HAVE to shout “ Please kutta” , “Please Monnu” and the likes.

    Then he walks out of the room mummified by a towel with an evident part of his costume showing “Njan oodupu matilla amma” (I didn’t change my dress). My response “yendhu kutta? Please” (why …please)!!!!!!!!!

    Backdrop 3: As a sequel to 2, he slowly slides into the back seat of the car (sure the towel is pulled away or thrown away on the closest sofa/ non-living thing (grrr from ammuma) or floor (growl from ammuma)

    The little brat winks at me and convinces me in a highly audible voice “Amma, acha-neduthu parey Achu vanilainnu” ( Amma tell Acha Achu hasn’t come!)  ….You know what happens next don’t you..?

    What happens if we don’t have the I-am-totally-surprised look ?

    Guarantees recitations of the Itchichi mantra on you until he spots his next prey.

    What happens if you want to please him and stay surprised?

    You’ve earned yourself a huggy-buggy moment … I'd do anything for that you know.

    M never reacts surprised as he thinks we are just making Achu act like a fool. Condolences M for loosing the ‘child’ in you *snigger snigger*

    Wednesday, November 3, 2010

    Fireworks at Five

    Achu has always been scared of almost everything I am scared of....ranging from
    - the lizard behind the showcase
    - the cockos that fly....eeeeeeek!
    - the long corridor
    - the dark 'whatever'!
    to the fireworks that go 'Bang'

    But now Achu is five and seems to have overcome his fear of almost all of the above and infact greets the lizard, guides the roach ...but still rushes through the corridor and prevents himself from being alone in the dark!...

    As far as the Fireworks go here's the scene
    M: Achu don't you want crackers this diwali?
    Achu: pinneee allathey ( then what? :)...)
    M: Yendhakey venam? ( what all do you want?)
    Me jumping in to be a side character  in the father son bonding scene...*grin*
    Me: Just the normal stuff....sparklers ,flowerpot and chakaram that's all....
    M: Adhu madhiya ? ( is that enough?)
    Achu: Illa I want the red ones that go 'BANG' as well
    M: All Smiles
    Me: In Shock...partially glad he's growing up :)...while the other half misses the i-hate-bangs hugmate who hugged me through all the noise last year :( 

    So its gonna be a high decibel diwali afterall....get me my ear plugs willya
    Happy Diwali Folks.....

    Monday, November 1, 2010

    Ouch! Bolt from the blue

    Haven't been blogging about my lil boy since I have been busy at work and class all through the week. But Achu boy has never stopped suprising us with his instant reactions to the otherwise uninteresting conversations we have.

    M and Achu get into the car...
    Achu ....swaying side to side and not remaining still
    M.... The 'grrrr moment' jus moments away
    Achu...sensing his acha's next step
    Achu : In an irritated tone "Yendhu cheyane Achu kutta" ( What are you Doing Achu boy?)
    Acha looks at me and bursts out laughing...I grin :)

    M was at my MIL's whole of last week since she was alone at home and the rest of them had gone to our native. We were discussing about when all of them were returning and when the car should go to pick them from the station while achu was busy playing around....until suddently achu turns and says....
    "Ohhhoooo Acha appo inni acha U turn edhithitu veetiva" (So Acha you come back home taking a U turn...since the rest of them have come)

    Me and MIL discussing about a cousin. I was telling her how thin ( as in slim) the cousin had become and that she was looking good...suddenly achu pops out of no where and says" Amma I thought you told me being thin was bad...ippomathram thin good innu parayinnu???" ( and now your telling thin is good)...coff !coff!

    Updations follow.....


    Thursday, October 14, 2010

    When duty calls....

    Things you will need :
    A4 size papers- 7-10 ( depending upon the reach and grip )
    Pens - 3-5 ( as many found around with or without owners/cap/ink )
    Punching machine - 1 or 2 (depending upon availability and tact )
    Stapler - 1 or none ( to avoid any mom-osurus groans )
    Scissors - don't even think about it ( to avoid mom-osurus Growls!)
    Covers - 2 or more ( depending upon the purpose of venture )
    Miscellaneous tits and bits - why do you need a number always?!

    What happens next :
    Fast actions.Reactions.Action replays.

    Running about eastwards,northwards,southwards and westwards...backwards and forwards..upwards and all directions and intersections possible
    A background score that would make ARR spend on music research..lyrics best left untold.
    Fidgeting with other 'things' in no particular order....the phone, the blinds, the cupboards, the keyboards, the files, the mug in the bathroom, the staff, the doors,the mother, the father , the grandfather...
    - Punching holes on paper,
    - emptying all the punching machines available for white dots
    - Stapling pages (frowns and grrrs in the background),
    - labeling covers
    - tagging the stapler,punched paper,door handle that came off when trying to swing on it and a paper clip together
    - walking on all fours around office with each of his hands in white covers ( you must have heard of a wild imagination but this is wild reality!)
    - the heard, seen ,unheard and unseen.....

    Required Interval :
    One cup of tea with an extra cup to cool it and a table to spill 1/4th of the content...accompanied by cake or biscuits ( or whatever crap momosarus has in store)

    Forced Interval :
    Urination is the irritable process that interrupts every inventor/genius from conducting the most important experiments of his life and this interruption is facilitated by certain biological bonds (mostly the momosurus)   

    What remains!
    A few unidentifiable covers with identifiable dots
    punctured papers
    inventions that may remain unnamed forever

    And then an announcement to sum up the day.....
    "Amma let's go home am tired after a long day at office!"
    You should be Achu....
    You should be ( full stop)

    Monday, October 11, 2010

    The Guilt returns...

    Its holiday time for achu
    Its that time when achu boy is free for a whole week
    No school
    No homework
    No worries

    For amma
    Its guilt time
    Its crime time
    When lil Achu is doing nothing
    while he could
    ...visit the zoo or a playzone or museum
    ...have a exciting trip outside city
    ...learn something fun
    He happy with himself for company....whatelse could he do!
    ...plays with boxes, twigs and paper
    ...climbs up and down the stairs !!!!
    ...runs around the garden

    Maybe he is having fun
    Maybe he is fine

    But...Amma knows he can do so many other things
    he doesn't..........sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Monday, September 27, 2010

    Flash ! Dumb Charades

    When his teacher told me I knew she was right ...but this blog confirms it

    Achu and I went to Landmark ....and we bought a couple of  books on discount
    Achu got himself some flash cards
    Had the alphabets
    Had the numbers 1-100
    Had the phonetic series
    Had the Addition series
    I felt he shouldn't get it because the former two were things he knew
    And the latter two were too high for him
    Atleast that's what I thought

    He loved the whole bunch
    and found new games to play with it

    One of the many games ...
    Amma njan act cheyam amma kandhupidhiki ( Amma I'll act it out u find out )
    So he would say "Q ok"
    and rush to the sofa lie down and act cold and cover himself up....ok that's a Q for quilt :) not bad
    Then it will be "C for..."
    place a something on his head ...march royally and sit on an invisible chair very very pleased with himself
    hmmm yes...C for got it
    What about "A for.."
    sits down then screeches at the top of his voice holding his leg, pinches and throws something off....yup A for a bad red Ant
    And then comes " R for.."
    where he pull out something and breathes in and voices an  "aaaahhhhhhh!" in the most dramatic way....ohh yes ...R for Rose ...
    So many more flash cards many more alphabets...and sooooo many more huggable depictions
    Will update when I get the time
    He does it all so well you know....sigh!
    I guess I have a budding Aamir, Surya or Mohanlal right at home
    Want an Autograph ??????? :b

    Tuesday, September 21, 2010

    Live and Let Live

    Achu was having his dose of noodles. I was giving him company. We have our most educative lectures over maggi. And so....

    Me: Achu what's a Non-living thing ?
    Achu: Don't know ...tellme ...slurp! slurp!
    Me: slurp! slurp!...listen things without life...that don't move...that can't breathe...that don't grow are non- living things....for example...chair....and living things are the things that do any or all of the above...sheriya?
    Achu: slurp...hmmmmm..ok
    Me: TV?
    Achu: Non-living
    Me: Plants?
    Achu: hmmm Living ?
    Me: slurp....gooood...what about a car?
    Achu: Non slurp! living...amma give me the sauce....
    Me: Here you go....ok now you tell me the non-living things around you....
    Me: ok good... tell me now...what about Appuppa?
    Achu:.....oh that's easy....Living....dha kandhiley ingotum angotum ponne speedilu!( See how fast he is going here and there)
    Me: Sheri now tell me some living things...slurp
    Achu: hmmm poocha...ant.....Oh amma amma yeniku innoru Non-living thing ariyam ( I know one more non-living thing)
    Me: hmmm tell me tell me..achu don't have the sauce alone.....
    Achu: You Amma :):):):):):):)
    Me: What achu...why me????????
    Achu: Amma oru salathu irinal pinne evadheyum poghulalooooo? ( If you sit in one place you don't move do you?)...I finished my nooodleeeeessss......
    Me: huh!!!!!!!!!
    ( Background: Ammumma and Appuppa have a good my expense)

    Friday, September 17, 2010

    Lingo? Bingo! Shut the Door...

    I know the header didn't make any on for more senseless sensibility!

    Instance 1:We all know Achu always gets his way by doing the following
    • whining
    • frowning
    • shouting
    • screaming
    • and all that kids shouldn't be doing
    When such events happen ..(no they are not rare ...happens everyday)..M screams back ( I hate him doing that) and then says "Payaram kalikeley" which means "Don't play the fool".( I didn't know it meant that until M told me)

    So now when Achu starts his get-his-way game... I say...Achuuuuuu Acha yendho parayum? ( what will Acha say?)...and he giggles out "Payaram kalikaleyyyyyy"....and then we had peace.  

    Instance 2: " Amma Acha come .and watch Honey bee on TV " Achu shouts...We "!!!!!!"...slowly go and find  Honeymoon Travels  a game show :)

    Instance 3: One of the cartoons Achu watches has the charecter presenting "Whatya Doing ?" in a sing-a-song way...Achu loves it and repeats it from time to time.....

    When the same cartoon was in tamil...It was "Yenna pannare?" in the same tune

    Then  Achu boy wanted to know how to sing it in hindi and I said "Kya kar rahe ho?"

    The he told me what it was in telugu "Yecha Pandhre?" which is absolutely adorable nonsense :D

    After which he asked me "Amma what about...."..and winked...."Why are you winking da?"

    "Ohhhh! Amma what is it in kannada?" ( In malayalam kann = eye and ada = close therefore the wink)

    Instance 4: Then one day while Achu was having one of his scientific speeches at the dining table...Manoj said" Sheri sheri Vajagam adhikeley" (Ok Ok Stop talking)...and we all forgot about the whole thing...

    After a week I was giving an articulate lecture to M ..and Achu came up to me and said" Amma vadhel adhekaley" ( don't close the door)...!!!!!!!!!!

    what he meant ...Vadhel adheykaley = Vajagam adhikeley ....

    Wednesday, September 8, 2010

    At your service

    Achu loves role this time he was the guy at Oberoi - the saloon he goes to for his haircut.

    He picked up his tools.....scissors, big comb,medium comb,small comb,round brush,broken comb
    Jumped on the bed where my poor Amma was sitting and watching the idiot box
    And started his works on her.....
    Amma lovingly bears all the massaging,cutting,hairstyling....
    Then she is engrossed in the TV program and doesn't notice Achu's next step....
    After awhile we get the scent of powder and turn around to see what the little barber is upto........

    Achu had dumped a considerable amount of powder on a lid , taken the dye brush and was sincerely applying it on my Amma's snow white hair!!!!!!!!!

    White dye for white tresses...Logical Na!

    Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    Spell Well

    Achu has learnt to spell the numbers one to ten...but he hates seven and eight ...he always skips spelling out these 2 numbers

    Drop in and u will find him singing and spelling out the numbers....his pastime for the season...errr week...errr day... :)

    Remember he loves numbers.....

    Today morning he came up to me and said ...Amma I know how to spell eleven and twelve...

    Impressed my son has learnt more than what he is taught at school !!!!!

    I ask him " Tell me , Tell me Achu "

    Achu darling sings aloud " O-n-e O-n-e  Eleven "...."O-n-e T-w-o Twelve"

    Me...!!!!!!!! and then it was huggy-buggy time

    Thursday, August 19, 2010

    Achu @ FIVE

    • is a bundle of joyful crimes..a few giving you temporary fits and one or two making you giggle like him
    • loves to try to read and knows the alphabets and the 2 letter words....
    • has an inclination towards numbers....
    • often gets confused with i , l and I
    • still adores cars, knows every car by the symbol,bumper,lights or any part of it and makes sure he gets one every week!!!!!!
    • hates Dr.Dolly ( he calls her Dr. Polly after the rhyme "Polly had a dolly who was sick sick sick" ) who gave him his tetanus shot when he hurt his finger
    • hates action movies and cries when he sees violence
    • loves jelebis,ladoos,chocalates,lollipops,french fries, cream soups, fried rice,noodles,biriyani, egg in any form,chapathis,chicken and fish..and has a liking for the paneer butter masala or butter chicken gravy
    • is still skinny and underweight at 16.5 kgs ( his doc told me after constant questioning)
    • has shifted from pediasure to boost and sometimes wants vanilla milk...juices have always been in his list.
    • has a scary temper that nearly shooed his chechi away  

    • is still a Mr.Bean fan and wants to meet him someday...but has graduated to other decent stuff 
    • does not have his afternoon nap anymore....if he is tired/terribly bored and we get lucky he has his nap
    • loves to do his activity book but hates homework....both having the same activities!!!!!!!
    • writes on the blackboard and on the floors of the car shed
    • mentioned more names of classmates...sanjay ,megha gupta(which was initially pronounced 'kutha'..giggle giggle),ashish khanna, shahus, harish, lara,kia,nithilamani,lohit.......
    • loves his teacher Sudha Miss
    • enjoys boy games with acha and his mamas ..and tries out the same with amma
    • plays with mobile phones,cameras,boxes, sticks, spoons, thermocol sheets,grass ,flowers,ropes,ribbons...and barely with toys..except for his cars
    • makes road formations EVERY single day
    • cries oh-so-often
    • hugs and kisses when you need it the most and when you don't :)
    • talks, talks and talks.......
    • questions, questions and questions.....
    • never answers to your questions...might get a distant reply after repeated questioning
    • is an inventor everyday......a song, a gadget or a word..the list neverending
    • likes surya and mimics his hairstyle
    • still a water boy

    • good kid to travel with in any mode of transportation ....(sometimes complains of ear pain on flights)
    • doesn't want to leave the itchichi word :)
    • can draw and paint cars, houses,roads,night sky,clouds,rainbow and all his inventions
    • won't keep his toys back after play
    • doesn't like to be ordered..(who does ???)...give him a hug prefixed by a 'please' and you get it immediately...
    • rushes up and down the stairs like wind (scary but true)
    • hurts himself too often....has his normal colds and on vitamins
    • hates to have a bath and brush his teeth  
    • loves to stay in his bath once he is in!!!!!
    • is considerate and loving
    • loves nature and every creepy crawly thing it contains
    • is TOTALLY HUGGY-BUGGY material :D

    Saturday, August 14, 2010

    Meet the teacher

    The first parents teachers meet at school after achu started UKG. We waited for almost an hour before we were called in.

    "Ohhhh Achu....he should be an actor" said the teacher
    He shoots so many expressions in a micro second"....thanks to Mr.Bean ( No I didn't mention he watches the runs and the reruns religiously)

    "Here's what I observed about achu .He is a silent and shy boy...who doesn't mingle with other kids...but has lately become very naughty and annoys other kids to get their attention....."

    "So do both of you spend time with him" - I nod ...don't know what M did

    "you are not spending enough time with is not you know the letter formations to teach him?....this is the syllabus...teach him...sit with him"

    I keep nodding

    "Its not the father ...he might not have the time ...YOU the mother has to be with him"....(THIS is where I went GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I could sense M giving a smirk behind my back.......but didn't open my mouth....does the father have only one responsibility and that is to sow the seed????....)

    I bear up with rest of the talk with a smiley stuck to my face....but what's running behind my mind is still could she tell me I had to be MORE responsible for my child than the father.....HOW and WHY ....I do everything M does and more...but still its the mother that is pulled up....

    But all said and done....I am going to spend more time with achu...not because the teacher said or not because I am guilty...its because I want to and I am sure it will make a difference....

    Updated later : In the grrr mood I forgot to tell you that the teacher mentioned that achu was very intelligent and imaginative....:D

    Thursday, August 5, 2010

    Rice up ...Healthy, Wealthy and Vice

    Achu: Amma listen " early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy( shows his skinny hands) wealthy( an animated snap with his fingers) and wise ( tapping his head)...

    Achu: Rise thininna rice alla ammma...adu wake up annu(Rise is not the rice we eat it is to wake up)

    Achu: Amma we have a Wise(tapping his head again)- Principal

    Me: Hehehehehe Kutta adhu vere Vice annudha ( that is another wise ).Vice Principal means smaller than principal sheriya ? vere spelling annu adhu ( that is a different spelling)

    My vice son has learnt the benefits of ricing early :)

    Wednesday, July 28, 2010

    Q & A

    Achu: Amma how does a bulb light up?
    Me: There is this filament achu ...wwhich lights up when electricity passes through it
    Achu: Oh those two sticks...
    Me: no the spring like thing that connects the sticks
    Achu: ohhhhh...why is the spring on top and not connected like a H ( H happens to be his fav alphabet ..why?...because HONDA CITY has a H :)...)
    Me: Maybe this is the best way to do it....(too technical for me kutta)

    Achu: Amma how is a mirror made?
    Me: hmmmm polishing a flat stone will give u a mirror
    Achu: silver colored things are also mirrors?
    Me: sigh....yes we can see our reflection
    Achu: yes my plate is also a mirror...the window is a mirror
    Me: ( wondering whether to explain the whole story at bedtime or stick to a simple yes and do the explaining sometime later)....yes

    Achu: amma how....
    Amma: Kutta its time to sleep....all other questions tomorrow ok...

    More of googling....coming my way :)

    Wednesday, July 14, 2010

    The Case and Verdict

    Points against little Achu and big me
    - He day dreams in class
    - He smiles to himself
    - He doesn't mingle with the other kids
    - His Ws have their mouths wide open
    - His 3s don't look good
    - U work
    - U are not spending time with him
    - U don't know what's happening at school

    And then she explained what she taught the kids all through the month with me nearly feeling dizzy and totally guilty......

    Facts of the Case

    - Achu watches too much of Mr.Bean and so he often morphs into Mr.Bean himself....that explains the talking and smiling part
    - Achu day dreams when he is bored and knows what is being told....don't all boys do that?
    - Achu has always done self neighbors his size, no relatives close by his where is the question of mingling....he is kinda choosy with who he plays...a true cancerian
    - He will be jus 5 tomorrow and I don't want to pressurise a 5 yr old to get his Ws and 3s right...they will be good when they have to...( though I know of a dozen kids who can write the alphabets in reverse and count to 100 )
    - I work but I do spend time with him....maybe not like the other moms ...maybe lacking a bitta quality...but M and I make it a point to sit with him when he does his homework
    - My boy comes back home and sings a song or narrates a story he heard at school...BUT does not tell me what lessons were taught....maybe that's where his interest lies
    - I came back home and asked Achu all that the teacher told me....questioned him...asked him to draw it on the board....and to my delight he could recollect every single thing the teacher had done at school

    The verdict

    So the next day i went to school with all the good news and she was glad he was attentive though he seemed disinterested.

    She said it was good I got back to her.

    So we mutually agreed to

    1. Meet weekly to pass on what happened during the week
    2. Get him to join drawing or dance ( she was surprised to know he took part in dance and singing in Pre school and lkg)
    3. Make him write something on the lines everyday ( I guess a little bitta writing will get him used to the idea of having to sit in one place for a ten minute stretch :)...)

    Personal steps

    1. No more Mr.Bean. The theme of his 5th birthday was to be Mr.Bean. But it isn't anymore. Must get this guy out of my son's system
    2. A desk tops Achu's birthday gift list
    3. Don't miss a chance to hug my lil boy...he's a bright little boy you know :D

    Friday, July 9, 2010

    And then the teacher called

    J (who looks after Achu when am at work) was leaving in the evening after the days work.She reached the front door and then turned towards me and said "Achu's teacher wants to meet you". Then she hurriedly left as the first drops of rain dampened the hot soil.She left me with a thousand questions for which I matched ten thousand probable answers and a handful of favorable ones out of those.

    Flashback 1: Achu came home after school and said "Amma today we were asked to cover our faces and I dozed off.....
    Me: were u asked to sleep?
    Achu: no i just dozed off
    Me: oh-oh

    Flashback 2:
    A: School is boring .They make us sit in one place for soooo long
    M: Atleast they can do that :):):)
    A: Poooo Amma

    Flashback 3:
    A: Amma I hate homework. I won't do mine
    M: Oh kutta...let's surprise Acha come come
    A: No I won't...Itchichi Amma..
    (then he does it after a lot of 'let's surprise' talks...the only thing that works nowadays)

    Flashback 4:
    M: Who are your friends Achu?
    A: Ohhh please don't ask me...
    M: tell me na....there's sanjay...then I forgot hmmmm
    A: Megha :)
    M: Yeah megha and then
    A: that's allllllllllll

    Many more 'Achu and school' episodes had re-runs in my mind....

    May be Achu is sleeping in class
    May be he is a loner
    May be he isn't good at school
    May be he doesn't talk (courtesy: I am Mr.Bean)

    Or the happy ones

    May be there's an event coming up
    May be they want to just meet the parents
    May be they need some extra fees

    Oh Whatever....I have to meet the teacher tommorow

    Tuesday, May 25, 2010

    What fun this summer - I

    Achu and Amma ...our first venture alone outside the state of tamilnadu :)

    10.05.10 : Left in the evening to Trivandrum...Amma and Achu...while Acha is off on a work assignment to Jaipur...Achu was good all throughout the flight but did have a slight ear pain while landing....Aji mama, mahesh mama and sunil mama came to the airport in Aji mama's LANCER...(yipeeee!!!!....) and picked the 2 excited souls :)

    11.05.10 : Woke up all excited ....Isha was there at Thambi appoopa's place so it was fun...The initial I-don't- know-who-u-r phase gave way to the what-shall-we-play-next phase fast...indira ammooma asked apppoopa to take us to the was kinda cloudy so we were expecting afternoon aji mama, mahesh mama, reshma mami,meenakshi,sunil maman, renjini mami, pichi valliamma, chinnu chechi,sharu chechi, lavanya chechi and meenu came and all of us left to the Trivandrum zoo

    It was one well maintained zoo and we feasted our eyes on all the wild beasts...the walk was tiring but since the weather was cool we had we approached the exit the clouds gave way to thundering showers preceded by flashlights :)

    We drove to Indian coffee house....for some hot coffee and bread omelet...while achu nibbled on some puri...and it poured outside.......

    12.05.10 : The mornings was spent at Rajan appoopans place...Achu took over meenakshi kutty's Hummer and enjoyed himself thoroughly since there were so many toys over there..while isha and meenu were busy playing girlie stuff

    We went for a Malayalam movie int he evening ..." Happy Husbands"...was a comedy ...Achu wasn't interested so he managed to sit in the seat by having 3 frooti's, one milk shake, one kitkat and some pop corn....yup all that liquid did get us visit the loo just after the intermission (during which I asked him a zillion times...boys!) ...achu did give out a giggle or two at Jayram's mimicry....but he slept through the second half.
    Then we headed to Prabha appoopans place where sudha ammooma had prepared yummy dinner of fried rice and chicken curry which only amma whacked while achu slept through until parvathy's wake-up-achu technique succeeded. Binu maman and Deepa mami dropped us back home.

    13.05.10 : We spent the whole day at Manu appoopa's house....Ambika Ammooma had prepared the most bestest yummiest super..prawn fry....and pichi valiamma prepared great chicken curry ( she'll kill me if i missed that one :D...)

    After lunch we had a quick visit to Mukkola ( our ancestral house)...the pooja room...then to Leela ammooma's house, Thangamani ammoooma's house and then to vasantha ammooma's house...and back to 
    Manu appoopa's house

    achu and the kids gang had loads of fun....he was the only boy among 4 girls!!!!...the fourth being parvathy who joined the army late in the evening.....Then late in the night we were back home.

    14.05.10: The whole day we were pretty lazy..though we planned to go to kovalam...nothing clicked....aji mama was busy at we lazed around until the evening ...then suddenly at 6.00pm a plan was struck...mahesh maman picked up pichi valliamma and the kids and came and we all were on our way to shangumugham beach :):):):):).....chinnu chechi had this impromptu wacko idea while we were driving  to get into the AC bus...and Aji mama cornered a bus and all of us got into the bus :):):)...Achu and Amma loved the trip to the beach....then the next batch went with Aji mama back in the bus to where the car was parked drove back tot he beach since the last shuttle service was at 7.30pm.....Mahesh mama and achu mad a castle....while Lavanya and isha made another castle...Once the whole gang was together again  we had masala peanuts and ice cream....and the kids got a few of those lighted horns

    On our way back we packed some great shaverma to have at home ...Dinner was at rajan kochachans place ....barotta and chicken curry....after the filling shaverma...:b

    15.05.10: Flew back to chennai....Achu was excited to get back and bought a Amba ( ambassador) car at the airport....ate most of the stuff served but finally puked during landing :( ...this is the first time achu fell sick during the landing...

    And so Amma and Achu had a wonderful time in Trivandrum...thanks to all Appoopas, ammoomas, mamas,mamis,valiamma,chehcis and kutties...

    We love you all................ummmaaahhhh and hugs

    Thursday, May 6, 2010

    Sprain,Sprain go away...

    My lil achu boy had a freak fall and injured his elbow.We thought it wasn't serious but changed our mind when we found him in pain everytime he moved his hand. In an hour his hand looked swollen.( for once his hand looked plump and sturdy as I would have wanted his whole self to be ...sighhhh!).

    We took him to a local doctor....and to our horror he was a terror...he told my son he would inject him if he cried...GRRRRRRRRR....Achu and I hate him....

    M and I had the feeling it was just a sprain and would vanish the next day. But in the morning Achu was howling and I knew it wasn't the usual whine.....My boy was in terrible pain....So we checked if his pediac was available and as usual he was not so we got an appointment with the ortho.

    With one bad experience Achu didn't want to go to another doc....i promised achu i would not let any doc harm him. This doc was a gem. He was so patient with Achu. Achu refused to let the doc examine him. The doc came upto achu and didn't even touch him. He asked achu to shake his good hand first and then try doing the same on the injured hand.

    The doc asked to take an xray. Achu was terrified when he saw the room and the stuff.But thanks to the reruns of Mr.Bean and his xray attics achu was ok until this guy lifted him up. Achu cried his heart out poor lil fear and pain...and I was helpless....he screamed he was angry ...with M, with the attendant  and  with the me..the person who promised there wouldn't be any more pain....I felt really bad...."Itchichi Amma" ..he shouted all through the procedure

    The doc told us there wasn't a fracture....maybe its jus a sprain...and put him on a sling...gave us a painkiller and asked us to come back in 2 days if things got worse

    This was 2 days ago....
    Today morning my boy is fine:).it was a bad sprain afterall......and I am relieved

    I find so many mommy blogs across the net ...and so many instances of sickness and recovery....Its so saddening to see a child in pain....The helplessness is so universal isn't it?...

    I wish Pandora hadn't opened the box............

    Thursday, March 25, 2010

    And one year jus zoomed away

     It feels like just yesterday we were rushing in and out of schools , sticking photos of little achu, filling up forms, giving in applications, rehearsing interviews, celebrating admit cards, getting ready for life's first day at regular school uniform et al. Achu completes his first year of schooling. He is a big boy now isn't he. Wow!

    The changes in Achu
    - he loves to be talked to in an adult to adult tone.
    - started eating out and does venture into eating on his own until he looses interest and is later fed
    - he has got to the idea of going to school everyday...though every Monday we experience high decibel cries and pain in all most all the parts of the body
    - he has friends he talks about and likes and dislikes every alternate day...Nithila Mani, Sanjay, Harish, Ashish Khanna, Jai choraria, Kia to name a few....
    - Getting strong in phonetics....and trying to read ...but when i get excited and try to guide him he looses interest and I loose my temper
    - Imaginary songs and chats increase in number and his inventions from the mosquito jammer to discovering what happens within his tiny tummy ...the list is never ending 
    - he can touch his nose with his tongue !!!!

    The things that remain
    - his love for cars
    - his tantrums
    - his itchichi phase
    - his refusal to use the loo until u have 1/1000 million secs to remove his complicated button and zipper
    - his love for travel
    - his huggy- buggy moments

    What scares him: A new teacher...he still wants his G miss....
    What scares me: They are gonna shuffle the achu took an age to get close to a handful of kids and now he has to do it all over again!!!!

    The second year in school..hoping for more friends.. more knowledge... more fun...God Bless

    Thursday, March 11, 2010

    Woh! Achusuto

    My lil one is Achusuto.

    The brave Japanese martial expert. He can pound a dozen bricks with ease and lift the heaviest rock in a jiffy and still skillfully dance as light as a feather.

    The Day : Annual Day @ Bhavan's

    Behind the scenes : The hunt for the 'proper' Kimono ended when M (Achu's classmate N's mom) called me and let me know there was one shop jus a few blocks away from office which had 'the' Kimono. Thanks M. We went for a trial , gave in measurements for alteration and booked the suit. Actually M had booked for red and I thought I will book another color but then after a bit of confusion on my side and his the owner confirmed that I could only have a red Kimono. And I submissively agreed. Grrrrrr!

    On D Day: Achu had to be dropped off at school at 4.15pm so he couldn't have his usual afternoon siesta. Initially he didn't show much interest in dressing up causing a slight level of panic ...who panics? of course :)......Then he finally agreed to be the good boy he normally is and got ready very fast. Clicked a few snaps in Ammamma's garden then left to school. I had to go drop Achu and catch a seat for M who was getting the camera ready for the event.

    The dance: The theme of the day was 'Seasons'. We wondered how a Japanese dance would fit into any of the seasons we have. We waited.....enjoyed the colours of the seasons ...with kids dressed as daisies , butterflies, animals, santa claus, snow men. They danced into our hearts. But my mind spelt" When does my child perform?....Don't know what he is upto? he crying?...he missed his nap....he only had one lil glass of milk..he must be hungry...why do they have to have his dance at the end???

       And then he came ...Achusuto, in all his grandeur...he swiftly moved across and swished his fan with tremendous speed ...and ...and ..and it was over....that's it?....Was a short performance ...but a cute one :)..Did M get the whole video? ...yes he did but without the audio on :(..There were more performances....all of them so ethusiastic...The wait didn't cause any kind of discomfort!....It was a lovely show. Witnessed a lot of proud parents and grandparents kissing and blessing their lil ones for their outstanding performance...For us it was a huggy buggy moment :)

    Friday, February 19, 2010

    Pick up the phone and pick me up 'Lancer'

    Achu loves to talk on the cell phone

    What are the toys/articles that transform into his cell phone
    - torch light...he calls it the light phone
    - Hair brush
    - His toy Car's Remote
    - TV Remote
    - anything rectancular and holdable
    - sometimes he needs the original and nothing less so its my cell that plays the role

    Who does he talk to

    -Jai mama
    and now he's got a friends list
    and sometimes he gives the 'cell' to me saying its my friend who is calling on HIS phone
    - Kavitha (Harish's Mom and my school friend)
    - Sayee ( He has a lil crush on her lovely daughter Nandu :)..)
    - Uma (My school friend and he keeps making fun of the name saying its umma aunty (kiss aunty)

    What does he talk
    to Relatives
    AAA yendhu cheyunu avadhey ( What are you doing there?)
    njan vandhi otikunnu ( am driving my car )

    to Friends
    Am Gooood
    Whatiya doin there?
    Dey! ( yeah I did smile the first time heard it out of him...but then did tell him it was rude to address a friend like that....but I guess it will grow into their vocab like yenna di grew into mine though my forbid me from using 'such' words to address a friend)
    Am driving my lancer
    ohhh hooo Scorpio-va?
    Innova-va????!!! ( to gain my attention...and I smile)
    ohhh Tavera-ku maritiya ( and he gives me a smirk...and I :(....)
    Speed-a va
    Nithilamani what are you coming in?
    My lancer only has speed no slow
    and the story goes on and on..................................

    All of us enjoy listening to him on the 'Phone' in his 'Lancer'!!!!!

    Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    Parenting Woes

    What I do

    wake Achu up
    dress him up for school
    feed him breakfast
    take him out  
    give him dinner
    get him to sleep
    ......and if our nanny doesn't turn up and Amma doesn't have the strength
    pick him from school
    feed him lunch
    make him have his afternoon nap

    Have taken Achu
    to the park
    to eateries around the place
    to the movies
    to his grandparents
    to visit relatives
    to playdates with friends
    to the beach
    to funstations
    to the supermarket
    to shops of his interest and mine
    to the temple

    Of course these are motherly duties ...I agree...and I agree am not as good as some of the other mothers I have come across in the real and blog world

    But at least I try

    What M does

    Sometimes After Recurring Requests(ARR) gets achu to brush his teeth ...its truly an ordeal I tell you
    If I am busy in the kitchen and ARR irons his uniform
    Gives him a bath ARR
    drops Achu at of the few advantages of not knowing to drive
    takes him to umpteen car shops and trial drives  ARR or sometimes without
    sometimes takes him to shops of Achu's and his interest

    Otherwise he has taken us to many places but only ARR

    I admit I don't really bother to play with Achu.....primarily because he plays with cars and he loves wrestling
    and running around....but am totally guilty on that note ....and pinch every possible oppurtunity to take him someplace we both can have fun together and individually

    Won't blame M for not being the father I imagine him to be cause maybe I am not the mother he imagines me to be...Its quite possible that he is just being the father his father was to him and me still working on being the mother my mother was to father was like M that proves it but doesn't justify it ;)

    Hey Achu if you ever read this blog ....I wrote this when I was in the "I-want-to-blame-somebody" mood and today the victim happens to be M ...ur dad :)....all said and done he's a good guy alrite....( wow I really typed that?????...jus in case M reads this :b)

    Thursday, February 11, 2010

    School Blues

    Achu doesn't like the idea of going to school everyday. He hates school. It's not like he makes a big racket before going. He does attempt to skip school

    "Amma I think I have a sore throat"
    "Do I really HAVE to go to school"
    " innu leave annnnnnnuuuuuu" ( Today is a holiday )
    "Amma nadhakan patinillaaa...kallu vedhana" ( Amma I can't legs hurt )
    Sometimes he has a tummyache in the head and otherwise a headache in the tummy! :)

    But once he gets ready he leaves quite happily sometimes ...and more often reluctantly but submissively

    I wonder if the school we chose wasn't the right one or the teacher isn't good or achu is getting bullied by the other kids.....

    Flash back : I hated school till the 5th grade. I totally hated it. The idea of waking up early morning, homework, tests, some teachers made me dislike school. But later on when I had my gang of friends I loved the idea of being around them for close to 8 hours gossiping,passing notes,snacking,sharing lunch and cutting class by enrolling in any volunteering job that comes our way made me enjoy school.

    So I guess things will fall in place ..The Indian education system doesn't get interesting at any point of time...atleast for me that didn't happen ....I pray achu finds his gang of friends and activities the process of going to school doesn't remain a process afterall.

    Friday, January 22, 2010

    When Achu becomes Amma

    Achu loves to role play.....and this time he was me :)

    He took one of my dupattas and put it like I usually do and walked around the house.

    "Achu odheley" (achu don't run)

    " Ammeyku officeillu ponnam" ( Amma has to go to office )

    I interupt " bashe night ayilley office illelo?" ( but you don't have office at night?)

    " Idhu night duty annu"( this is night duty)

    Then he takes my phone and starts to talk

    I whine " Amma phone vekku amma" ( Amma please keep the phone )

    " Achu idhu important call annu shhhhh " ( this is an important call )

    Monday, January 11, 2010

    Intellectual Conversations

    There are so many such instances but these are the few I could recollect.....

    Achu - Am a goood boy at school
    Amma - :)
    Achu - Am a baaad boy at home
    Amma - :) why is that?
    Achu -  Because Girija miss is not at home
    Amma - :):):)

    Achu the Doc: What's your problem?
    Amma: I have a headache
    Achu: Have some water it will go away
    Achu : What's your problem
    Ammumma: My leg hurts
    Achu: have a glass of water and you'll be fine
    Achu: what's your problem
    Appuppa: I have a stomach ache
    Achu: Velam kudhichal madhi yellam povum sheriyaaaa ( drink water everything will get ok)
    Water the universal cure :)

    At a restaurant...

    Achu:  Amma veshakunnu ( am hungry )
    Me: what do you want to eat ?
    Achu: illa amma dhahikunuuuu ( no amma am thirsty)
    Me: Ok what do you want to drink?
    Achu: Thinking ......
    Me: Yedho venam? ( what do u want)
    Achu:...hmmm matedhiley?...milk ( that one??....milk )
    Amma : Yendho milk? ( what milk)
    Achu : Hmmmmm....amma flower milk venam ( I want flower milk)
    Amma: huh???!!!!!
    Achu: Adhuthaneee amma (That's what I want)...getting a bit restless and angry now...
    Amma: Yendhonu flower milk.....u want chocolate milk????
    Achu:....Illaaaaaaaaaa Flower milk thannneee venam ( No I want flower milk)....

    I scan the little brain to decipher the request...and ta-da..

    My little boy wants ROSE milk :):):):):)
    Achu : Aaaaa Thaneeeee ( Aaaa yessssss) very relived but angry and wondering why amma is so dumb

    Wednesday, January 6, 2010

    Yes, Achu is Thin. So what?

    Not that I haven't been worried before but now I am totally worried and that's why I am blogging about it...

    Achu eats normal.....
    • Breakfast - dosa / pongal / puri /egg and a glass of milk(pediasure) / lately milk with tea in it
    • Mid day snack - @school: samosa/sandwich/biscuits @home banana/puffed rice/popcorn 
    • Back from school @12.20 pm - a glass of milk( rose/chocolate/pediasure)
    • Lunch - A considerable quantity of rice with dal/rasam , veggies and fish/chicken
    • Evening - He used to wake up after his nap at 5.30pm and have a glass of milk..but nowadays.not very interested in having anything to drink
    • A few hours before dinner - sometime needs noodles or has a bite with Amma and Acha who are absolute snackers
    • Dinner - Considerable amount of rice again with rasam/dal and fish /chicken /veggie/egg
    • Before bed- If it gets too late he likes to have a glass of pediasure/milk
    Used to give him juice but because he has a permanent cold we stopped that. He's got a sweet tooth and he often likes to sink his milk teeth into
    • Mysore pak
    • Jelebi
    • Poli
    • MilkyBar
    • Diamond sweet ( Kaju Kaatli)
    • Bourbon
    • Nice Biscuits
    He is an active child. Its tuff to get him stay still for 1/2 a second.Verrryyy tuff. Unless HE wants to pose for a photo.

    • He weighs barely 15.2 kgs @ 4 .5 yrs
    • And he looks his weight
    • Doesn't need an x-ray since he is one already!
    • Clothes I bought 3yrs ago still fit him
    • Oh what do u mean he is growing tall....he is jus 109cms tall
    • Every social meet makes me creative in answering "Why Achu boy is thin"
    DOC says "It's ok. he's active" grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    When Achu was a baby he wasn't one of those the chubby lallus we find all over place. It stressed me out when ppl around me pointed it out and gave loads of advice on how to make a lallu outta achu. But then I learnt the art of nodding with a smile. Honestly it did decrease the intensity of the lessons I got...atleast from my point of view.The minute I start nodding my ears would loose stimuli :).

    He was thin but not unhealthily thin...he didn't look unhealthy in anyway.Now he does. That's what worries me.

    Maybe few years down the line I might laugh at this blog. That's the optimist in me typing.
    Or maybe I will just be copy - pasting from this blog - That's the pessimist!
    Whatever be...God Bless my Achu.....

    Monday, January 4, 2010

    Smile and I shall read

    I knew by the look on Achu's face that he didn't want me to go to Delhi. When I was ready and gave him a hug his face didn't have that smile ...that smile of excitement...that smile that said "Amma I'll be fine with Ammumma and Appuppa "....His face had " I'll miss you" all over it...Knowing his face was mirroring his heart he washed the expression off in moments and told me "Amma marakhadhey train vayinchitu vareneeee.........."(Don't forget to buy me a train)...I nodded and left half heartedly....

    We had to go to Delhi this week on an official assigment but the fog in Delhi got worse and our flight got cancelled :):)..When we got back home achu was asleep....I kissed him and gave him a hug:)

    The next morning Achu gave me the smile I wanted....The Real Smile ...of joy...of contentment....and I reciprocated right from my heart ....
    Achu: Amma yendh patti?...( what happened?)
    Me: Bad weather so the plane didn't take off
    Achu: Bigggg Smile and a huggy-buggy moment ...sighhhhh

    Later during the day we were to go to M's place and so was getting dressed
    Achu: evadhey ponnu amma ( where are u going?)
    Me: Arinjudhe? ( don't you know?)
    Achu : Najannum varinaaa ( Am I also coming?) - his face lost its initial smile beacuse he had my Delhi trip still in his tiny mind and heart and thought I was getting dressed to go to Delhi.
    Me: Monnu we are going to Achacha's house get dressed now ...fassst
    Achu: There was that smile I always crave for...yet again

    Achu...Amma loves you so much and can read your mind and heart with equal precision
    Just smile and I shall read.........