Thursday, April 28, 2011

An act to please

Achu has been given a set of 10 words for dictation scheduled today.Yesterday while we were revising....
Achu: Amma I know all of them
Me: Ok we'll see
I read out each word and he wrote them out in his rough book
He had a problem with two words ....Things and Grow
Achu: Adhu kozhapam illa Amma 2 words alley wrong avolo ( Two words going wrong is fine Amma)
Me: No Achu shouldn't you be getting all of them right? They gave you a weeks time to get ready for this.
Achu: Why?
Me: Only then you will get good marks
Achu: For what?
Me: ( ok....I have to be careful....) Well, if you get good marks you'll go to a good college and then to a great office.
Achu: I have your office to go to ....
Me: ( Hmmm....) To come to my office you need to study and go to a good college Achu
Achu: Sheri Amma then I will do well

The above conversation happened just before he left to school. When I got dressed and asked him to get into the car he rushed up the stairs and did something and came back with a very naughty smile on his face.

Me: Achu what did you do?
Achu: Nothing Amma (continues that smile)

Got back home after dropping Achu and my Amma had an explanation for the 'that' smile

Amma told me that Achu rushed into the room with a green pen. Drew a star on his hand, threw the pen in the laundry bag and rushed down.Aha! Looks like somebody is getting an act ready to please me.

Let's see what happens when he gets back home after school.....

Update: Dictation didn't happen....Achu forgot all about the star he drew...I didn't ask him either :)...Let's deal with it when it comes....Right-o?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ho Hum! Struck by Boredom

Achu's favorite phrase for the season "Amma Bore Adhikunnu" (Amma am feeling bored)
  • He goes to drawing class twice a week
  • He has already attended 2 workshops and performed on stage once
  • He has his street friends coming in on holidays 
  • He cycles
but I guess he wants to do more
What to do? Four more days and he'll be having holidays....
We don't have a planned holiday coming up
I'm thinking......Let's see lil fella
We'll fill up your holidays with things you will cherish
God Bless

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cycling is Fun

We got Achu a new cycle yesterday.The one similar to what his friend Adi has.He tried a bigger cycle first and then settled for this one after a little test drive in the shop.

He didn't want the air horn and wanted it changed to the normal bell."Amma, shop uncle said he would change it for free" he said.
We put the new asset in the Dickey and reached home at 8.30pm. Achu wanted to cycle immediately so he put the cycle in the house and drove around the dining table for awhile.

Today the first thing he did when he got up was to rush downstairs to check his new possession. The summer sun is not gonna keep him away from cycling down the lane. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dance Baby Dance

Achu's latest obsession.....D A N C E....:)
For a person who loves to watch and perform,I was more than happy when I knew my son had inherited this trait from me.

His jigs range from athletic exercise like moves to break dance-ish steps and a slight shammi head shake that culminates in a hip or bum shake. Its fun to watch him because he is so happy when he is at it.

It all began long back at his play school where he first performed for the hindi song 'Desi girl'.While the other kids were doing their thing and getting distracted Achu was attentively following the teacher. I thought he would love to join a dance class but I guess he was too young. He refused to be put in a class.

Everytime there was a dance show or a movie song on TV Achu would have his eyes fixed to the screen. Oh! Ok am exaggerating and slightly lying ....those were my eyes :)....Achu would be in the background cursing me for not letting him watch his Mr.Bean. But I did find him casually looking at the dance and tapping his feet or snapping his fingers.I did.

Last month there was a little camp next to our house. A 7 day camp. I sent him and he went! They had a stage show.Achu danced with bigger kids and loved it to the core. After the show he came upto me with a big grin and said "Amma yenniku idhupola pinniyum cheyanam" (Amma I want to do this again ).

I am hoping to send Achu to a dance school this June.


Monday, April 11, 2011


Me: (looking at my marriage reception photo) "Yeppadhi irundha naan ippadhi ayiten" ( A tamil comedian Vivek's famous dialogue that goes "How good I was before and now look what has happened to me")
Achu: (pointing to my tummy) "Ippadhi irundha naan ippadhi (pointing to himself) ayiten" ( Look how I was before and now look what has happened to me)

A lesson on Living and Non-living things

Me: watch
Achu: Non-living
Me: boy
Achu: Living

Me: brick
Achu: Non-living
Me: Tree
Achu: Living
Me: Bag
Achu: Non-living
Achu: Living
Me: Apple
Achu: Living before you pluck it then non-living
Me: That's deep!

Later on when I took him his dinner of rice and fish fry.
You guessed it. He pointed out at the fish and said "Living in water and now non-living thing"

My SIL is having her second kid in June.We met her recently with her big tummy.
Achu: Amma why is Apatchi at Atchamma's house?
Me: She is going to have a baby that's why...
Achu: But Appu is so small then how come she has a baby already ( Appu is 4 and a half )
Me: That doesn't matter da....Didn't you see her's big
Achu: Amma your tummy is also big
Me: errr....( gym round the corner here I come...)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My lil angel is in First Grade :)

He's got

  • new set of books (lots of them): All neatly covered by M, labeled by Achu and named by Amma
  • new uniforms:White and white for sports plus checked shirt with grey shorts for the rest of the week
  • new shoes are on the pipeline: The school is yet to decide whether its gonna be Addidas, plain white canvas or his normal brown sandal.
  • a new class room: In the primary block now. I loved his KG block. It had a very homely ambiance.
  • a new teacher: I loved her attitude when she spoke to a parent who was worried on how her daughter was on the first day of school(!!!!) " They are children ,treat them like that and give them some time". Achu likes her too.
  • new Carzzz Bag , snack box lunch box and tuperware water bottle.We are managing with the old snack box until the 'real' opening day. 
  • new friends: Oh yes they shuffle them up. The sad part is that Achu will be missing his best buddies. But the good part is that he will get to know the whole group when he reaches a higher grade. For the true cancerian he is , he will take a looong time before he gets to be friends with the new lot.
  • new timings: From the lazy 8.45 am to early 7.45 am. Achu used to be back from school for lunch at 12.30pm but now its going to be little lunch at school and then back home for the original lunch at 2.30pm
  • new activities: more friends around the house, more playtime in the sun, more homework, more adventures at camps , more drawing classes, more dance and drama.
  • new attitude: more tantrums, more huggy buggy and lately slightly clingy ( maybe I am not spending enough time with the fella) MORE FUN
God Bless You :)