Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Super Six Splash

We had a Pool party for Achu’s 6th birthday

The Pool Zone 
  • 2 six feet pools
  • 4 beach balls
  • 4 sponges
  • 20 plus water balloons
  • 5-6 water pistols
  • 20-30 naughty kids :)

The Drool Zone
  • Veg Sandwiches
  • Wafers
  • Chips
  • Fruit Salad
  • Small Samosas
  • Badam and Rose Milk
  • Nannari Sherbet
  • Sweets
  • Cake
The kids started coming in one by one. It was cute to start with. Then slowing things started getting out of control…in a very cute way though. I had planned for a few water games but neither did I have the time nor did the kids want to play. They were very happy being in the pool. So into the pool went the sponge, guns, water balloons and all.

While the kids had absolute fun the moms watched over. Some in deep thought and the others voiced out their fears of the anticipated flu.

I thought it would be a task to get the kids out of the pool so after one hour in the pool I started picking kids and handing them over to the moms to change their clothes. It worked. The kids came out and in half an hour they were all dressed for the party. Achu cut his super Six pool cake – A 3 kg black forest cake with the best ever rejuvenated choir performing the happy birthday song.

The kids had their fill and then started running around the house chasing each other. There was total chaos while the mothers were busy having their chat sessions. It went on like this until the guests both big and small left quite reluctantly.

The return gifts were denim caps and whistles. The kids checked their gifts before they left the party. So it was one squeaky ending afterall.  

  • The games didn’t happen
  • The paper plates went missing
  • Ran out of chips
Achu and the rest of the family had loads of fun. Am sure the kids had total fun. The moms must have been overwhelmed by the confusion and unorganized fun but finally they all agreed they were happy watching the kids have their dose of uncontrolled bliss 

We were all totally tired after the party and vowed to get things a bit more in order the next time round.Good we had a  lot of help around cause we had a lot of cleaning up to do……..
 God Bless You Achu…..and the rest of your gang :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crazy about Carz 2

We finally took Achu to the movies
His favorite movie.....Cars 2

Back from school Achu had a bath and was having his lunch. He has this habit of running away from food when he is partially full. So I told him " Achu I have a surprise for you after your meal. So go and finish up your meal boy" . The boy rushed, gobbled up his lunch and rushed towards me. He thought it was for a sweet treat.

I whispered into his ears " We got tickets for Cars". He gave out a slight smile and then flared up. Oh! That's his way of emoting happiness. He didn't want to show he was excited and glad. Men start so young at this don't they???;b

The show was at 4.45pm. It was 3.30pm when I broke the news. He started whining that he had to get to the theater immediately....which translates to.... .NOW....the whine went on until I told him to get dressed. Beaming he went and changed and rushed back to us.

We were smothered with wet kisses all over. Appuppa took advantages of the situation and requested for a dozen of kisses and hugs which were planted with professional expertise.

We reached the theater got to our seats and then Achu's gaze was fixed to the screen. The oversized 3D glasses didn't bother him. He was one of them...The CARS....While we joked and ate our hearts out Achu's attention span reached amazing heights..He was quiet annoyed at how distracted we all were!!!!! Excuse me mister what about the role change that happens when you do HW huh?!

I fed him a wee bitta black forest cake and some coffee after the break. Halfway through he did get angry when it was interval time. He kept asking me why they HAVE to have a break....hah!

The movie was top class. I loved it too. Tow Mater stole the show. A lovable character. The story revolves around the fight between sports cars and ordinary cars with a couple of races thrown in at Japan,Paris and London. Excellent animation.

Achu was sad when the movie was over. I have promised to take him once M gets back. Wouldn't mind seeing it once more with some chicken sandwiches, iced tea,popcorn and black forest to go with it ;b

Achu is thrilled to have Cars on his bag ,lunch bag, snack and lunch box and pencil sharpener.The list is bound to increase on our next sessions of shopping.

Planning to get him the first part of Cars on CD.  

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

All Day I dream about Sports

Adolf  Dassler wouldn't have had the slightest hint that his creation would reach this little place in the world.:)

Achu's school has decided to have all their kids wear ADIDAS shoes!!!!
The black shoes costs Rs.1090.
Looks Kewl.
No more polishing :):):)
Achu is learning the art of tying the lace.
What happens when his feet grow ?????
A new shoe for every term????
That would pinch some pockets.....