Monday, December 28, 2009

The Digestive Theory

One night during the routine 'su-su' session:

We have a mixie inside
When we eat the food goes into the mixie and goes round and round and then we have 'motion'
When we drink water there is a yellow mug inside that pours the water into the mixie and we have 'yellow su-su'
When we drink lotsa water there is another mug which pours water into the mixie and we have 'white su-su'

And a wee bitta maths in science to make things more interesting

Su-su is equal to one
Motion is equal to not the usual two

Hear all ye docs...this is Achu's Digestive Theory

Update : When Achu had a tummy ache

As we grow taller the mugs we have increase in number....So Amma has more mugs than Achu ...Each mug has one color.... Now all the colors are in the mixie that's why Achu's having a tummy ache

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Mummy Crime

My blogs on Achu missed a few weeks...but his antics never miss a moment to surface. Achu is enjoying his xmas vacation right now.

I pity the boy since he is pretty much bored up with his routine life . Want to bring in some difference in his life. Everyday. Must do something about it. He is having such a like-me childhood in a not so like-what-I-had environment. In my days there wasn't anything happening for kids all around us and so close so I at four had to be comfortable playing with my dolls ,chalk, cycle and Amma. But my little fella is doing just that when he has a dance class happening 2 streets to the right, a painting class happening 2 streets to the left , a circus in town, winter workshops N-S-E-W....Now isn't this a mummy crime???????:(

Itchichi Amma
Must do something.......

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Being Four and Achu

@ 4 Achu
  • plays with his 100+ collection of cars
  • is a teacher to his set of stuffed friends
  • makes tea and loves to cook
  • drives his car and obeys rules!!!
  • Loves a sumo/scorpio and hates the inova cause I like it cause he hates it ;b ..we have "spot and count the favorite car game" every time we travel
  • paints monsters, spider plus spiderweb, robotic butterflies,whales, sun and of course cars
  • loves to mush clay....I get him one color at a time or by the end of the game he makes  one big rainbow lump outta all the lovely colors
  • loves water games 
  • has bumps and bruises all over him
  • loves to travel 
  • enjoys eating cakes,nice & burbon biscuits,dates,noodles,fish and chicken ( the little he eats on his own)
  • is ok with egg,dosa,rice bread and veggies (I have to feed)
  • doesn't want to try any other Indian breakfast
  • has started experimenting food from/at hotels 
  • hates to get in to have a bath and hates to get out after a bath!!!!
  • is a professional bubble maker
  • watches Mr.Bean, Pink Panther, Baby Looney toons and the likes
  • Sings tamil film songs, bhajans and rhymes  with his own lyrics  
  • dances and has his own style
  • is handymanny in disguise
  • has a piggy bank 
  • Jumps on the bed
  • is a wonderful photographer
  • and an equally wonderful poser
  • has a love-hate relationship with school
  • hates to say he has friends ..especially shy about the girlfriends he has
  • is in awe of one of his cousin sisters who is much older than him
  • leaves his cup in the sink
  • is very understanding only if he is in a good mood ( he shouldn't be hungry or sleepy that is :b) 
  • says thank u ,welcome,sorry and please only to the very few elite ppl at home...outside he is still pretty much an introvert...he gets me to do all the talking
  • loves to play boy games with M and sometimes with poor me
  • answers the phone and sometimes asks me to call certain ppl he likes
  • helps out in cleaning up HIS mess ONLY if we help him at the job
  • Has a bad temper :( 
  • Still uses the word itchichi
  • loves to hug and kiss :):):)
  • is a good boy :D

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Innocently Wise

Achu was playing his rough boy games with me and I was losing the very little patience I have.....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Me: Achu Stop it now ( in a stern voice)
Achu was jumping all over me and my poor Acha and Amma were 'requesting' my son to let me go
Usually when am in one of those rare good moods I tickle out of the situation but this time I was dirty, tired...and most importantly HUNGRY

Me: Achuuuuuu....go njan ponnu e roomilirunu....( Am going outta this room)....and I slowly got up and went away to another room....

Amma: Achu amma deivam annu da...shouldn't stamp or hit God (Achu amma is God)
Achu: adhu yennganey! ( howzzat!)
Amma: haven't u heard Matha, Pitha, Guru  Deivam.....So Amma is God....even Your Girija Miss is God...She is your Guru...understand?
Achu thought for a while then he started climbing on Amma and Acha who was a silent spectatur to the whole show....
Amma: Ayyoooo idhu yedhoannu kutta ( What is this)
Achu : (Triumphantly) ...Adhilu ammumma yium appupanum illeloooooo ( the list doesn't include ammumma and appupa)
Amma : !!!!!!!!

Then I entered to save my parents and said
Me: Achu stop it da...dha nokku God Vannirikunnu ( see God has come )...and I struck a devi pose :):):)
Achu: Ohhh idhu Amma allleyyy ( Oh you are jus Amma)
Achu: I know God is inside ALL of us......
Now that's really deep
----end of story----

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Grey Matters

After lunch Achu darling was taking the role of spiderman cleaning the sofa ...we have celebrities doing it for us :)..jumping from one seat to another with no special effects mind u....except for the viewers missing a beat now and then...sigh!

And we begin...
Me: Achu what do we do with our brains?
Achu: almost instantly ...think think think....tiger parayuley(doesn't the tiger say that)
Me: :):):):):) (Pleased with the answer and the 'information' derived from the cartoon Winnie the pooh)

Science lesson for the day - Done:D

Friday, November 20, 2009

Ah! The Charmer

Amma wasn't in town for a couple of days so was handling ALOT of things (The worlds best Manager happens to be my mom)...Achu loves to have his fish and chicken....The first thing he scans for on his platter is for the high protien / omega-3 fatty acid food. So I have to pick up some NV when I go get him from school...go home and cook it for him for lunch....

Today I did just that...fried a piece of fish and placed it on his plate
when he came in for lunch...
Achu: sniff sniff...hmmmmmmmmmmm yummy
Me : endha da ( what da?)
Achu: Fichhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :):):):)
Me: yessssssssss :):):)
Achu : (started eating the fish and rice with so much ethusiasum)
Suddenly he stopped looked at me and
Achu: Thank you amma for the fich...(in a sing-a-song-way) sooooperarikunnu
Me: Awwwwww kutttaa ur welcome
And the rest if u have already guessed (((huggy-buggy))) :D

Friday, November 13, 2009

Yup! The bedroom my Playground

Achu loves his ammumma's and appupa's bedroom a lot...why?
  • There are zillions of lil tit bits he can get his hands on ...all he needs to do is make a :( face
  • The cordless phone...which visits the doc almost every week
  • The visiting card stack...very boring but doesn't fail to excite him every time
  • The side drawers filled a red and green bag pen's, pegs & pencils  ( in all levels of utility rated 0 to10...0 unusable 10 in the process of becoming unusable), punching machine ( I know he had a go at it if I find millions of multicolured dots all over the room when I get back ...and achu screams...amma dots kandhaaaa ...amma saw the dots...), stapler, gum ( most of the magazines in the room have all the pages randomly either stapled or stuck)
  • The cloth stand that functions as a tent or climbing bar and when he wants to irritate appupa...he pulls down all of appupa's clothes on it and runs for his life...yeah all he gets when he is caught is a huggy-buggy moment
  • The mirror - Achu loves to talk in front of the mirror...sometimes feel he will be a good actor...all the 10 - navarasas... yeah 10 there is this face that only achu can make...can't name the expression hehehehe
  • The powder cans - He loves to put the powder all around the place....on the mirror, dressing table, floor, in the piggy bank, on me grrrrrr
  • A mat - He loves to put the mat on the floor take his pillow and lie down ..that's pretty ok....then he asks me to roll him in it and then stands up....and falls...stands up...and falls...stands up and ...u know what
  • A cupboard full of  stuff ranging from unwanted gifts got to old photos
  • A fridge - he investigates the contents and fishes out a snack or jus opens it cause 'coolakinnu' (its cool)
  • The TV - He loves to watch his takeshi's , mr.bean, bheeeeem and the like and wonders why we don't have a TV in our bedroom
  • The bathroom - At intrevals I have to drag him to the bathroom and itchitchi amma moment that is. Ammamma gives him his bedtime bath which he loves and gets both of them totally wet
  • THE BED - Whew!....Wonder if all children crossing 4 jump on the bed....he LOVES to jump...and all the three of us ( appuppa, ammumma and me) shriek & scream and pray he lands safely on the bed....It doesn't take much time for a 15kg mass to flop on the floor...the saga continues....far from heroic I guess

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why it Rains yet again???

After Achu's explanation on why it rained and why it stopped ...we had light showers day before we offed the lights and laid our heavy heads on the pillow.....
Achu tapping his chin and frowning with wonder....
Amma: Yendho da ( What the prob?)
Achu: Yendho amma idhu Why is God sending more rains now??????? Clean cheydhileyyyy pinne pinniyum pinniyum mazha varunu ( its already cleaned then why the rains again)
Amma  smiling : Achamma veetilola well yellam fiill avan vendiannu ( To fill the well in achaammas house )
Achu: yedhonu???( what?)
Amma Sigh: Water falls from the sky and seeps into the ground and the water goes into the well...
Achu : Ohhhhh...still wondering ...and ready to shoot the next question
Amma (Quickly): sheri oranju monuuu nalla school ondu ( ok sleep son u have school tomo)

Not that I don't like explaining but it was 11.00pm and didn't want the usual episode to repeat :b

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why does it Rain?

Today it rained in chennai...finally.....:)
Achu and I were all dressed to go to school
He was excited it was raining
And he started his story
Achu:" Amma God mazha clean cheyanannu annu ayikunadhu" (God sends the rain to clean)
Me: " yendhonu clean cheyan" (To clean what)
Achu: " 1.Car 2. Tree 3.House 4.Road
Me: Oh Ho
Later during the day...the rain stopped and I was taking achu to the park and I took the umbrella and
Achu: "Inni Mazha illa amma" ( no more rains)
Me: "yendha achu" (Why)
Achu: " God clean cheyudhu kazhinju....God vellam waste cheyula" ( God has cleaned everything...he won't waste water)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Boys at the car park

M and Achu waiting in the car for amma to get back from Spencers daily where she shops everyweek...They know it takes ages so they have their boy games ( sheeesh....) jus then.....

( They relax the front car seats and lie down ...)

Achu: Acha nokku acha scorpio ponnu ( look there goes a scorpio)
M: hmmmmm ( closing his eyes)
Achu: acha ayooooo nokku Xylo full speedilu ponnu ( look a xylo speeding)
M: hmm ( still very much uninterested)
Achu: Achaaaa avadhe nokku honda city ponnu ( look theres a honda city)
M: hm
Achu : Acha avadhey nokku two chechi ponnu
M: (Immediately raises his head and looks out of the window ) evidey kutta??? ( where??)
Achu : Ohooo.. ippo matharam nokum alle acha..( oh so now u know to look huh?)
M: (Stunned and shocked at achu baby's approach)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When Holidays strike....and vanish

Achu has started his pooja holidays and am gonna plan out a whole week of activities. Let's see. am busy at office this week but i really want to take him out somewhere everyday. No....Swine flu is not going to deter /defer my plans.

September 22 - Achu joined me at office and I drove him to the closest Marry Brown and he enjoyed riding the car, the engine ...didn't wanna ride the horse and then had his fav fries. Then we went back home.

September 23 - Took him to 'Achaacha house' . He will spend the whole day in total freedom.Its the Never-No land. He gets to do whatever he wants. Gets to eat whatever he wants. Gets to be whatever he wants. what more. It was independence day today ......

And then the whole week jus disappeared with me in office and lil achu at home ...though we did have tiny unplanned outings

Achu came to our office for pooja and had a blast...with all the sweets and chocolates....with a litlle more than 30 ppl at office it was only my lil boy who told me the rangoli I did was good...I love u achu :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ZZZZZ! Winkie's partner or what!

Why do young brats have such irregular sleeping patterns???? does their system work so efficiently with so little rest???? If there be a medical explanation jus forget it...I don't wanna know 'cause I live with a 4 year old and I would like it if he jus follows our pattern....

Getting Achu to sleep is like tring to get M to appreciate never happen and when it does happen you don't realise it!!!

Take for instance yesterday. We reached our lil home a bit early and so I skipped watching the bit of TV I watch (while M was reading his fav mags plus watching TV plus expressing concern over achu's sleeping schedule and why 'I' couldn't put him to sleep early...baahhhhhhh) and asked achu to get ready to sleep( at 9.30pm)....

Which means
- Piss
- Brush teeth ( which doesn't it doesn't)
- Wash hands and legs
- Put on Pyjamas
- take fav toy/book/torch
- head to the bedroom

This takes a decent 30 minutes max....with screams reaching decibels unheard of  from all sides in equal it took 20 minutes ...:)

He enters the room , flops in bed with a Prevention magzine and the contents page had a big round bindi on the C....then.....
Achu: " Amma idhu yendhonu" ( what is this )
He wanted me to read content with the bindi on 'C'
Me: O-ontent
now he placed the bindi on 'O'
Achu:"Ippo" (Now)
Me:" COntent"
Jus when I started liking the 'quality' time I was spending with my lil one...achu got distracted and placed the bindi on a ommmphhhh model and smiles....
Achu: " Amma oru kariyam ondu" ( one thing to say )
Me: " Tell me"
Achu: " Ethara nall ayi pink panther kandhitu" ( Its been days since we watched Pink Panther)
Me: " Thanney achu. we will get somebody to repair ammamma's computer and you can watch"
he nods and smiles
Achu: " amma inni oru kariyam ondu" ( another thing )
Me: " hmmmm"
Achu: " naala school ondha ma?" ( do we have school tomo?)
Me: " yes"
a wee bit of sulking Achu: " Itchichi Amma"
Achu: "kallu perathu itota?"( can I put my leg on u?)
Me: "Sheri Da"
Achu: "Thank you amma"
Me:"Welcome Achu....."
Awww that's a huggy-buggy note
Amma and Achu hug and kiss...
Achu: " Amma....."
Me: "Achu sleep monuuuuu"
Achu:" oru kariyam "(one thing)....not again sigh
Me:"Last ..parre" (tell)
Achu:"Nalla mosquito bat vayinkanam" ( tomo we have to buy a mosquito bat)
Me: "Sheri"
Achu:"Amma Girija miss nalla miss annu"(teacher is nice)
Curious Me: "Yendhu monuu"(why)
Achu:" Miss Good boys inna adhikula bad boys inna matharam adhikum"( she hits only the bad boys not the good boys)
Me: "!!!!!!!!!...ok sleep"
Achu :" Amma....nalla morning ayal pal tharanam ok amma?"( when its morn give me milk)
Me: "hmmmm"
Achu :"Itchi-chi Amma podhapu" (want a sheet to cover)
Me puts the sheet over achu
Achu:"Acha yepazhum book um TV thane...yethara late avanu nokku"(Acha is always with books and TV...see how late he is getting)
Me: I don't answer ....jus to see if my silence will aid sleep
Achu:"Amma pohapu vendha amma" ( don't want the sheet )
Me pulls the sheet away...silently
Achu: "Amma innoru pottu venam amma"(want another bindi)...remember the round bindi he was fidgiting with it all through this episode....
Me:" sheri poi edhitho"(ok go and take)...prevention of rise in BP and a few more Itchi-chis is better than curing it they say...and so he had his way....
Achu slides thru the door , gets a little suprised scream from M and rushes back with the second bindi
Achu: "Amma 2 bindis"
a biggg smile I witness thru my eyes which were very much loosing the power to stay open
Me doesn't answer but does offer a slight smile like gesture
Achu is happy with that
The symptoms of M's entry started with little 'bangs' and 'splash' outside...door locking cermony and a visit to the loo
Achu:"Acha varinoo innu thonunnu" (I think acha is coming)
Me has stopped answering completely....
M comes in and sets his phone to charge and grabs his lil sonny ...a few hugs, kisses, questions on not sleeping and boy games follow....
(Reserve their conversation which I evesdropped for another day)
Then Its Acha's turn to get angry and ask achu to sleep and get silent...
Achu:" Amma yenniku podheykanam" ( I want the sheet to cover)
Me Rolls over and puts the sheet on him and gives him a look....
Achu shoots an angelic smile
Me whispers:"Love u achu...sweet dreams"
Achu whispers back:"Love u amma...weet deams"
hugs and kisses follow as usual
After a few turns and giggles it all settles down at 11.45pm......

Wee Willy Winkie  are you extinct or do u have a partner at work or what?????

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Duh! We have a Winner ?!

Today Achu came back from school with a Gold Medal.

Me " Wooow what did u win that for ????"
Achu " For sportsday"
Me "!!!!!!!!"

Me "But Achu didn't go to school on sports day. Remember achu you were sick "
Achu "Itchi-chi Amma.....but I won Amma" ( A 70 mm smile that makes me forget where we started....)
Me" Ok great a huggy-buggy moment this is"
((((((achu & amma)))))

I still don't know if Achu won that or his sweet school gave out medals to all the kids in class....must find out at the next PTA meet.

This was his second sports day in life ...while the first at his play school saw achu, all of 2 and something years, stand still and gaze at his mom while the other kids ran towards the finish.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ehhh! The Itchi - chi Brand

"Itchi-chi Amma" he screams when he is upset. I guess I taught him the word that was meant to only refer to things which were dirty. Don't know when he exactly started terming anything bad as Itchi-chi. Today any disapproving remark he hears from anybody in his world he prefixes the 'I' word to it......

Gets his mid day drink 2 seconds later -  "Itchi-chi Ammamma"
Doesn't get his zillionth car into his collection - "Itchi-chi Appuppa"
Channel changed from POGO/Disney  to sports/news -"Itchi-chi Acha"
Haven't been transported from bed to sofa in the morning - "Itchi-chi Amma"
Give a smile when he trips - "Itchi-chi XXXX"

Anything under the sun which qualifies 0.00000001% disturbing will be termed "Itchi-chi"

The number of  "Itchi-chis" he uses per day would be more than 10 times the ones in this page.
May be its a passing phase. May be.  So maybe when the word jus vanishes from his vocab we wouldn't even know.....Initially it was embarssing but now the word has become silent !!!...Barely even notice its occurence...Its like "who are u?" "oh am Achu's Itchichi amma...."

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Aha! The Inventive Vocalist

Achu has picked up a few bhajans at school and he keeps singing them always I mean ....always...yeah that's what I mean....he keeps repeating the lil he knows over and over again and what he doesn't know he puts in his own words....that's when the serious bhajan becomes a comedy....

"Om jai jagadheesha VARRREEEE".
"Ganesha sharanam sharanam ganesha..bam bam bola bam abam bolaaa reee...neelakandha neelakhanda reee...swami kandha swami kandha reee...."

Another of his all time favorites is our poor national anthem....but must admit he's good at it...he started of really young ....Used the anthem as a lullaby ...yeah patriotism to the core...jai hind!

Now he loves "nanha munna rahi hoon desh ka sipahi hoon bolo mere sang jai hind jai hind" ..and ragupathy raghava raja ram "..hmmm a fit candidate for the 2023 elections in the making....

Monday, September 7, 2009

Yeah! From Tummy to Heart

My dear achu fell sick ...and what I felt was a state of unexplainable helplessness...have posted it in my personal blog right here.

It is me who kept telling moms to stay detached from your kids so that you don't feel the pain when they have to leave you...they have to go so make it easy for them and yourself ....but the day achu fell sick I knew I was no less a attached specimen then all the zillions of moms out there...God it hurt....My mind kept telling my heart it was gonna be fine...but my heart refused to pain less...and infected my mind as panic followed ...then it took nothing less than a "Achu is fine" day to get me back to being the normal "detached " mom I claimed to be...

It must be tough to let go of a being that lived in you literally ...yes they are sure out of your tummy but they can never move out of your heart can they....???

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cheers! To the Spicy Singer

Achu has this thingy for songs...he loves to sing....I noticed that long time ago but its getting more evident day by day.....Like for instance he has started liking school because they teach him songs and bhajans.One day he came back sing
"Good morning , hope ur well today....Sun is shining kies are blue...fabersense are full of u....Goodmorning , hope ur well todayyyyyyy"

Now what was that????!!!!!...I wondered...we could only wonder ...I asked him to repeat and it didn't get any better....

At his PTA meet we asked his teacher if we could have the text for all the songs he is taught....Girija miss  told us that we would get a copy of the book soon....until then Sun is shining kies are blue...fabersense are full of u.

Yesterday was the day of realisation.....we got the text....and the truth unfolded....a moment to smile had arrived ....the song read

Good morning , hope ur well today....Sun is shining SKIES are blue...FLOWER BLOSSOMS ARE FULL OF DEW....Goodmorning , hope ur well todayyyyyyy

hehehehehehe.....I gave achu a big hug....the umpteenth one for the day...'cause hugging achu is a event that occurs almost always when am around him or hez around me.....he's my huggy-buggy , my bujji-vujji ....

My Achu can spice up any song without even realising he did:D....that's true talent babe...


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tut! Make way for Excited Noddy

Well I did take a break for awhile...lotsa things happened at home and at school... will try to blog more often....At achu's playschool there was a special day when he had to go as a cartoon options were quite restricted to one!!!! Noddy of course ...the lovable lil wooden boy who can't stop nodding when he is happy...Why Noddy u ask me...
  • Achu loves him ....need another reason ???!
  • He has a C-A-R....for Achu that's ultimatum:)
  • Achu enjoys the "Make way for Noddy song"
So now how to create my lil Noddy
  • Browsed Noddy website for the exact look
  • Bought some chart paper, blue cloth, golden paper(for the hat)- some red cloth(for the shoes), some yellow cloth (for the scarf)
  • Dug into my I-need-u-always collection (termed'junk' by my dearest mom) for some glue, red poster colour, black lace and into my son's wardrobe for a full sleeve red T and blue shorts
  • painted the scarf with lil red dots left it to dry, made a bell out of the gold paper(tripped over the method of making a ball outta paper jus a couple of days before the need arouse..lucky me huh)...struggled to make a cone with the chart paper which was later perfected by dada dear...stuck blue cloth on it...a stable here and there and the hat was were jus blue cloth wrapped up in string over his saddles
  • On D day , Manoj and I dressed Achu up..with rosy cheeks ....some curls on the forhead .....achu the darling he is ..stood thru all the sessions patiently and totally happy to be who he was to be... Noddy:D
  • What about noddy's car????...well my friend poori gifted achu a car called 'Dreamer' when she visited us sometime ago and that fit the bill...perfectttto....
Tut-Tut! Make way for Noddy