Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spell Well

Achu has learnt to spell the numbers one to ten...but he hates seven and eight ...he always skips spelling out these 2 numbers

Drop in and u will find him singing and spelling out the numbers....his pastime for the season...errr week...errr day... :)

Remember he loves numbers.....

Today morning he came up to me and said ...Amma I know how to spell eleven and twelve...

Impressed my son has learnt more than what he is taught at school !!!!!

I ask him " Tell me , Tell me Achu "

Achu darling sings aloud " O-n-e O-n-e  Eleven "...."O-n-e T-w-o Twelve"

Me...!!!!!!!! and then it was huggy-buggy time

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Achu @ FIVE

  • is a bundle of joyful crimes..a few giving you temporary fits and one or two making you giggle like him
  • loves to try to read and knows the alphabets and the 2 letter words....
  • has an inclination towards numbers....
  • often gets confused with i , l and I
  • still adores cars, knows every car by the symbol,bumper,lights or any part of it and makes sure he gets one every week!!!!!!
  • hates Dr.Dolly ( he calls her Dr. Polly after the rhyme "Polly had a dolly who was sick sick sick" ) who gave him his tetanus shot when he hurt his finger
  • hates action movies and cries when he sees violence
  • loves jelebis,ladoos,chocalates,lollipops,french fries, cream soups, fried rice,noodles,biriyani, egg in any form,chapathis,chicken and fish..and has a liking for the paneer butter masala or butter chicken gravy
  • is still skinny and underweight at 16.5 kgs ( his doc told me after constant questioning)
  • has shifted from pediasure to boost and sometimes wants vanilla milk...juices have always been in his list.
  • has a scary temper that nearly shooed his chechi away  

  • is still a Mr.Bean fan and wants to meet him someday...but has graduated to other decent stuff 
  • does not have his afternoon nap anymore....if he is tired/terribly bored and we get lucky he has his nap
  • loves to do his activity book but hates homework....both having the same activities!!!!!!!
  • writes on the blackboard and on the floors of the car shed
  • mentioned more names of classmates...sanjay ,megha gupta(which was initially pronounced 'kutha'..giggle giggle),ashish khanna, shahus, harish, lara,kia,nithilamani,lohit.......
  • loves his teacher Sudha Miss
  • enjoys boy games with acha and his mamas ..and tries out the same with amma
  • plays with mobile phones,cameras,boxes, sticks, spoons, thermocol sheets,grass ,flowers,ropes,ribbons...and barely with toys..except for his cars
  • makes road formations EVERY single day
  • cries oh-so-often
  • hugs and kisses when you need it the most and when you don't :)
  • talks, talks and talks.......
  • questions, questions and questions.....
  • never answers to your questions...might get a distant reply after repeated questioning
  • is an inventor everyday......a song, a gadget or a word..the list neverending
  • likes surya and mimics his hairstyle
  • still a water boy

  • good kid to travel with in any mode of transportation ....(sometimes complains of ear pain on flights)
  • doesn't want to leave the itchichi word :)
  • can draw and paint cars, houses,roads,night sky,clouds,rainbow and all his inventions
  • won't keep his toys back after play
  • doesn't like to be ordered..(who does ???)...give him a hug prefixed by a 'please' and you get it immediately...
  • rushes up and down the stairs like wind (scary but true)
  • hurts himself too often....has his normal colds and on vitamins
  • hates to have a bath and brush his teeth  
  • loves to stay in his bath once he is in!!!!!
  • is considerate and loving
  • loves nature and every creepy crawly thing it contains
  • is TOTALLY HUGGY-BUGGY material :D

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Meet the teacher

The first parents teachers meet at school after achu started UKG. We waited for almost an hour before we were called in.

"Ohhhh Achu....he should be an actor" said the teacher
He shoots so many expressions in a micro second"....thanks to Mr.Bean ( No I didn't mention he watches the runs and the reruns religiously)

"Here's what I observed about achu .He is a silent and shy boy...who doesn't mingle with other kids...but has lately become very naughty and annoys other kids to get their attention....."

"So do both of you spend time with him" - I nod ...don't know what M did

"you are not spending enough time with is not you know the letter formations to teach him?....this is the syllabus...teach him...sit with him"

I keep nodding

"Its not the father ...he might not have the time ...YOU the mother has to be with him"....(THIS is where I went GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I could sense M giving a smirk behind my back.......but didn't open my mouth....does the father have only one responsibility and that is to sow the seed????....)

I bear up with rest of the talk with a smiley stuck to my face....but what's running behind my mind is still could she tell me I had to be MORE responsible for my child than the father.....HOW and WHY ....I do everything M does and more...but still its the mother that is pulled up....

But all said and done....I am going to spend more time with achu...not because the teacher said or not because I am guilty...its because I want to and I am sure it will make a difference....

Updated later : In the grrr mood I forgot to tell you that the teacher mentioned that achu was very intelligent and imaginative....:D

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rice up ...Healthy, Wealthy and Vice

Achu: Amma listen " early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy( shows his skinny hands) wealthy( an animated snap with his fingers) and wise ( tapping his head)...

Achu: Rise thininna rice alla ammma...adu wake up annu(Rise is not the rice we eat it is to wake up)

Achu: Amma we have a Wise(tapping his head again)- Principal

Me: Hehehehehe Kutta adhu vere Vice annudha ( that is another wise ).Vice Principal means smaller than principal sheriya ? vere spelling annu adhu ( that is a different spelling)

My vice son has learnt the benefits of ricing early :)