Thursday, October 14, 2010

When duty calls....

Things you will need :
A4 size papers- 7-10 ( depending upon the reach and grip )
Pens - 3-5 ( as many found around with or without owners/cap/ink )
Punching machine - 1 or 2 (depending upon availability and tact )
Stapler - 1 or none ( to avoid any mom-osurus groans )
Scissors - don't even think about it ( to avoid mom-osurus Growls!)
Covers - 2 or more ( depending upon the purpose of venture )
Miscellaneous tits and bits - why do you need a number always?!

What happens next :
Fast actions.Reactions.Action replays.

Running about eastwards,northwards,southwards and westwards...backwards and forwards..upwards and all directions and intersections possible
A background score that would make ARR spend on music research..lyrics best left untold.
Fidgeting with other 'things' in no particular order....the phone, the blinds, the cupboards, the keyboards, the files, the mug in the bathroom, the staff, the doors,the mother, the father , the grandfather...
- Punching holes on paper,
- emptying all the punching machines available for white dots
- Stapling pages (frowns and grrrs in the background),
- labeling covers
- tagging the stapler,punched paper,door handle that came off when trying to swing on it and a paper clip together
- walking on all fours around office with each of his hands in white covers ( you must have heard of a wild imagination but this is wild reality!)
- the heard, seen ,unheard and unseen.....

Required Interval :
One cup of tea with an extra cup to cool it and a table to spill 1/4th of the content...accompanied by cake or biscuits ( or whatever crap momosarus has in store)

Forced Interval :
Urination is the irritable process that interrupts every inventor/genius from conducting the most important experiments of his life and this interruption is facilitated by certain biological bonds (mostly the momosurus)   

What remains!
A few unidentifiable covers with identifiable dots
punctured papers
inventions that may remain unnamed forever

And then an announcement to sum up the day.....
"Amma let's go home am tired after a long day at office!"
You should be Achu....
You should be ( full stop)

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Guilt returns...

Its holiday time for achu
Its that time when achu boy is free for a whole week
No school
No homework
No worries

For amma
Its guilt time
Its crime time
When lil Achu is doing nothing
while he could
...visit the zoo or a playzone or museum
...have a exciting trip outside city
...learn something fun
He happy with himself for company....whatelse could he do!
...plays with boxes, twigs and paper
...climbs up and down the stairs !!!!
...runs around the garden

Maybe he is having fun
Maybe he is fine

But...Amma knows he can do so many other things
he doesn't..........sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh