Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why it Rains yet again???

After Achu's explanation on why it rained and why it stopped ...we had light showers day before we offed the lights and laid our heavy heads on the pillow.....
Achu tapping his chin and frowning with wonder....
Amma: Yendho da ( What the prob?)
Achu: Yendho amma idhu Why is God sending more rains now??????? Clean cheydhileyyyy pinne pinniyum pinniyum mazha varunu ( its already cleaned then why the rains again)
Amma  smiling : Achamma veetilola well yellam fiill avan vendiannu ( To fill the well in achaammas house )
Achu: yedhonu???( what?)
Amma Sigh: Water falls from the sky and seeps into the ground and the water goes into the well...
Achu : Ohhhhh...still wondering ...and ready to shoot the next question
Amma (Quickly): sheri oranju monuuu nalla school ondu ( ok sleep son u have school tomo)

Not that I don't like explaining but it was 11.00pm and didn't want the usual episode to repeat :b

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why does it Rain?

Today it rained in chennai...finally.....:)
Achu and I were all dressed to go to school
He was excited it was raining
And he started his story
Achu:" Amma God mazha clean cheyanannu annu ayikunadhu" (God sends the rain to clean)
Me: " yendhonu clean cheyan" (To clean what)
Achu: " 1.Car 2. Tree 3.House 4.Road
Me: Oh Ho
Later during the day...the rain stopped and I was taking achu to the park and I took the umbrella and
Achu: "Inni Mazha illa amma" ( no more rains)
Me: "yendha achu" (Why)
Achu: " God clean cheyudhu kazhinju....God vellam waste cheyula" ( God has cleaned everything...he won't waste water)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Boys at the car park

M and Achu waiting in the car for amma to get back from Spencers daily where she shops everyweek...They know it takes ages so they have their boy games ( sheeesh....) jus then.....

( They relax the front car seats and lie down ...)

Achu: Acha nokku acha scorpio ponnu ( look there goes a scorpio)
M: hmmmmm ( closing his eyes)
Achu: acha ayooooo nokku Xylo full speedilu ponnu ( look a xylo speeding)
M: hmm ( still very much uninterested)
Achu: Achaaaa avadhe nokku honda city ponnu ( look theres a honda city)
M: hm
Achu : Acha avadhey nokku two chechi ponnu
M: (Immediately raises his head and looks out of the window ) evidey kutta??? ( where??)
Achu : Ohooo.. ippo matharam nokum alle acha..( oh so now u know to look huh?)
M: (Stunned and shocked at achu baby's approach)