Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Safety Lessons Learnt

Project : First Aid Kit
A bit of googling and voila!
The pics tell the rest of the story

 Wanna have a closer look?

The content

The sleepy caregiver with his kit :)
Will let you know how he scored....I don't know if they'd let that out......

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Monsters

The Hindi monster attacks :
  • as Amma had her exams she couldn't (didn't bother to- In M's lingo) get lil Achu to sit with his hindi books for long
  • and acha was busy (had better things to do like play with his phone and tab - In Amma's lingo )
Lil Achu and the whole family were terrified at the extent the monster had gained in size and strength.

  • Advised Achu in the morning to just write what he knew ( Nothing!!! except for a few guesses and blank stares) and not to engage in any other methods to score a 10/10
  • Got reminded of my oath and had a guilt attack

To top it all M complained he wasn't 'informed' of the amount of portions he had for the test before

  • Grrrrrrr...Like who am I ? The Messenger of  Homework or what?...When I tell M to take up the responsibility of dressing him up for school or to get him to study he acts mum...So what do I do? I continue to do it all myself
  • Lately I have been a bit preoccupied with varied stuff and let Achu's schedule suffer abit. And so ...I don't want to listen to "You should have told me" ....Why couldn't he just do stuff for Achu...Why should I TELL him to?????????

Counter Attacks on their way......;b

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Logical Origin

.....of  Life
Achu: Amma I came from Acha's tummy?
Amma: No you didn't came from mine. All babies come from the mother's tummy
Achu: Oh! I thought boys come from boy's tummy and girls come from girl's tummy :)

 ....of  Names
Achu: Amma babies come from the mother's tummy right?
Amma: Yes baby
Achu: Then why do we have to put the father's name after our name instead of the mother's name???
Amma: Ask your dad :)...and let's change your name with my name at the end ok :):):)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jollydays, Holidays and more

  • Meenu was here for a couple of days. Achu had fun with an additional playmate. Asked him which cousin he loved the best...Shalu (12yrs), Paru (7yrs), Esha (7yrs) or Meenu (3.5yrs)....I knew he would choose Shalu :)....Then I eliminated her from the list and my boy picked Meenu next :):)
  • So there were 5 naughty kids playing around the house. It was better than having one bored kid in the house.
  • During the holidays Achu didn't do anything very productive.He lazed around,.got up late, watched a lot of TV,played with the gang, attended pooja at office, Visited his grandparents, slept late and didn't do any studying until the last day. A quick revision - 3 letter hindi words (while we wanted to get coached in tota this hols), Addition with carry forward, English reading: The ugly duckling and the Lesson: Weather in Social Science.
  • Achu had his fancy dress competition on 10.10.11. He was a tiger amidst another 15 tigers in different shapes,colors and sizes. This is what I asked him to say. He says he forgot the last part and that his teacher said 'Good' - Good Morning- I am a Tiger- Growl- I am India's National Animal-Growl- I am a carnivores animal- See my Stripes? No 2 tigers have the same stripes- My babies are called cubs- I am being hunted - Please Save me- Growl.
  • Today he has his English Recitation and Computer Olympiad. I selected the Poem 'Little Things'. Surprisingly he learnt it very fast. And you know he is dramatic don't you :). Hoping he presents it the way he does it at home. There is a little mummy crime as far as the CO goes. Actually a daddy crime. They gave us the books he needs to learn up 2 months ago. I gave to M and told him to take up the responsibility of teaching him just that.He didn't. I didn't remind him either. M seems least effected when I told him the test was scheduled for today!!!!!! And I started feeling totally guilty since the boy is so used to the computer and a little bit coaching would have made him do well.So I fished out the books 2 days back and gave him a little brush up without forcing too much into his little brain. He seemed very interested and that made me more guilty and angry with M for not doing what he had to.    
Update : Very sad he could only recite 2 stanzas of the poem. He is so good at it at home though! Amma said "Be happy he has the capacity to learn it and recite. It's ok if he doesn't get to say the whole thing". I am still sulking.
The computer test he gave me  a thumbs up signal. I'll have to wait for the marks to confirm that :)

    Thursday, September 15, 2011

    Bits and Bites of all kinds

    • Achu had a drawing competition at school. He had to draw something relating to "Fun Fare". I guess it meant he had to draw something related to being fun!....I thought they made a spelling mistake and showed a couple of Fair pictures with giant wheel and all, drew a picture with his idea of  a boy standing and saying "Let's have fun" ( he is extra imaginative I tell'ya ). He told me he did well and a few teachers came and told him his drawing was good.
    • At first I didn't know whether to record this or not. But then I thought Achu has to know everything not only the good and bad moments in his life but the grey moments too....Achu was caught copying for his hindi test!!!!!! I have the habit of asking him to take a test and then after the test fill int he gaps he left out by looking into the book. So I thought That's what he did. But his teacher told me he knew he was doing something wrong. When I asked achu he told me he knew he was doing something wrong and he was sad the teacher caught him!!!!!! I was shocked .....I asked him why he copied and the reason he gave made me totally guilty and a better mother in the process...."Amma you told me you wanted me to get 10/10 .Then you added that only if I get 10/10 you will buy me Cars CD...That's why.."- Moral of the story: To begin with I knew I hadn't sat with the boy to teach him Hindi till it was too late and too much for the little mind to take in. On top of that I give him a warning just when he leaves to school about the marks he HAS to get and the consequences of not getting it. Bad Momma.:(..So Achu it is not your fault. It truly isn't. I take up 98% of the blame ( The 2% being M's...though he would adamantly deny his part by blaming the way I brought him up and that he will need tutions..baah!)...Achu promised me he would never ever do it again and I promise never ever to expect more than what efforts have been done and never to bribe him 
    • Amma, Achu and I had a quick bite at Mc Donalds one evening. While I dung through a spicy chicken burger( without mayo doesn't taste very good) with iced tea, Amma had a fish-o-fillet combo which had coke and Achu had chicken nuggets, a softie ( after a lot of prayers) ....some french fries for all! Parcled some potato wedges for Acha.Update: Actually in the car Achu made up a few captions for the joint..."Mc me a burger" ('make' innu vendi 'Mc' itta madhi he said ) is all I remember :(
    • Achu is all bones. He never puts on any weight. He is a stick.It's been a month since he started having his food on his own and the amount that goes into him has drastically come down. There are days he just skips dinner and days when he hates breakfast.His likes are limited. His lunch box comes back untouched or nibbled at. Achu you need food to live. Am not asking you to live to eat (like me) but to eat to live baby.   
    • Searched all around town for Cars DVD but landed up getting Rio..and then the DVD players refuses to work.
    • There's another tooth in the shaking....
    • On our to do sheet we've got heaps fella
    1. A Fancy dress competition
    2. An English recitation competition
    3. Computer Olyimpiad !!
    4. A Painting Competition 
    5. A few tests which includes the dreaded Hindi test
    6. A big break for Pooja vacations ( Yipeee!)

    Tuesday, September 6, 2011

    To Market , to Market... buy a new car

    One sunny Sunday M and Achu went window shopping at their favorite shop. Oh yeah! The new swift had come to town and they had to have a look at it, feel it and have a ride.

    The two of them were rather impressed with the new arrival.

    M drooling : It had new headlights
    Achu crooning : It had bigggg tyres and had sesth drive written on it ( That's how he pronounces test drive)

    Oh Well ok so I ain't a car person so I wasn't very keen anyways when the two of them got back and narrated the whole scene

    Then M told me Achu was talking in UK English ( courtesy: Mr.Bean series). He was requesting M to BUY the car. You heard it right ...he actually wanted to buy the car.

    Achu: Acha please let's buy it. It's Lovely
    M: No not now we don't have the money ( Giving out sheepish grins to the people around)
    Achu: Let's go home and get the money
    M: We have to convince Amma also Achu
    Achu: Got all silent for sometime......then came close to M and asked loudly  "Acha convince yenocha yendhonu?" (what does convince mean?)
    M:........Let's go........


    Friday, August 26, 2011

    Please Speak Up

    Problem ...Problem.... Problem
    Usual comments from teacher when I go to pick up Achu :
    • He's ok
    • He's smart
    • No problem
    • Good boy
    So today was an unusual day.
    Achu had his recitations today....Hindi and English
    Hindi : He had to just read a few letters the teacher pointed at from the book.
    Teacher : "He refused to open his mouth. I told the hindi miss that he is a smart boy and to give him more time so she let him go for awhile and called him back. But again he was silent. not a word. why?"
    English: He had to recite a poem "Ferry me across the water"
    Teacher: "He didn't do the english recitation also.Why what's wrong with him. talk to him please.I was shocked because he is so smart in his written work"
    Ok so I get the picture. Reasons for the poor show...Achu's points and mine
    • Achu is a showman ONLY at home
    • I was lazy to revise the hindi alphabets with him. Honestly thought I'd do it this weekend. 
    • I did get him to recite the poem. He does it so well at home. Expressive, but does forget here and there.
    • The teacher had mentioned his english recitation would be due only next why the hurry?...I thought I'd do it a couple of times during the weekend
    Asked the teacher if she would re-assess.....
    She said " Noway. I think he has to improve on those lines. There's noway we can do it again."

    Why do I have this guilt feel in me?
    Isn't he just in the first term of first grade?
    Oh! Achu I hope to get you to do your work on a daily basis rather than waiting for the last day...
    • Without you losing your patience
    • and me mine...sighhhh!
      We'll do much better next term kiddo :)

    Friday, August 19, 2011

    Ouch! That hurt

    We were looking forward to enjoying a long weekend of freedom. But Life had other things in fold.

    Achu slept early that friday. I went into the room wondering how the fella could afford missing his daily dose of  "The Penguins of Madagascar" and found him all wrapped up in bed.When I went close to him to give him a peck I felt warm...or was it hot...he was boiling hot. The thermo gave us a 99. Gave him a bit of Crocin and prayed he gets better.

    At around 2.30 am M told me Achu was very hot. We checked his temp and were shocked to find 103. That's scary. He was crying and mumbling stuff. We gave him more crocin and started wiping him. The stubborn fever didn't give in neither did we.....At around 6.30 am he was 101

    We tried calling all our docs.
    • Doc-1: Out on tour 
    • Doc-2 : no appointments until 31.08 plus a suggestion to take the kid into emergency 
    • Doc-3: our family doc gave us instruction through the phone  
    Then we finally thought we'd take him to emergency since the temperature wasn't coming below 100 even after giving him high doses of crocin.

    Before we entered the ward we thought we'd check if any pediatrician was available.Praise the Lord! There was a Dr.S.

    She told us Achu had a major throat infection and he will find it tuff to eat for awhile. Gave us meds for 6 days and told us to come in 4 days.

    The next four days were terrible.Achu cried, I cried, my mom cried!!! Getting a hungry lil boy have his meal with a bad throat is an awful experience next to being the lil boy.

    Achu's line

    When hunger strikes
    Yeppo Amma yenniku istam(yeah! no h in there) olladhu thinan pattum? ( when can I eat what i like?)

    When we wipe him or take the temp

    Yenne onnu samadhamayitu kidhakan vidhuvo ( will you please let me lie in peace?)

    Most scary moment: When achu woke up crying after an afternoon nap and said" Yenniku karachil niruthan patinila amma" ( I can't stop crying ). I hugged him , Appuppa carried him, Ammumma carried him out to the terrace. He cried continuously for 15-20 minutes. Then slowly he fell asleep again.

    His diet:
    Pediasure 6-8 times a day
    chicken/tomato Soup
    2 lil spoons of rice,dal and bland boiled fish
    chicken poppers ( well don't ask me how he could swallow that!)

    wouldn't gargle
    screamed and cried each time he woke up
    any oscar winner would lick his feet when it comes to acting out pain (maybe half of it was true but the other half got to my nerves I tell you)
    skipped school for the whole week( courtesy: sympathetic grandparents ,a lazy parent and a missing parent )

    matters did become worse when Amma fell ill too. But then

    He is still recovering......
    He did go through a bad painful phase
    but the boy is enjoying his little vacation at the am I ;)

    Tuesday, August 9, 2011

    Boyz to Men

    Watching the tamil movie Goa with appupa

    One of the guys flexes his muscles in front of a gal.
    Achu: Appupa adhu a penne kanikanannu ketta (He is doing that to show the girl his muscles...ok)

    Another of the guys is swimming alone in the pool
    Achu: (Turns around and asks sympathetically) Evende penn yevadhey? (Where is this one's gal?)

    I went out with friends and was back. I had a little kajal on.The bare minimum.

    Achu: Make up ellam ittitu evadhey poitu varinu? (Where have you been with all that make up on??)

    When I started yoga classes

    Achu: Yendhinamma meliyinedhu. Ippothane kolamello?( why do you want to slim down you are fine the way you are?)

    Every morning and when back from school

    Achu: Why do I have to tell you every day to keep my milk ready ? (Amplified voice and frowny face)

    Wednesday, July 20, 2011

    The Super Six Splash

    We had a Pool party for Achu’s 6th birthday

    The Pool Zone 
    • 2 six feet pools
    • 4 beach balls
    • 4 sponges
    • 20 plus water balloons
    • 5-6 water pistols
    • 20-30 naughty kids :)

    The Drool Zone
    • Veg Sandwiches
    • Wafers
    • Chips
    • Fruit Salad
    • Small Samosas
    • Badam and Rose Milk
    • Nannari Sherbet
    • Sweets
    • Cake
    The kids started coming in one by one. It was cute to start with. Then slowing things started getting out of control…in a very cute way though. I had planned for a few water games but neither did I have the time nor did the kids want to play. They were very happy being in the pool. So into the pool went the sponge, guns, water balloons and all.

    While the kids had absolute fun the moms watched over. Some in deep thought and the others voiced out their fears of the anticipated flu.

    I thought it would be a task to get the kids out of the pool so after one hour in the pool I started picking kids and handing them over to the moms to change their clothes. It worked. The kids came out and in half an hour they were all dressed for the party. Achu cut his super Six pool cake – A 3 kg black forest cake with the best ever rejuvenated choir performing the happy birthday song.

    The kids had their fill and then started running around the house chasing each other. There was total chaos while the mothers were busy having their chat sessions. It went on like this until the guests both big and small left quite reluctantly.

    The return gifts were denim caps and whistles. The kids checked their gifts before they left the party. So it was one squeaky ending afterall.  

    • The games didn’t happen
    • The paper plates went missing
    • Ran out of chips
    Achu and the rest of the family had loads of fun. Am sure the kids had total fun. The moms must have been overwhelmed by the confusion and unorganized fun but finally they all agreed they were happy watching the kids have their dose of uncontrolled bliss 

    We were all totally tired after the party and vowed to get things a bit more in order the next time round.Good we had a  lot of help around cause we had a lot of cleaning up to do……..
     God Bless You Achu…..and the rest of your gang :)

    Thursday, July 7, 2011

    Crazy about Carz 2

    We finally took Achu to the movies
    His favorite movie.....Cars 2

    Back from school Achu had a bath and was having his lunch. He has this habit of running away from food when he is partially full. So I told him " Achu I have a surprise for you after your meal. So go and finish up your meal boy" . The boy rushed, gobbled up his lunch and rushed towards me. He thought it was for a sweet treat.

    I whispered into his ears " We got tickets for Cars". He gave out a slight smile and then flared up. Oh! That's his way of emoting happiness. He didn't want to show he was excited and glad. Men start so young at this don't they???;b

    The show was at 4.45pm. It was 3.30pm when I broke the news. He started whining that he had to get to the theater immediately....which translates to.... .NOW....the whine went on until I told him to get dressed. Beaming he went and changed and rushed back to us.

    We were smothered with wet kisses all over. Appuppa took advantages of the situation and requested for a dozen of kisses and hugs which were planted with professional expertise.

    We reached the theater got to our seats and then Achu's gaze was fixed to the screen. The oversized 3D glasses didn't bother him. He was one of them...The CARS....While we joked and ate our hearts out Achu's attention span reached amazing heights..He was quiet annoyed at how distracted we all were!!!!! Excuse me mister what about the role change that happens when you do HW huh?!

    I fed him a wee bitta black forest cake and some coffee after the break. Halfway through he did get angry when it was interval time. He kept asking me why they HAVE to have a break....hah!

    The movie was top class. I loved it too. Tow Mater stole the show. A lovable character. The story revolves around the fight between sports cars and ordinary cars with a couple of races thrown in at Japan,Paris and London. Excellent animation.

    Achu was sad when the movie was over. I have promised to take him once M gets back. Wouldn't mind seeing it once more with some chicken sandwiches, iced tea,popcorn and black forest to go with it ;b

    Achu is thrilled to have Cars on his bag ,lunch bag, snack and lunch box and pencil sharpener.The list is bound to increase on our next sessions of shopping.

    Planning to get him the first part of Cars on CD.  

    Tuesday, July 5, 2011

    All Day I dream about Sports

    Adolf  Dassler wouldn't have had the slightest hint that his creation would reach this little place in the world.:)

    Achu's school has decided to have all their kids wear ADIDAS shoes!!!!
    The black shoes costs Rs.1090.
    Looks Kewl.
    No more polishing :):):)
    Achu is learning the art of tying the lace.
    What happens when his feet grow ?????
    A new shoe for every term????
    That would pinch some pockets.....

    Friday, June 10, 2011

    Father-Son Fun

    Its been a long time since Achu and Acha bonded. But lately they have been spending sometime together...
    • visiting car shops to do a few test drives I guess ( No I am not a part of the gang when it comes to car shops )
    • buying sports gear....a bat too heavy for Achu , some tennis balls and weights for Acha...Acha and achu have fun playing inhouse cricket at night just before dinner.
    • trying to find a telescope!!!!!!!...they search for the weirdest of things...something that interests me as well but if you ask me but "Is it the need of the hour?" I would say no
    • toppling over Acha , pillow fights and more...watching the process makes me tired
    All this happens
    • without me nudging Acha to do something with the lil chap....
    • while I am away for yoga ( It's been 5 days since I started it and I have been bragging like its been 5 yrs :)...)


    Amma is so sorry she has here time all messed up. This blog has seen me taking the pledge every time am guilty of not doing things with you.I am trying darling Achu. And am sure the day isn't far when Amma has sorted out what she does with her day to spend lots of mummy time with you.

    What do I do when u whine when I go for my yoga lessons....I am trying hard to convince you to join me...We could have loads of fun doing all those asanas together :)
    What do I do when you cry when I don't play with you with your cars...I hate to play with cars...I try to distract you with other games...but then maybe I should try to get the taste of it...
    What do I do when you scream Itchi chi Amma.....I scream back or cry or try and pacify you.....I am trying hard to control myself but I guess its my age that's getting me all red
    What do I do when you fuss.....I do try and make you understand and sometimes you listen to me like a very good boy....You are a gem Achu darling...but sometimes...well I guess that's ok :)

    Soon there will be a time when you wouldn't want me around....and that will be when I have the time for you...strange.....

    No am not gonna let go of the time you want I come babe ...let's do things together and make it fun.

    Saturday, May 28, 2011

    Summer of 2011

    • This summer was rather uneventful.We didn't have any trips outside city because Appuppa and Achamma were ill. 
    • The first camp Achu went for was at 'Igniting Minds'. A dance workshop. He performed a dance at the end of the workshop at his school. He loves to dance.
    • The second camp was at the same place but was a theater workshop. Achu was Tucky fish. He loves theater as well! He did get to dance for a song as well.
    • The third camp was at Worldly Wise. A theater workshop with dance. At the Russian Cultural Center, he danced for Roboda and played the part of the mighty moutain in the play "The Mouse Princess". At the end of the play when it was time to give in self introductions my boy said" Hello! I am Rohit.I was the hmmmmmm...Cloud"!!!!!! The crowd had a good laugh :)
    • Achu wants to join swimming but then a bad sore throat and cough is keeping him away from his first love....The pool
    • Got him 2 games....Pick a Trick box of Magic : I'll give it a 3/5 and then the Tuk Tuk Taxi board game: 1/5 ....very deceptive packaging I should say.
    • Two more weeks of holiday....Amma's thinking baby........:)  

    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    Yay! Shalu Time

    Achu's cousin Shalu came and spent 2 days with him and it was fun through out .It took him exactly 5 minutes to get over the initial I-am-shy phase

    • was suddenly a big boy doing most of his stuff on his own
    • never walked around nanga 
    • shared everything!!!!
    • was never jealous I was talking to Shalu and not to him
    • never fussy ( except when we had to come away from the play area and did not get him a car at landmark)
    • had grown since the last time we saw her 3 months ago
    • she hadn't lost her tom boy attitude
    • is a biiiig Prithviraj fan.We had a great time one night.While Shalu kept describing about her dreamman in a very dramatic manner Achu and I were in fits of laughter
    • loves horror movies. Tried to convince me to take her to Haunted 3D. Luckily I didn't.
    • adores her lil bro Appu
    • is very talkative ( isn't every girl from 0-100?)
    • cuddled together with the Ipod, playing all the games on it
    • slept late and woke up late  
    • both love Paneer butter masala, Butter chicken, mushroom soup, noodles and chips
    • watched Mr.Bean 
    • both had different things to do at Ampa Mall. Achu had the play area while Shalu had the funstation Shawarma for Shalu and French fries for Achu. Both of them bought paper craft work boxes which the three of us spent the night working at.
    • had a lovely 3 hrs at Kartwheel an indoor play area
    • hated it when their time together was over.
    Shalu you are a darling. Hoping you'll be back for a longer vacation. 

    Thursday, April 28, 2011

    An act to please

    Achu has been given a set of 10 words for dictation scheduled today.Yesterday while we were revising....
    Achu: Amma I know all of them
    Me: Ok we'll see
    I read out each word and he wrote them out in his rough book
    He had a problem with two words ....Things and Grow
    Achu: Adhu kozhapam illa Amma 2 words alley wrong avolo ( Two words going wrong is fine Amma)
    Me: No Achu shouldn't you be getting all of them right? They gave you a weeks time to get ready for this.
    Achu: Why?
    Me: Only then you will get good marks
    Achu: For what?
    Me: ( ok....I have to be careful....) Well, if you get good marks you'll go to a good college and then to a great office.
    Achu: I have your office to go to ....
    Me: ( Hmmm....) To come to my office you need to study and go to a good college Achu
    Achu: Sheri Amma then I will do well

    The above conversation happened just before he left to school. When I got dressed and asked him to get into the car he rushed up the stairs and did something and came back with a very naughty smile on his face.

    Me: Achu what did you do?
    Achu: Nothing Amma (continues that smile)

    Got back home after dropping Achu and my Amma had an explanation for the 'that' smile

    Amma told me that Achu rushed into the room with a green pen. Drew a star on his hand, threw the pen in the laundry bag and rushed down.Aha! Looks like somebody is getting an act ready to please me.

    Let's see what happens when he gets back home after school.....

    Update: Dictation didn't happen....Achu forgot all about the star he drew...I didn't ask him either :)...Let's deal with it when it comes....Right-o?

    Tuesday, April 26, 2011

    Ho Hum! Struck by Boredom

    Achu's favorite phrase for the season "Amma Bore Adhikunnu" (Amma am feeling bored)
    • He goes to drawing class twice a week
    • He has already attended 2 workshops and performed on stage once
    • He has his street friends coming in on holidays 
    • He cycles
    but I guess he wants to do more
    What to do? Four more days and he'll be having holidays....
    We don't have a planned holiday coming up
    I'm thinking......Let's see lil fella
    We'll fill up your holidays with things you will cherish
    God Bless

    Tuesday, April 19, 2011

    Cycling is Fun

    We got Achu a new cycle yesterday.The one similar to what his friend Adi has.He tried a bigger cycle first and then settled for this one after a little test drive in the shop.

    He didn't want the air horn and wanted it changed to the normal bell."Amma, shop uncle said he would change it for free" he said.
    We put the new asset in the Dickey and reached home at 8.30pm. Achu wanted to cycle immediately so he put the cycle in the house and drove around the dining table for awhile.

    Today the first thing he did when he got up was to rush downstairs to check his new possession. The summer sun is not gonna keep him away from cycling down the lane. 

    Saturday, April 16, 2011

    Dance Baby Dance

    Achu's latest obsession.....D A N C E....:)
    For a person who loves to watch and perform,I was more than happy when I knew my son had inherited this trait from me.

    His jigs range from athletic exercise like moves to break dance-ish steps and a slight shammi head shake that culminates in a hip or bum shake. Its fun to watch him because he is so happy when he is at it.

    It all began long back at his play school where he first performed for the hindi song 'Desi girl'.While the other kids were doing their thing and getting distracted Achu was attentively following the teacher. I thought he would love to join a dance class but I guess he was too young. He refused to be put in a class.

    Everytime there was a dance show or a movie song on TV Achu would have his eyes fixed to the screen. Oh! Ok am exaggerating and slightly lying ....those were my eyes :)....Achu would be in the background cursing me for not letting him watch his Mr.Bean. But I did find him casually looking at the dance and tapping his feet or snapping his fingers.I did.

    Last month there was a little camp next to our house. A 7 day camp. I sent him and he went! They had a stage show.Achu danced with bigger kids and loved it to the core. After the show he came upto me with a big grin and said "Amma yenniku idhupola pinniyum cheyanam" (Amma I want to do this again ).

    I am hoping to send Achu to a dance school this June.


    Monday, April 11, 2011


    Me: (looking at my marriage reception photo) "Yeppadhi irundha naan ippadhi ayiten" ( A tamil comedian Vivek's famous dialogue that goes "How good I was before and now look what has happened to me")
    Achu: (pointing to my tummy) "Ippadhi irundha naan ippadhi (pointing to himself) ayiten" ( Look how I was before and now look what has happened to me)

    A lesson on Living and Non-living things

    Me: watch
    Achu: Non-living
    Me: boy
    Achu: Living

    Me: brick
    Achu: Non-living
    Me: Tree
    Achu: Living
    Me: Bag
    Achu: Non-living
    Achu: Living
    Me: Apple
    Achu: Living before you pluck it then non-living
    Me: That's deep!

    Later on when I took him his dinner of rice and fish fry.
    You guessed it. He pointed out at the fish and said "Living in water and now non-living thing"

    My SIL is having her second kid in June.We met her recently with her big tummy.
    Achu: Amma why is Apatchi at Atchamma's house?
    Me: She is going to have a baby that's why...
    Achu: But Appu is so small then how come she has a baby already ( Appu is 4 and a half )
    Me: That doesn't matter da....Didn't you see her's big
    Achu: Amma your tummy is also big
    Me: errr....( gym round the corner here I come...)

    Saturday, April 2, 2011

    My lil angel is in First Grade :)

    He's got

    • new set of books (lots of them): All neatly covered by M, labeled by Achu and named by Amma
    • new uniforms:White and white for sports plus checked shirt with grey shorts for the rest of the week
    • new shoes are on the pipeline: The school is yet to decide whether its gonna be Addidas, plain white canvas or his normal brown sandal.
    • a new class room: In the primary block now. I loved his KG block. It had a very homely ambiance.
    • a new teacher: I loved her attitude when she spoke to a parent who was worried on how her daughter was on the first day of school(!!!!) " They are children ,treat them like that and give them some time". Achu likes her too.
    • new Carzzz Bag , snack box lunch box and tuperware water bottle.We are managing with the old snack box until the 'real' opening day. 
    • new friends: Oh yes they shuffle them up. The sad part is that Achu will be missing his best buddies. But the good part is that he will get to know the whole group when he reaches a higher grade. For the true cancerian he is , he will take a looong time before he gets to be friends with the new lot.
    • new timings: From the lazy 8.45 am to early 7.45 am. Achu used to be back from school for lunch at 12.30pm but now its going to be little lunch at school and then back home for the original lunch at 2.30pm
    • new activities: more friends around the house, more playtime in the sun, more homework, more adventures at camps , more drawing classes, more dance and drama.
    • new attitude: more tantrums, more huggy buggy and lately slightly clingy ( maybe I am not spending enough time with the fella) MORE FUN
    God Bless You :)

    Saturday, March 26, 2011

    Ufh! These Terrible Tantrums

    Wonder when Achu will stop shouting at people. I have no idea where he learnt it from. Everybody around him never raise their voices except for M. Maybe he got it from him. M has a loud voice and general y screams out his orders.:) 

    When you ask me?
    • Don't get him his toy
    • Don't listen to him
    • Laugh at him
    • Wake him up for school
    • Ask him to eat
    • Ask him to have a bathe/use the toilet 
    • Ask him to do anything he is not interested to do 
    What you get.....
    • high decibel shreiks
    • crocodile tears
    • UFOs all around
    It does get to be very embarrassing at times. Poor J who looks after him gets shouted at so often. In the house it is bearable since we have got used to it. But outside? When he goes out to play with the other kids who come with their toys he is fine until they play with him then when its time for them to go Achu starts creating a big scream session.Its J who bears the grunt.

    Go to the supermarket or mall with Achu. He is a good child until he lays his eyes on something he wants. We get him things to eat and play very often. M and I have stopped getting him cars since he has so many. So usually when he creates a scene to get a car we protest or ignore and then the fireworks happen. He emotionally blackmails Appupa to get him cars from time to time.( Now that's another story)

    When Appupa is around this fella has a total act in place. First he screams , shouts, walks around the room banging doors , dropping unbreakable things (He doesn't have the courage to break anything), huffs and puffs. Then when we ignore he starts to cry, runs and lies down like the heroine in the movie does on the floor or plops on the bed. And then dear Appupa screams at us !!!!!!! Achu gets his way.End of story.

    M's technique is simple. He just screams back and Achu calms down! When we reason out ,try to distract,cuddle him or give him options he shouts back!!!! Why?!

    Wednesday, March 23, 2011


     Random chat

    Achu: Amma you know what...
    me: what da?
    Achu: sometimes when I sleep...I am not sleeping
    me: huh?!
    Achu: I close my eyes but I know what's happening all around me...(and smiles)
    me: ohhhoooo....( will double check next time hmmmm!)

    The AXE commercial with this guy spraying on the deo and a bunch of gals attacking him flashed on the LCD.

    Achu: Amma I want this spray...(and gives a naughty smile)
    me: For what???????...(dreading what the answer would be)
    Achu: Gurrrllllzzzz......(with a giggle and a wink)
    me: What!!!!!!.....(getting slightly dizzy)
    Achu: If I spray that then you will come to me right? you are a girl. I don't need to shout out a hundred times. It will be easy.
    me: ohhhhh! (relieved but has a tiny doubt on his intentions ;b)

    India vs West Indies Match going on. Everybody watching seriously.

    Achu: Amma do girls play cricket?
    me: Yes they do
    Achu: what do they wear?
    me: The same thing men wear....(wondering where this is heading to)
    Achu: after a lot of thinking.....but they will have a line in between no?
    me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (OMG!!)

    So what next?

    Monday, March 21, 2011

    Graduation and more

    Achu had his Graduation day on 17/03/2011.
    He was very excited.
    Because he would have a whole 2 weeks of holidays after the day!!!!

    The Principal gave a little speech about the new curriculum. 
    The children sang "All things bright and beautiful"
    Achu and his friend S had different things to do while the whole group joyfully sang.
    Then they called out each kid and gave them the certificate.
    Achu will be in grade 1 when he's back to school on 01/04/2011!
    The Chief Guest was Jyothi from the CBSE educational wing.
    And she gave a brilliant speech.
    She wanted each child to be exposed to 9 skills/areas during their educational years.

    1. Verbal
    2. Musical
    3. Mathamatical
    4. Visual
    5. Intrapersonal
    6. Interpersonal
    7. Kinetic
    8. Environmental
    9. Spiritual

    She made alot of sense. She advised  the parents and teachers to get the children used to all these activities during their years of study and identify what they are good at. Then nurturing the areas that they excel in will make them successful in what they do and most importantly they will love what they do.

    So true.Gone are the times when we thought that blessed are those who find their dream jobs. We have the key in our hands today.It is the educational system and parents who have to guide each child into his/her line of excellence and love.....

    I promise to take my step....will you?

    Monday, March 14, 2011

    Grandparents day at school

    It was Grandparents day at Achu's school
    The children were asked to dress up as their favorite cartoon character.
    And what we saw on stage......
    Many as : Spiderman,Barbie,Chota Bheem,Ben10,Dora,Mickey Mouse,Tom.
    Few as : Donald Duck,Cinderella, Jerry
    Just One: Jackie Chan,Jasmine,Bob the builder,Tinker Bell,Thomas the engine,Oswald,Jess from Toy Story and Mr.Bean

    Yes.Achu became his personal hero Mr.Bean for a day.
    There was only one Mr.Bean and that was my lil boy.

    • The Coat - Rented ( After a little hunt for a whole suit set we thought it was better to rent just the coat. Beacause a) The probability of Achu wearing a coat was negligible b) Chennai has just one season - sultry summer! c) the suit set costs a fortune d) Achu drinks milk and grows!) - The man at the counter told us it was a Bharathiyar coat. We had no option so had to take it though Mr.Bean is mostly in a brownish/greenish coat.
    • The shirt - M got him a full sleeved white cotton shirt ages ago on his trip to US. It was big when he first wore it. It was perfect this time round.
    • The Tie - Acha's ( A blue one with red lines...yeah yeah Mr.Bean has a red one with yellow on it...I did search for a tie and but couldn't get one. Had one in the flat but was lazy to go and pick it up
    • The pant - A black ( Was planning to make him wear a formal looking black jean which he wore the previous time he was Mr.Bean..but boost you know never let's the child remain his size). don't really know how uncomfortable the fella was but he did it because he was to be his hero. Commitment.
    • The Shoes - He did have a formal pair. Small but ok. no socks
    • Teddy - We got him a teddy that looked closest to the one on the show. 
    • The Act - Achu is a natural. I taught him a couple of lines and made him repeat it for a few days before the big day. He reluctantly repeated it. each time he did he added or forgot a word or two.

    "Hello! I am Mr.Bean. This is my Teddy. I love teddy.Oh! Grandma is calling .I have to go...." He confidently
    said and rushed down the stage. 

    Thursday, March 10, 2011


    • Writing: Slow but neat.Ask him why he is slow..."Pinne fastayitu neat-a ezhudhan pativo?!!!" (How can you write neatly when you are fast???!!!...)
    • Music: Nope. He's not Super Singer material....He might end up being a good lyricist :)
    • Vocab: Gift of the gab intact! Shy when we are around!
    • is where is heart is
    • he prefers to stay at home and play with his cars and in his car...and the cycle for a change.
    • getting all sun burnt from cycling mid day  
    • 17 kgs... not more not less
    • Food and loo breaks still remain avoided until its impossible to stay away
    • asks for a kid brother!
    • mushroom soup, noodles and fish remain his favorites  
    • loves to draw,write and do anything with his colors
    • hates homework
    • lost 2 milk teeth 
    • in the process of gaining 2 teeth
    • made a few new friends while cycling down the street
    • loves to be cuddled 
    My little boy is growing up...:)

      Thursday, January 6, 2011

      Appy New Year

      Happy New Year Moms and the rest of your world :)

      Its been awhile since I blogged and commented on the year end blogs that overflowed in the virtual world. I read all of them but couldn't comment.

      Achu and I had a lovely new year with cousins

      Lots of  blogable stuff happened ...

      L (achu's cousin): I need to get some shades
      G (achu's mama): why do you need shades?
      Achu: To wear it on Sunday
      Me: Sunny days need shades :):):)

      Achu shouts out loudly while munching an apple
      "Apple one day doctor gooooo away"
      "Apple a day makes a man healthy wealthy and wise"

      Achu is 5 and a half ...his tooth is shaking
      The new tooth has started coming out
      Went to a doc and he said things are just fine and the milkies will drop once the originals grow
      I lost my teeth and was toothless here and there for awhile before growing my next set
      This is how it works now!!!!!