Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tut! Make way for Excited Noddy

Well I did take a break for awhile...lotsa things happened at home and at school... will try to blog more often....At achu's playschool there was a special day when he had to go as a cartoon options were quite restricted to one!!!! Noddy of course ...the lovable lil wooden boy who can't stop nodding when he is happy...Why Noddy u ask me...
  • Achu loves him ....need another reason ???!
  • He has a C-A-R....for Achu that's ultimatum:)
  • Achu enjoys the "Make way for Noddy song"
So now how to create my lil Noddy
  • Browsed Noddy website for the exact look
  • Bought some chart paper, blue cloth, golden paper(for the hat)- some red cloth(for the shoes), some yellow cloth (for the scarf)
  • Dug into my I-need-u-always collection (termed'junk' by my dearest mom) for some glue, red poster colour, black lace and into my son's wardrobe for a full sleeve red T and blue shorts
  • painted the scarf with lil red dots left it to dry, made a bell out of the gold paper(tripped over the method of making a ball outta paper jus a couple of days before the need arouse..lucky me huh)...struggled to make a cone with the chart paper which was later perfected by dada dear...stuck blue cloth on it...a stable here and there and the hat was were jus blue cloth wrapped up in string over his saddles
  • On D day , Manoj and I dressed Achu up..with rosy cheeks ....some curls on the forhead .....achu the darling he is ..stood thru all the sessions patiently and totally happy to be who he was to be... Noddy:D
  • What about noddy's car????...well my friend poori gifted achu a car called 'Dreamer' when she visited us sometime ago and that fit the bill...perfectttto....
Tut-Tut! Make way for Noddy

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