Friday, November 20, 2009

Ah! The Charmer

Amma wasn't in town for a couple of days so was handling ALOT of things (The worlds best Manager happens to be my mom)...Achu loves to have his fish and chicken....The first thing he scans for on his platter is for the high protien / omega-3 fatty acid food. So I have to pick up some NV when I go get him from school...go home and cook it for him for lunch....

Today I did just that...fried a piece of fish and placed it on his plate
when he came in for lunch...
Achu: sniff sniff...hmmmmmmmmmmm yummy
Me : endha da ( what da?)
Achu: Fichhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :):):):)
Me: yessssssssss :):):)
Achu : (started eating the fish and rice with so much ethusiasum)
Suddenly he stopped looked at me and
Achu: Thank you amma for the fich...(in a sing-a-song-way) sooooperarikunnu
Me: Awwwwww kutttaa ur welcome
And the rest if u have already guessed (((huggy-buggy))) :D

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