Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jollydays, Holidays and more

  • Meenu was here for a couple of days. Achu had fun with an additional playmate. Asked him which cousin he loved the best...Shalu (12yrs), Paru (7yrs), Esha (7yrs) or Meenu (3.5yrs)....I knew he would choose Shalu :)....Then I eliminated her from the list and my boy picked Meenu next :):)
  • So there were 5 naughty kids playing around the house. It was better than having one bored kid in the house.
  • During the holidays Achu didn't do anything very productive.He lazed around,.got up late, watched a lot of TV,played with the gang, attended pooja at office, Visited his grandparents, slept late and didn't do any studying until the last day. A quick revision - 3 letter hindi words (while we wanted to get coached in tota this hols), Addition with carry forward, English reading: The ugly duckling and the Lesson: Weather in Social Science.
  • Achu had his fancy dress competition on 10.10.11. He was a tiger amidst another 15 tigers in different shapes,colors and sizes. This is what I asked him to say. He says he forgot the last part and that his teacher said 'Good' - Good Morning- I am a Tiger- Growl- I am India's National Animal-Growl- I am a carnivores animal- See my Stripes? No 2 tigers have the same stripes- My babies are called cubs- I am being hunted - Please Save me- Growl.
  • Today he has his English Recitation and Computer Olympiad. I selected the Poem 'Little Things'. Surprisingly he learnt it very fast. And you know he is dramatic don't you :). Hoping he presents it the way he does it at home. There is a little mummy crime as far as the CO goes. Actually a daddy crime. They gave us the books he needs to learn up 2 months ago. I gave to M and told him to take up the responsibility of teaching him just that.He didn't. I didn't remind him either. M seems least effected when I told him the test was scheduled for today!!!!!! And I started feeling totally guilty since the boy is so used to the computer and a little bit coaching would have made him do well.So I fished out the books 2 days back and gave him a little brush up without forcing too much into his little brain. He seemed very interested and that made me more guilty and angry with M for not doing what he had to.    
Update : Very sad he could only recite 2 stanzas of the poem. He is so good at it at home though! Amma said "Be happy he has the capacity to learn it and recite. It's ok if he doesn't get to say the whole thing". I am still sulking.
The computer test he gave me  a thumbs up signal. I'll have to wait for the marks to confirm that :)

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