Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Monsters

The Hindi monster attacks :
  • as Amma had her exams she couldn't (didn't bother to- In M's lingo) get lil Achu to sit with his hindi books for long
  • and acha was busy (had better things to do like play with his phone and tab - In Amma's lingo )
Lil Achu and the whole family were terrified at the extent the monster had gained in size and strength.

  • Advised Achu in the morning to just write what he knew ( Nothing!!! except for a few guesses and blank stares) and not to engage in any other methods to score a 10/10
  • Got reminded of my oath and had a guilt attack

To top it all M complained he wasn't 'informed' of the amount of portions he had for the test before

  • Grrrrrrr...Like who am I ? The Messenger of  Homework or what?...When I tell M to take up the responsibility of dressing him up for school or to get him to study he acts mum...So what do I do? I continue to do it all myself
  • Lately I have been a bit preoccupied with varied stuff and let Achu's schedule suffer abit. And so ...I don't want to listen to "You should have told me" ....Why couldn't he just do stuff for Achu...Why should I TELL him to?????????

Counter Attacks on their way......;b

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