Monday, October 20, 2008

IVAN- God is being Gracious!

Today is a very happy day...I start a new blog to record the happenings in the life of a soul that means so much to son Rohit fondly called Achu. I was wondering what to name the blog ..was thinking of something that would describe my son the best...the multiplicity of words didn't surprise me...hence the title...I can only describe each day with achu in a sentence which would have an Interjection-Verb-Adjective and achu playing with all those words.... thats what IVAN stands for Interjection-Verb-Adjective-NOUN(one and only ACHU)..incidentally in tamil the blog would just mean 'he is achu' but on more universal terms Ivan means God is gift me this wonderful treasure called Achu..God is truly being gracious ...And Lo! I had the best name for the blog for my son ....IVAN-ACHU

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