Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oh! That Angelic smile

I still remember waiting for the day achu kuttan would look at me and smile....Infact I kept asking Amma when he would give me the toothless grin....Achu and I had a very hectic schedule...all mother and child beginnings are bound to be the same....mine :feed-eat-bathe-feed-eat-feed..the intervals would be smothered with grumblings, naps and some more protests on how a tiny winy child could get hungry so fast...so many times a day(includes the night)....!!!!...his cry-eat-sleep-pi-poo-cry-bathe-cry-eat-sleep-eat-pi/poo-cry-eat-sleep....interrupted by the weirdest of noises...I would wonder how the lil one wiled away his time looking at the bare ceiling...I was pretty scared to carry him since he was sooo tiny...he weighed a lil more than 3 kgs...our routine continued till the day he stared straight into my eyes and broke into the expression I longed for...a smile...if a slight lift of one side of the lip would qualify to be called a smile...ok name it a half smile...it was heavenly....Now there was something for both of us to do...I made all the possible things to get the smile outta him and he gaped at me all through my attempts amazed at my skills of miming ..many a times he would giggle...there were some instances when he would start whining ....but then after lotsa research I summed up that the strength of a sneeze was directly proportionate to the intensity of smile ..(I had a thesis in the subject...my neices and nephews were my subjects...(but be caution a very loud or masculine sneeze invariably ends up with an inconsolable cry)....and hence I named my son achu...u call him he smiles...isn't that great....achhuu! :-)...achuu! :-)...achu! :-)

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Radhs said...

Hey buzzy,
Now i know the meaning of achu dear!