Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why does it Rain?

Today it rained in chennai...finally.....:)
Achu and I were all dressed to go to school
He was excited it was raining
And he started his story
Achu:" Amma God mazha clean cheyanannu annu ayikunadhu" (God sends the rain to clean)
Me: " yendhonu clean cheyan" (To clean what)
Achu: " 1.Car 2. Tree 3.House 4.Road
Me: Oh Ho
Later during the day...the rain stopped and I was taking achu to the park and I took the umbrella and
Achu: "Inni Mazha illa amma" ( no more rains)
Me: "yendha achu" (Why)
Achu: " God clean cheyudhu kazhinju....God vellam waste cheyula" ( God has cleaned everything...he won't waste water)

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