Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Boys at the car park

M and Achu waiting in the car for amma to get back from Spencers daily where she shops everyweek...They know it takes ages so they have their boy games ( sheeesh....) jus then.....

( They relax the front car seats and lie down ...)

Achu: Acha nokku acha scorpio ponnu ( look there goes a scorpio)
M: hmmmmm ( closing his eyes)
Achu: acha ayooooo nokku Xylo full speedilu ponnu ( look a xylo speeding)
M: hmm ( still very much uninterested)
Achu: Achaaaa avadhe nokku honda city ponnu ( look theres a honda city)
M: hm
Achu : Acha avadhey nokku two chechi ponnu
M: (Immediately raises his head and looks out of the window ) evidey kutta??? ( where??)
Achu : Ohooo.. ippo matharam nokum alle acha..( oh so now u know to look huh?)
M: (Stunned and shocked at achu baby's approach)