Friday, July 9, 2010

And then the teacher called

J (who looks after Achu when am at work) was leaving in the evening after the days work.She reached the front door and then turned towards me and said "Achu's teacher wants to meet you". Then she hurriedly left as the first drops of rain dampened the hot soil.She left me with a thousand questions for which I matched ten thousand probable answers and a handful of favorable ones out of those.

Flashback 1: Achu came home after school and said "Amma today we were asked to cover our faces and I dozed off.....
Me: were u asked to sleep?
Achu: no i just dozed off
Me: oh-oh

Flashback 2:
A: School is boring .They make us sit in one place for soooo long
M: Atleast they can do that :):):)
A: Poooo Amma

Flashback 3:
A: Amma I hate homework. I won't do mine
M: Oh kutta...let's surprise Acha come come
A: No I won't...Itchichi Amma..
(then he does it after a lot of 'let's surprise' talks...the only thing that works nowadays)

Flashback 4:
M: Who are your friends Achu?
A: Ohhh please don't ask me...
M: tell me na....there's sanjay...then I forgot hmmmm
A: Megha :)
M: Yeah megha and then
A: that's allllllllllll

Many more 'Achu and school' episodes had re-runs in my mind....

May be Achu is sleeping in class
May be he is a loner
May be he isn't good at school
May be he doesn't talk (courtesy: I am Mr.Bean)

Or the happy ones

May be there's an event coming up
May be they want to just meet the parents
May be they need some extra fees

Oh Whatever....I have to meet the teacher tommorow

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