Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Q & A

Achu: Amma how does a bulb light up?
Me: There is this filament achu ...wwhich lights up when electricity passes through it
Achu: Oh those two sticks...
Me: no the spring like thing that connects the sticks
Achu: ohhhhh...why is the spring on top and not connected like a H ( H happens to be his fav alphabet ..why?...because HONDA CITY has a H :)...)
Me: Maybe this is the best way to do it....(too technical for me kutta)

Achu: Amma how is a mirror made?
Me: hmmmm polishing a flat stone will give u a mirror
Achu: silver colored things are also mirrors?
Me: sigh....yes we can see our reflection
Achu: yes my plate is also a mirror...the window is a mirror
Me: ( wondering whether to explain the whole story at bedtime or stick to a simple yes and do the explaining sometime later)....yes

Achu: amma how....
Amma: Kutta its time to sleep....all other questions tomorrow ok...

More of googling....coming my way :)

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