Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Achu Da Chennai

Achu will be starting art classes this Thursday
2 times a week
for one hour

Wanted to blog only after Achu started drawing class but couldn't wait for 2 whole days.....

He is five and a half but still refuses to go for any workshop or class (except school) alone. With so many options available in the city I am so sad he doesn't want to make use of it.

In play school I had to stay in class for 1 month and then his nanny continued for another month until Achu got used to his teacher.

This is my first try. If this clicks I'll have my personal Lenardo da Vinci.


Just got a call from home. Achu boy is back after his class.
"Amma they drew the lines and we had to color the inside"
"I drew a Big Baloon"
His voice overflowed with joy and pride
and so did his amma's heart........

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Niv said...

great news!
Miss D is also like that, is not willing to go for any class other than school|:(