Sunday, December 19, 2010

Watch your word

Me: What did you do in school today ?
Achu continues to do and say which doesn't have the slightest relevance to my question....
Achu: huh! what........
Me: ( let me give it a different approach) Achu what snack did they give you today?
Achu: hmmmmmmmmm! samosa and biscuit
Me: ( Ok we have a related goes) Ok good so what did the teacher write on the board?...First tell me about maths....
Achu: Come I'll show you on my board.....
Me: YES :):):):)
Achu picks up a chalk and says "Amma, Before and After"
I wonder if my son is reminding me about the weight loss regime I registered for months ago ...with a slim chance of me attending it ( the only thing that's slim in the deal )
Then I figure out that it is just the "What's missing in the sequence" question
We do a couple of rounds of it and then I ask " Achu what did you do in English baby?"
"go,so, to, no" he wrote on the board
 Sheri (ok).. let's make sentences
We took turns in writing them
And Achu boy was good at it :)
We finished all the four words... two each
Now Achu said he wanted to do the words he didn't get to do
And I gladly agreed
And then.....
" Achu now your turn ...'No' "
Achu wrote " No. Not go in"
"No, No, No Achu that is wrong... correct it or find another sentence"
Achu: Ok Amma I will....
He rushes to the board and writes "No.No.No."
Me: !!!!!!!
Achu: You just said that Amma (very pleased)
Me: Smarty pants ....Huggy-buggy :)