Thursday, January 6, 2011

Appy New Year

Happy New Year Moms and the rest of your world :)

Its been awhile since I blogged and commented on the year end blogs that overflowed in the virtual world. I read all of them but couldn't comment.

Achu and I had a lovely new year with cousins

Lots of  blogable stuff happened ...

L (achu's cousin): I need to get some shades
G (achu's mama): why do you need shades?
Achu: To wear it on Sunday
Me: Sunny days need shades :):):)

Achu shouts out loudly while munching an apple
"Apple one day doctor gooooo away"
"Apple a day makes a man healthy wealthy and wise"

Achu is 5 and a half ...his tooth is shaking
The new tooth has started coming out
Went to a doc and he said things are just fine and the milkies will drop once the originals grow
I lost my teeth and was toothless here and there for awhile before growing my next set
This is how it works now!!!!!

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Radhs said...

Has he lost the tooth already??So soon di!!!