Friday, June 10, 2011


Amma is so sorry she has here time all messed up. This blog has seen me taking the pledge every time am guilty of not doing things with you.I am trying darling Achu. And am sure the day isn't far when Amma has sorted out what she does with her day to spend lots of mummy time with you.

What do I do when u whine when I go for my yoga lessons....I am trying hard to convince you to join me...We could have loads of fun doing all those asanas together :)
What do I do when you cry when I don't play with you with your cars...I hate to play with cars...I try to distract you with other games...but then maybe I should try to get the taste of it...
What do I do when you scream Itchi chi Amma.....I scream back or cry or try and pacify you.....I am trying hard to control myself but I guess its my age that's getting me all red
What do I do when you fuss.....I do try and make you understand and sometimes you listen to me like a very good boy....You are a gem Achu darling...but sometimes...well I guess that's ok :)

Soon there will be a time when you wouldn't want me around....and that will be when I have the time for you...strange.....

No am not gonna let go of the time you want I come babe ...let's do things together and make it fun.

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