Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer of 2011

  • This summer was rather uneventful.We didn't have any trips outside city because Appuppa and Achamma were ill. 
  • The first camp Achu went for was at 'Igniting Minds'. A dance workshop. He performed a dance at the end of the workshop at his school. He loves to dance.
  • The second camp was at the same place but was a theater workshop. Achu was Tucky fish. He loves theater as well! He did get to dance for a song as well.
  • The third camp was at Worldly Wise. A theater workshop with dance. At the Russian Cultural Center, he danced for Roboda and played the part of the mighty moutain in the play "The Mouse Princess". At the end of the play when it was time to give in self introductions my boy said" Hello! I am Rohit.I was the hmmmmmm...Cloud"!!!!!! The crowd had a good laugh :)
  • Achu wants to join swimming but then a bad sore throat and cough is keeping him away from his first love....The pool
  • Got him 2 games....Pick a Trick box of Magic : I'll give it a 3/5 and then the Tuk Tuk Taxi board game: 1/5 ....very deceptive packaging I should say.
  • Two more weeks of holiday....Amma's thinking baby........:)  

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