Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Boyz to Men

Watching the tamil movie Goa with appupa

One of the guys flexes his muscles in front of a gal.
Achu: Appupa adhu a penne kanikanannu ketta (He is doing that to show the girl his muscles...ok)

Another of the guys is swimming alone in the pool
Achu: (Turns around and asks sympathetically) Evende penn yevadhey? (Where is this one's gal?)

I went out with friends and was back. I had a little kajal on.The bare minimum.

Achu: Make up ellam ittitu evadhey poitu varinu? (Where have you been with all that make up on??)

When I started yoga classes

Achu: Yendhinamma meliyinedhu. Ippothane kolamello?( why do you want to slim down you are fine the way you are?)

Every morning and when back from school

Achu: Why do I have to tell you every day to keep my milk ready ? (Amplified voice and frowny face)


noon said...

So cute. I loved reading the mallu lines. I just chanced upon your blog. Looks like you also have a son around the same age as my son (who turned six in August). Belated birthday wishes to your son! Assume he is in first grade now?

Gayatri said...

- Thx and God bless ur lil one as well
- So I guess we share the joy of having 6 yrs of fun with us :)
- Yup! a First grader :D