Friday, August 26, 2011

Please Speak Up

Problem ...Problem.... Problem
Usual comments from teacher when I go to pick up Achu :
  • He's ok
  • He's smart
  • No problem
  • Good boy
So today was an unusual day.
Achu had his recitations today....Hindi and English
Hindi : He had to just read a few letters the teacher pointed at from the book.
Teacher : "He refused to open his mouth. I told the hindi miss that he is a smart boy and to give him more time so she let him go for awhile and called him back. But again he was silent. not a word. why?"
English: He had to recite a poem "Ferry me across the water"
Teacher: "He didn't do the english recitation also.Why what's wrong with him. talk to him please.I was shocked because he is so smart in his written work"
Ok so I get the picture. Reasons for the poor show...Achu's points and mine
  • Achu is a showman ONLY at home
  • I was lazy to revise the hindi alphabets with him. Honestly thought I'd do it this weekend. 
  • I did get him to recite the poem. He does it so well at home. Expressive, but does forget here and there.
  • The teacher had mentioned his english recitation would be due only next why the hurry?...I thought I'd do it a couple of times during the weekend
Asked the teacher if she would re-assess.....
She said " Noway. I think he has to improve on those lines. There's noway we can do it again."

Why do I have this guilt feel in me?
Isn't he just in the first term of first grade?
Oh! Achu I hope to get you to do your work on a daily basis rather than waiting for the last day...
  • Without you losing your patience
  • and me mine...sighhhh!
  We'll do much better next term kiddo :)

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