Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ZZZZZ! Winkie's partner or what!

Why do young brats have such irregular sleeping patterns???? does their system work so efficiently with so little rest???? If there be a medical explanation jus forget it...I don't wanna know 'cause I live with a 4 year old and I would like it if he jus follows our pattern....

Getting Achu to sleep is like tring to get M to appreciate never happen and when it does happen you don't realise it!!!

Take for instance yesterday. We reached our lil home a bit early and so I skipped watching the bit of TV I watch (while M was reading his fav mags plus watching TV plus expressing concern over achu's sleeping schedule and why 'I' couldn't put him to sleep early...baahhhhhhh) and asked achu to get ready to sleep( at 9.30pm)....

Which means
- Piss
- Brush teeth ( which doesn't it doesn't)
- Wash hands and legs
- Put on Pyjamas
- take fav toy/book/torch
- head to the bedroom

This takes a decent 30 minutes max....with screams reaching decibels unheard of  from all sides in equal it took 20 minutes ...:)

He enters the room , flops in bed with a Prevention magzine and the contents page had a big round bindi on the C....then.....
Achu: " Amma idhu yendhonu" ( what is this )
He wanted me to read content with the bindi on 'C'
Me: O-ontent
now he placed the bindi on 'O'
Achu:"Ippo" (Now)
Me:" COntent"
Jus when I started liking the 'quality' time I was spending with my lil one...achu got distracted and placed the bindi on a ommmphhhh model and smiles....
Achu: " Amma oru kariyam ondu" ( one thing to say )
Me: " Tell me"
Achu: " Ethara nall ayi pink panther kandhitu" ( Its been days since we watched Pink Panther)
Me: " Thanney achu. we will get somebody to repair ammamma's computer and you can watch"
he nods and smiles
Achu: " amma inni oru kariyam ondu" ( another thing )
Me: " hmmmm"
Achu: " naala school ondha ma?" ( do we have school tomo?)
Me: " yes"
a wee bit of sulking Achu: " Itchichi Amma"
Achu: "kallu perathu itota?"( can I put my leg on u?)
Me: "Sheri Da"
Achu: "Thank you amma"
Me:"Welcome Achu....."
Awww that's a huggy-buggy note
Amma and Achu hug and kiss...
Achu: " Amma....."
Me: "Achu sleep monuuuuu"
Achu:" oru kariyam "(one thing)....not again sigh
Me:"Last ..parre" (tell)
Achu:"Nalla mosquito bat vayinkanam" ( tomo we have to buy a mosquito bat)
Me: "Sheri"
Achu:"Amma Girija miss nalla miss annu"(teacher is nice)
Curious Me: "Yendhu monuu"(why)
Achu:" Miss Good boys inna adhikula bad boys inna matharam adhikum"( she hits only the bad boys not the good boys)
Me: "!!!!!!!!!...ok sleep"
Achu :" Amma....nalla morning ayal pal tharanam ok amma?"( when its morn give me milk)
Me: "hmmmm"
Achu :"Itchi-chi Amma podhapu" (want a sheet to cover)
Me puts the sheet over achu
Achu:"Acha yepazhum book um TV thane...yethara late avanu nokku"(Acha is always with books and TV...see how late he is getting)
Me: I don't answer ....jus to see if my silence will aid sleep
Achu:"Amma pohapu vendha amma" ( don't want the sheet )
Me pulls the sheet away...silently
Achu: "Amma innoru pottu venam amma"(want another bindi)...remember the round bindi he was fidgiting with it all through this episode....
Me:" sheri poi edhitho"(ok go and take)...prevention of rise in BP and a few more Itchi-chis is better than curing it they say...and so he had his way....
Achu slides thru the door , gets a little suprised scream from M and rushes back with the second bindi
Achu: "Amma 2 bindis"
a biggg smile I witness thru my eyes which were very much loosing the power to stay open
Me doesn't answer but does offer a slight smile like gesture
Achu is happy with that
The symptoms of M's entry started with little 'bangs' and 'splash' outside...door locking cermony and a visit to the loo
Achu:"Acha varinoo innu thonunnu" (I think acha is coming)
Me has stopped answering completely....
M comes in and sets his phone to charge and grabs his lil sonny ...a few hugs, kisses, questions on not sleeping and boy games follow....
(Reserve their conversation which I evesdropped for another day)
Then Its Acha's turn to get angry and ask achu to sleep and get silent...
Achu:" Amma yenniku podheykanam" ( I want the sheet to cover)
Me Rolls over and puts the sheet on him and gives him a look....
Achu shoots an angelic smile
Me whispers:"Love u achu...sweet dreams"
Achu whispers back:"Love u amma...weet deams"
hugs and kisses follow as usual
After a few turns and giggles it all settles down at 11.45pm......

Wee Willy Winkie  are you extinct or do u have a partner at work or what?????

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Sranj said...

Ayyo buzzy!!!! what a narration!!
I felt relieved when Ranju crossed this stage.. but now Sanju started...she roams around even if all the lights are off.. owl kid!