Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When Holidays strike....and vanish

Achu has started his pooja holidays and am gonna plan out a whole week of activities. Let's see. am busy at office this week but i really want to take him out somewhere everyday. No....Swine flu is not going to deter /defer my plans.

September 22 - Achu joined me at office and I drove him to the closest Marry Brown and he enjoyed riding the car, the engine ...didn't wanna ride the horse and then had his fav fries. Then we went back home.

September 23 - Took him to 'Achaacha house' . He will spend the whole day in total freedom.Its the Never-No land. He gets to do whatever he wants. Gets to eat whatever he wants. Gets to be whatever he wants. what more. It was independence day today ......

And then the whole week jus disappeared with me in office and lil achu at home ...though we did have tiny unplanned outings

Achu came to our office for pooja and had a blast...with all the sweets and chocolates....with a litlle more than 30 ppl at office it was only my lil boy who told me the rangoli I did was good...I love u achu :)

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