Monday, January 11, 2010

Intellectual Conversations

There are so many such instances but these are the few I could recollect.....

Achu - Am a goood boy at school
Amma - :)
Achu - Am a baaad boy at home
Amma - :) why is that?
Achu -  Because Girija miss is not at home
Amma - :):):)

Achu the Doc: What's your problem?
Amma: I have a headache
Achu: Have some water it will go away
Achu : What's your problem
Ammumma: My leg hurts
Achu: have a glass of water and you'll be fine
Achu: what's your problem
Appuppa: I have a stomach ache
Achu: Velam kudhichal madhi yellam povum sheriyaaaa ( drink water everything will get ok)
Water the universal cure :)

At a restaurant...

Achu:  Amma veshakunnu ( am hungry )
Me: what do you want to eat ?
Achu: illa amma dhahikunuuuu ( no amma am thirsty)
Me: Ok what do you want to drink?
Achu: Thinking ......
Me: Yedho venam? ( what do u want)
Achu:...hmmm matedhiley?...milk ( that one??....milk )
Amma : Yendho milk? ( what milk)
Achu : Hmmmmm....amma flower milk venam ( I want flower milk)
Amma: huh???!!!!!
Achu: Adhuthaneee amma (That's what I want)...getting a bit restless and angry now...
Amma: Yendhonu flower milk.....u want chocolate milk????
Achu:....Illaaaaaaaaaa Flower milk thannneee venam ( No I want flower milk)....

I scan the little brain to decipher the request...and ta-da..

My little boy wants ROSE milk :):):):):)
Achu : Aaaaa Thaneeeee ( Aaaa yessssss) very relived but angry and wondering why amma is so dumb

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