Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yes, Achu is Thin. So what?

Not that I haven't been worried before but now I am totally worried and that's why I am blogging about it...

Achu eats normal.....
  • Breakfast - dosa / pongal / puri /egg and a glass of milk(pediasure) / lately milk with tea in it
  • Mid day snack - @school: samosa/sandwich/biscuits @home banana/puffed rice/popcorn 
  • Back from school @12.20 pm - a glass of milk( rose/chocolate/pediasure)
  • Lunch - A considerable quantity of rice with dal/rasam , veggies and fish/chicken
  • Evening - He used to wake up after his nap at 5.30pm and have a glass of milk..but nowadays.not very interested in having anything to drink
  • A few hours before dinner - sometime needs noodles or has a bite with Amma and Acha who are absolute snackers
  • Dinner - Considerable amount of rice again with rasam/dal and fish /chicken /veggie/egg
  • Before bed- If it gets too late he likes to have a glass of pediasure/milk
Used to give him juice but because he has a permanent cold we stopped that. He's got a sweet tooth and he often likes to sink his milk teeth into
  • Mysore pak
  • Jelebi
  • Poli
  • MilkyBar
  • Diamond sweet ( Kaju Kaatli)
  • Bourbon
  • Nice Biscuits
He is an active child. Its tuff to get him stay still for 1/2 a second.Verrryyy tuff. Unless HE wants to pose for a photo.

  • He weighs barely 15.2 kgs @ 4 .5 yrs
  • And he looks his weight
  • Doesn't need an x-ray since he is one already!
  • Clothes I bought 3yrs ago still fit him
  • Oh what do u mean he is growing tall....he is jus 109cms tall
  • Every social meet makes me creative in answering "Why Achu boy is thin"
DOC says "It's ok. he's active" grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

When Achu was a baby he wasn't one of those the chubby lallus we find all over place. It stressed me out when ppl around me pointed it out and gave loads of advice on how to make a lallu outta achu. But then I learnt the art of nodding with a smile. Honestly it did decrease the intensity of the lessons I got...atleast from my point of view.The minute I start nodding my ears would loose stimuli :).

He was thin but not unhealthily thin...he didn't look unhealthy in anyway.Now he does. That's what worries me.

Maybe few years down the line I might laugh at this blog. That's the optimist in me typing.
Or maybe I will just be copy - pasting from this blog - That's the pessimist!
Whatever be...God Bless my Achu.....

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