Monday, January 4, 2010

Smile and I shall read

I knew by the look on Achu's face that he didn't want me to go to Delhi. When I was ready and gave him a hug his face didn't have that smile ...that smile of excitement...that smile that said "Amma I'll be fine with Ammumma and Appuppa "....His face had " I'll miss you" all over it...Knowing his face was mirroring his heart he washed the expression off in moments and told me "Amma marakhadhey train vayinchitu vareneeee.........."(Don't forget to buy me a train)...I nodded and left half heartedly....

We had to go to Delhi this week on an official assigment but the fog in Delhi got worse and our flight got cancelled :):)..When we got back home achu was asleep....I kissed him and gave him a hug:)

The next morning Achu gave me the smile I wanted....The Real Smile ...of joy...of contentment....and I reciprocated right from my heart ....
Achu: Amma yendh patti?...( what happened?)
Me: Bad weather so the plane didn't take off
Achu: Bigggg Smile and a huggy-buggy moment ...sighhhhh

Later during the day we were to go to M's place and so was getting dressed
Achu: evadhey ponnu amma ( where are u going?)
Me: Arinjudhe? ( don't you know?)
Achu : Najannum varinaaa ( Am I also coming?) - his face lost its initial smile beacuse he had my Delhi trip still in his tiny mind and heart and thought I was getting dressed to go to Delhi.
Me: Monnu we are going to Achacha's house get dressed now ...fassst
Achu: There was that smile I always crave for...yet again

Achu...Amma loves you so much and can read your mind and heart with equal precision
Just smile and I shall read......... 

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