Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Parenting Woes

What I do

wake Achu up
dress him up for school
feed him breakfast
take him out  
give him dinner
get him to sleep
......and if our nanny doesn't turn up and Amma doesn't have the strength
pick him from school
feed him lunch
make him have his afternoon nap

Have taken Achu
to the park
to eateries around the place
to the movies
to his grandparents
to visit relatives
to playdates with friends
to the beach
to funstations
to the supermarket
to shops of his interest and mine
to the temple

Of course these are motherly duties ...I agree...and I agree am not as good as some of the other mothers I have come across in the real and blog world

But at least I try

What M does

Sometimes After Recurring Requests(ARR) gets achu to brush his teeth ...its truly an ordeal I tell you
If I am busy in the kitchen and ARR irons his uniform
Gives him a bath ARR
drops Achu at school...one of the few advantages of not knowing to drive
takes him to umpteen car shops and trial drives  ARR or sometimes without
sometimes takes him to shops of Achu's and his interest

Otherwise he has taken us to many places but only ARR

I admit I don't really bother to play with Achu.....primarily because he plays with cars and he loves wrestling
and running around....but am totally guilty on that note ....and pinch every possible oppurtunity to take him someplace we both can have fun together and individually

Won't blame M for not being the father I imagine him to be cause maybe I am not the mother he imagines me to be...Its quite possible that he is just being the father his father was to him and me still working on being the mother my mother was to me...my father was like M ...so that proves it but doesn't justify it ;)

Hey Achu if you ever read this blog ....I wrote this when I was in the "I-want-to-blame-somebody" mood and today the victim happens to be M ...ur dad :)....all said and done he's a good guy alrite....( wow I really typed that?????...jus in case M reads this :b)

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