Friday, February 19, 2010

Pick up the phone and pick me up 'Lancer'

Achu loves to talk on the cell phone

What are the toys/articles that transform into his cell phone
- torch light...he calls it the light phone
- Hair brush
- His toy Car's Remote
- TV Remote
- anything rectancular and holdable
- sometimes he needs the original and nothing less so its my cell that plays the role

Who does he talk to

-Jai mama
and now he's got a friends list
and sometimes he gives the 'cell' to me saying its my friend who is calling on HIS phone
- Kavitha (Harish's Mom and my school friend)
- Sayee ( He has a lil crush on her lovely daughter Nandu :)..)
- Uma (My school friend and he keeps making fun of the name saying its umma aunty (kiss aunty)

What does he talk
to Relatives
AAA yendhu cheyunu avadhey ( What are you doing there?)
njan vandhi otikunnu ( am driving my car )

to Friends
Am Gooood
Whatiya doin there?
Dey! ( yeah I did smile the first time heard it out of him...but then did tell him it was rude to address a friend like that....but I guess it will grow into their vocab like yenna di grew into mine though my forbid me from using 'such' words to address a friend)
Am driving my lancer
ohhh hooo Scorpio-va?
Innova-va????!!! ( to gain my attention...and I smile)
ohhh Tavera-ku maritiya ( and he gives me a smirk...and I :(....)
Speed-a va
Nithilamani what are you coming in?
My lancer only has speed no slow
and the story goes on and on..................................

All of us enjoy listening to him on the 'Phone' in his 'Lancer'!!!!!

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