Thursday, February 11, 2010

School Blues

Achu doesn't like the idea of going to school everyday. He hates school. It's not like he makes a big racket before going. He does attempt to skip school

"Amma I think I have a sore throat"
"Do I really HAVE to go to school"
" innu leave annnnnnnuuuuuu" ( Today is a holiday )
"Amma nadhakan patinillaaa...kallu vedhana" ( Amma I can't legs hurt )
Sometimes he has a tummyache in the head and otherwise a headache in the tummy! :)

But once he gets ready he leaves quite happily sometimes ...and more often reluctantly but submissively

I wonder if the school we chose wasn't the right one or the teacher isn't good or achu is getting bullied by the other kids.....

Flash back : I hated school till the 5th grade. I totally hated it. The idea of waking up early morning, homework, tests, some teachers made me dislike school. But later on when I had my gang of friends I loved the idea of being around them for close to 8 hours gossiping,passing notes,snacking,sharing lunch and cutting class by enrolling in any volunteering job that comes our way made me enjoy school.

So I guess things will fall in place ..The Indian education system doesn't get interesting at any point of time...atleast for me that didn't happen ....I pray achu finds his gang of friends and activities the process of going to school doesn't remain a process afterall.

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Niv said...

hi there, first time here, even my daughter used to give the same excuses lol, till I changed the school and now she is unhappy when she misses school:)