Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spell Well

Achu has learnt to spell the numbers one to ten...but he hates seven and eight ...he always skips spelling out these 2 numbers

Drop in and u will find him singing and spelling out the numbers....his pastime for the season...errr week...errr day... :)

Remember he loves numbers.....

Today morning he came up to me and said ...Amma I know how to spell eleven and twelve...

Impressed my son has learnt more than what he is taught at school !!!!!

I ask him " Tell me , Tell me Achu "

Achu darling sings aloud " O-n-e O-n-e  Eleven "...."O-n-e T-w-o Twelve"

Me...!!!!!!!! and then it was huggy-buggy time

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R. Ramesh said...

vallah..give him a pat on our behalf..wishes:)