Saturday, August 14, 2010

Meet the teacher

The first parents teachers meet at school after achu started UKG. We waited for almost an hour before we were called in.

"Ohhhh Achu....he should be an actor" said the teacher
He shoots so many expressions in a micro second"....thanks to Mr.Bean ( No I didn't mention he watches the runs and the reruns religiously)

"Here's what I observed about achu .He is a silent and shy boy...who doesn't mingle with other kids...but has lately become very naughty and annoys other kids to get their attention....."

"So do both of you spend time with him" - I nod ...don't know what M did

"you are not spending enough time with is not you know the letter formations to teach him?....this is the syllabus...teach him...sit with him"

I keep nodding

"Its not the father ...he might not have the time ...YOU the mother has to be with him"....(THIS is where I went GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I could sense M giving a smirk behind my back.......but didn't open my mouth....does the father have only one responsibility and that is to sow the seed????....)

I bear up with rest of the talk with a smiley stuck to my face....but what's running behind my mind is still could she tell me I had to be MORE responsible for my child than the father.....HOW and WHY ....I do everything M does and more...but still its the mother that is pulled up....

But all said and done....I am going to spend more time with achu...not because the teacher said or not because I am guilty...its because I want to and I am sure it will make a difference....

Updated later : In the grrr mood I forgot to tell you that the teacher mentioned that achu was very intelligent and imaginative....:D

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Sranj said...


I guess these are recorded lines for all the teachers!!!

Before we ask them about the kid's progress, they defend like this!

Last year, we went to the parents meeting together and the class teacher was so excited to say how Ranju was interested to know things beyond the text book, his interest in science etc. she appreciated us for discussing many things related to his lessons in the evenings and introduce him to wikipedia etc. She explained some incidents where he brought in some informations and that he said that we we were discussing about it at home... and then was the principal visit. The principal started this prepared piece of advice in an exaggerated tone... knowing that we both were working and assuming that we are workaholics.
She said, ... see Nisha.. you are his mother who is with him in the evenings.. you should talk to him and discuss with him his lessons... teachers will of course teach them.. but to the whole class... and fathers as in every home come late, so we cannot expect them to do... a mother's duty doesnt end with giving birth.. you see... "finally, he is your son!"
I asked if this is some message you are giving to all parents or just to me... She went blank..
we told her what the class teacher just said...
Romba asadu vazhinjanga!

Of course, i will not sit with Ranju while writing his homework or studying, but would just supervise... not because we have no time, but he has to be self sufficient and not spoonfed..
but we discuss his subjects, relate them to things in life.. etc when we have our food, go out, or just like that...