Thursday, August 19, 2010

Achu @ FIVE

  • is a bundle of joyful crimes..a few giving you temporary fits and one or two making you giggle like him
  • loves to try to read and knows the alphabets and the 2 letter words....
  • has an inclination towards numbers....
  • often gets confused with i , l and I
  • still adores cars, knows every car by the symbol,bumper,lights or any part of it and makes sure he gets one every week!!!!!!
  • hates Dr.Dolly ( he calls her Dr. Polly after the rhyme "Polly had a dolly who was sick sick sick" ) who gave him his tetanus shot when he hurt his finger
  • hates action movies and cries when he sees violence
  • loves jelebis,ladoos,chocalates,lollipops,french fries, cream soups, fried rice,noodles,biriyani, egg in any form,chapathis,chicken and fish..and has a liking for the paneer butter masala or butter chicken gravy
  • is still skinny and underweight at 16.5 kgs ( his doc told me after constant questioning)
  • has shifted from pediasure to boost and sometimes wants vanilla milk...juices have always been in his list.
  • has a scary temper that nearly shooed his chechi away  

  • is still a Mr.Bean fan and wants to meet him someday...but has graduated to other decent stuff 
  • does not have his afternoon nap anymore....if he is tired/terribly bored and we get lucky he has his nap
  • loves to do his activity book but hates homework....both having the same activities!!!!!!!
  • writes on the blackboard and on the floors of the car shed
  • mentioned more names of classmates...sanjay ,megha gupta(which was initially pronounced 'kutha'..giggle giggle),ashish khanna, shahus, harish, lara,kia,nithilamani,lohit.......
  • loves his teacher Sudha Miss
  • enjoys boy games with acha and his mamas ..and tries out the same with amma
  • plays with mobile phones,cameras,boxes, sticks, spoons, thermocol sheets,grass ,flowers,ropes,ribbons...and barely with toys..except for his cars
  • makes road formations EVERY single day
  • cries oh-so-often
  • hugs and kisses when you need it the most and when you don't :)
  • talks, talks and talks.......
  • questions, questions and questions.....
  • never answers to your questions...might get a distant reply after repeated questioning
  • is an inventor everyday......a song, a gadget or a word..the list neverending
  • likes surya and mimics his hairstyle
  • still a water boy

  • good kid to travel with in any mode of transportation ....(sometimes complains of ear pain on flights)
  • doesn't want to leave the itchichi word :)
  • can draw and paint cars, houses,roads,night sky,clouds,rainbow and all his inventions
  • won't keep his toys back after play
  • doesn't like to be ordered..(who does ???)...give him a hug prefixed by a 'please' and you get it immediately...
  • rushes up and down the stairs like wind (scary but true)
  • hurts himself too often....has his normal colds and on vitamins
  • hates to have a bath and brush his teeth  
  • loves to stay in his bath once he is in!!!!!
  • is considerate and loving
  • loves nature and every creepy crawly thing it contains
  • is TOTALLY HUGGY-BUGGY material :D


ssb said...

Wow...well written... I was almost with u visualizing scenes when reading each and every line..
aanalum , unakku thidirunnu enna aachu de?

Gayatri said...

Thx S...I did it when he was 4 so thought I'll do one now :)