Friday, September 17, 2010

Lingo? Bingo! Shut the Door...

I know the header didn't make any on for more senseless sensibility!

Instance 1:We all know Achu always gets his way by doing the following
  • whining
  • frowning
  • shouting
  • screaming
  • and all that kids shouldn't be doing
When such events happen ..(no they are not rare ...happens everyday)..M screams back ( I hate him doing that) and then says "Payaram kalikeley" which means "Don't play the fool".( I didn't know it meant that until M told me)

So now when Achu starts his get-his-way game... I say...Achuuuuuu Acha yendho parayum? ( what will Acha say?)...and he giggles out "Payaram kalikaleyyyyyy"....and then we had peace.  

Instance 2: " Amma Acha come .and watch Honey bee on TV " Achu shouts...We "!!!!!!"...slowly go and find  Honeymoon Travels  a game show :)

Instance 3: One of the cartoons Achu watches has the charecter presenting "Whatya Doing ?" in a sing-a-song way...Achu loves it and repeats it from time to time.....

When the same cartoon was in tamil...It was "Yenna pannare?" in the same tune

Then  Achu boy wanted to know how to sing it in hindi and I said "Kya kar rahe ho?"

The he told me what it was in telugu "Yecha Pandhre?" which is absolutely adorable nonsense :D

After which he asked me "Amma what about...."..and winked...."Why are you winking da?"

"Ohhhh! Amma what is it in kannada?" ( In malayalam kann = eye and ada = close therefore the wink)

Instance 4: Then one day while Achu was having one of his scientific speeches at the dining table...Manoj said" Sheri sheri Vajagam adhikeley" (Ok Ok Stop talking)...and we all forgot about the whole thing...

After a week I was giving an articulate lecture to M ..and Achu came up to me and said" Amma vadhel adhekaley" ( don't close the door)...!!!!!!!!!!

what he meant ...Vadhel adheykaley = Vajagam adhikeley ....


Sranj said...

ha ha ha!!! payaram is a common word in Calicut too Buzzy.. i have heard it there.. ponnaram/payaram/maanjaalam

pakshe evidem ketkaatthathu.. vadhal adakkalle!! adipoli!

ssb said...

kollam... Achu Kalakki ... Ammaiyudaum achandayum malayalam pokkannallo ... so it is obvious that Vaajagam adikallae becomes vadhal adikallae . ROFL

Gayatri said...

-@Srang...TVM bashayil 'payaram' is non-existent I was asking M what it meant :)
-@Ssb...we r'nt that bad molleeee :b