Monday, September 27, 2010

Flash ! Dumb Charades

When his teacher told me I knew she was right ...but this blog confirms it

Achu and I went to Landmark ....and we bought a couple of  books on discount
Achu got himself some flash cards
Had the alphabets
Had the numbers 1-100
Had the phonetic series
Had the Addition series
I felt he shouldn't get it because the former two were things he knew
And the latter two were too high for him
Atleast that's what I thought

He loved the whole bunch
and found new games to play with it

One of the many games ...
Amma njan act cheyam amma kandhupidhiki ( Amma I'll act it out u find out )
So he would say "Q ok"
and rush to the sofa lie down and act cold and cover himself up....ok that's a Q for quilt :) not bad
Then it will be "C for..."
place a something on his head ...march royally and sit on an invisible chair very very pleased with himself
hmmm yes...C for got it
What about "A for.."
sits down then screeches at the top of his voice holding his leg, pinches and throws something off....yup A for a bad red Ant
And then comes " R for.."
where he pull out something and breathes in and voices an  "aaaahhhhhhh!" in the most dramatic way....ohh yes ...R for Rose ...
So many more flash cards many more alphabets...and sooooo many more huggable depictions
Will update when I get the time
He does it all so well you know....sigh!
I guess I have a budding Aamir, Surya or Mohanlal right at home
Want an Autograph ??????? :b


ssb said...

Good ... how does it feel to be a mother of a (Gonna be ) celebrity???? :)

Gayatri said...

- well..coff coff :b
- Ask for his mom's role in all the movies and become a star at sixty ;)...great idea na?

Niv said...

hey, no blogging these days huh?