Thursday, April 28, 2011

An act to please

Achu has been given a set of 10 words for dictation scheduled today.Yesterday while we were revising....
Achu: Amma I know all of them
Me: Ok we'll see
I read out each word and he wrote them out in his rough book
He had a problem with two words ....Things and Grow
Achu: Adhu kozhapam illa Amma 2 words alley wrong avolo ( Two words going wrong is fine Amma)
Me: No Achu shouldn't you be getting all of them right? They gave you a weeks time to get ready for this.
Achu: Why?
Me: Only then you will get good marks
Achu: For what?
Me: ( ok....I have to be careful....) Well, if you get good marks you'll go to a good college and then to a great office.
Achu: I have your office to go to ....
Me: ( Hmmm....) To come to my office you need to study and go to a good college Achu
Achu: Sheri Amma then I will do well

The above conversation happened just before he left to school. When I got dressed and asked him to get into the car he rushed up the stairs and did something and came back with a very naughty smile on his face.

Me: Achu what did you do?
Achu: Nothing Amma (continues that smile)

Got back home after dropping Achu and my Amma had an explanation for the 'that' smile

Amma told me that Achu rushed into the room with a green pen. Drew a star on his hand, threw the pen in the laundry bag and rushed down.Aha! Looks like somebody is getting an act ready to please me.

Let's see what happens when he gets back home after school.....

Update: Dictation didn't happen....Achu forgot all about the star he drew...I didn't ask him either :)...Let's deal with it when it comes....Right-o?

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