Monday, April 11, 2011


Me: (looking at my marriage reception photo) "Yeppadhi irundha naan ippadhi ayiten" ( A tamil comedian Vivek's famous dialogue that goes "How good I was before and now look what has happened to me")
Achu: (pointing to my tummy) "Ippadhi irundha naan ippadhi (pointing to himself) ayiten" ( Look how I was before and now look what has happened to me)

A lesson on Living and Non-living things

Me: watch
Achu: Non-living
Me: boy
Achu: Living

Me: brick
Achu: Non-living
Me: Tree
Achu: Living
Me: Bag
Achu: Non-living
Achu: Living
Me: Apple
Achu: Living before you pluck it then non-living
Me: That's deep!

Later on when I took him his dinner of rice and fish fry.
You guessed it. He pointed out at the fish and said "Living in water and now non-living thing"

My SIL is having her second kid in June.We met her recently with her big tummy.
Achu: Amma why is Apatchi at Atchamma's house?
Me: She is going to have a baby that's why...
Achu: But Appu is so small then how come she has a baby already ( Appu is 4 and a half )
Me: That doesn't matter da....Didn't you see her's big
Achu: Amma your tummy is also big
Me: errr....( gym round the corner here I come...)

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