Saturday, April 2, 2011

My lil angel is in First Grade :)

He's got

  • new set of books (lots of them): All neatly covered by M, labeled by Achu and named by Amma
  • new uniforms:White and white for sports plus checked shirt with grey shorts for the rest of the week
  • new shoes are on the pipeline: The school is yet to decide whether its gonna be Addidas, plain white canvas or his normal brown sandal.
  • a new class room: In the primary block now. I loved his KG block. It had a very homely ambiance.
  • a new teacher: I loved her attitude when she spoke to a parent who was worried on how her daughter was on the first day of school(!!!!) " They are children ,treat them like that and give them some time". Achu likes her too.
  • new Carzzz Bag , snack box lunch box and tuperware water bottle.We are managing with the old snack box until the 'real' opening day. 
  • new friends: Oh yes they shuffle them up. The sad part is that Achu will be missing his best buddies. But the good part is that he will get to know the whole group when he reaches a higher grade. For the true cancerian he is , he will take a looong time before he gets to be friends with the new lot.
  • new timings: From the lazy 8.45 am to early 7.45 am. Achu used to be back from school for lunch at 12.30pm but now its going to be little lunch at school and then back home for the original lunch at 2.30pm
  • new activities: more friends around the house, more playtime in the sun, more homework, more adventures at camps , more drawing classes, more dance and drama.
  • new attitude: more tantrums, more huggy buggy and lately slightly clingy ( maybe I am not spending enough time with the fella) MORE FUN
God Bless You :)

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