Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yay! Shalu Time

Achu's cousin Shalu came and spent 2 days with him and it was fun through out .It took him exactly 5 minutes to get over the initial I-am-shy phase

  • was suddenly a big boy doing most of his stuff on his own
  • never walked around nanga 
  • shared everything!!!!
  • was never jealous I was talking to Shalu and not to him
  • never fussy ( except when we had to come away from the play area and did not get him a car at landmark)
  • had grown since the last time we saw her 3 months ago
  • she hadn't lost her tom boy attitude
  • is a biiiig Prithviraj fan.We had a great time one night.While Shalu kept describing about her dreamman in a very dramatic manner Achu and I were in fits of laughter
  • loves horror movies. Tried to convince me to take her to Haunted 3D. Luckily I didn't.
  • adores her lil bro Appu
  • is very talkative ( isn't every girl from 0-100?)
  • cuddled together with the Ipod, playing all the games on it
  • slept late and woke up late  
  • both love Paneer butter masala, Butter chicken, mushroom soup, noodles and chips
  • watched Mr.Bean 
  • both had different things to do at Ampa Mall. Achu had the play area while Shalu had the funstation Shawarma for Shalu and French fries for Achu. Both of them bought paper craft work boxes which the three of us spent the night working at.
  • had a lovely 3 hrs at Kartwheel an indoor play area
  • hated it when their time together was over.
Shalu you are a darling. Hoping you'll be back for a longer vacation. 

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