Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Mummy Crime

My blogs on Achu missed a few weeks...but his antics never miss a moment to surface. Achu is enjoying his xmas vacation right now.

I pity the boy since he is pretty much bored up with his routine life . Want to bring in some difference in his life. Everyday. Must do something about it. He is having such a like-me childhood in a not so like-what-I-had environment. In my days there wasn't anything happening for kids all around us and so close so I at four had to be comfortable playing with my dolls ,chalk, cycle and Amma. But my little fella is doing just that when he has a dance class happening 2 streets to the right, a painting class happening 2 streets to the left , a circus in town, winter workshops N-S-E-W....Now isn't this a mummy crime???????:(

Itchichi Amma
Must do something.......


Sranj said...

Suggest you something? ;-)

Gayatri said...

please do :)