Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Innocently Wise

Achu was playing his rough boy games with me and I was losing the very little patience I have.....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Me: Achu Stop it now ( in a stern voice)
Achu was jumping all over me and my poor Acha and Amma were 'requesting' my son to let me go
Usually when am in one of those rare good moods I tickle out of the situation but this time I was dirty, tired...and most importantly HUNGRY

Me: Achuuuuuu....go njan ponnu e roomilirunu....( Am going outta this room)....and I slowly got up and went away to another room....

Amma: Achu amma deivam annu da...shouldn't stamp or hit God (Achu amma is God)
Achu: adhu yennganey! ( howzzat!)
Amma: haven't u heard Matha, Pitha, Guru  Deivam.....So Amma is God....even Your Girija Miss is God...She is your Guru...understand?
Achu thought for a while then he started climbing on Amma and Acha who was a silent spectatur to the whole show....
Amma: Ayyoooo idhu yedhoannu kutta ( What is this)
Achu : (Triumphantly) ...Adhilu ammumma yium appupanum illeloooooo ( the list doesn't include ammumma and appupa)
Amma : !!!!!!!!

Then I entered to save my parents and said
Me: Achu stop it da...dha nokku God Vannirikunnu ( see God has come )...and I struck a devi pose :):):)
Achu: Ohhh idhu Amma allleyyy ( Oh you are jus Amma)
Achu: I know God is inside ALL of us......
Now that's really deep
----end of story----

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Sranj said...

Have you heard the Tamil song, "Kuzhanthaiyum Deivamum.. gunathal onru..!!"