Thursday, December 3, 2009

Being Four and Achu

@ 4 Achu
  • plays with his 100+ collection of cars
  • is a teacher to his set of stuffed friends
  • makes tea and loves to cook
  • drives his car and obeys rules!!!
  • Loves a sumo/scorpio and hates the inova cause I like it cause he hates it ;b ..we have "spot and count the favorite car game" every time we travel
  • paints monsters, spider plus spiderweb, robotic butterflies,whales, sun and of course cars
  • loves to mush clay....I get him one color at a time or by the end of the game he makes  one big rainbow lump outta all the lovely colors
  • loves water games 
  • has bumps and bruises all over him
  • loves to travel 
  • enjoys eating cakes,nice & burbon biscuits,dates,noodles,fish and chicken ( the little he eats on his own)
  • is ok with egg,dosa,rice bread and veggies (I have to feed)
  • doesn't want to try any other Indian breakfast
  • has started experimenting food from/at hotels 
  • hates to get in to have a bath and hates to get out after a bath!!!!
  • is a professional bubble maker
  • watches Mr.Bean, Pink Panther, Baby Looney toons and the likes
  • Sings tamil film songs, bhajans and rhymes  with his own lyrics  
  • dances and has his own style
  • is handymanny in disguise
  • has a piggy bank 
  • Jumps on the bed
  • is a wonderful photographer
  • and an equally wonderful poser
  • has a love-hate relationship with school
  • hates to say he has friends ..especially shy about the girlfriends he has
  • is in awe of one of his cousin sisters who is much older than him
  • leaves his cup in the sink
  • is very understanding only if he is in a good mood ( he shouldn't be hungry or sleepy that is :b) 
  • says thank u ,welcome,sorry and please only to the very few elite ppl at home...outside he is still pretty much an introvert...he gets me to do all the talking
  • loves to play boy games with M and sometimes with poor me
  • answers the phone and sometimes asks me to call certain ppl he likes
  • helps out in cleaning up HIS mess ONLY if we help him at the job
  • Has a bad temper :( 
  • Still uses the word itchichi
  • loves to hug and kiss :):):)
  • is a good boy :D


Sranj said...

Ummmmmmmmma Achu...
We lived in your wonderworld for these few seconds when we read this blog!
Hmm... your magic mom is not just a good finance woman!!

Gayatri said...

- Thx Nisha
- all moms are born with the talent to talk about their precious ones I guess :)

Jay said...

Wonderful de.. what a way to jot it all down.. I see the likes right away and may be a difference here and there ;) Now i definitely meant the girlfriends part...